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Brochure of our work in the retail industry

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  1. 1. You’ve seen our work. Do you know our name? “Chipper” Odyssey Fun World A little course work Let us blow your horn Becker Studios Inc Creating fine scenery Capping off the clock Becker Studios Inc. since 1903 Since 1903 You’ve seen our work on 2824 W Taylor State Street, in the Mall, Chicago IL 60612 and in the store Email 773 722 4040 773 722 2660 fax Who are you going to call 847 644 0407 cell 773 722 4040 for your next project.
  2. 2. “We saw our sales jump Deco Wall Sconce from 200% to 400% per Lake Theater Oak Park IL, store after the installation of the new kiosks and display walls” Keith Anderson VP Marketing Merrel shoes Faux mural painting Custom Sinage Innovation, Invention, Implementation Becker Studios has the history and the knowledge to create your display. Major retailers and individual proprietors have all used our services. We have more experience than a whole bowl of experience. We create everything from small kiosks to 30,000 sq feet of displays. We will work with you to create a design or display unique to your business. We know how to work within your budget and still create the perfect display or environment. Be more creative Our History. • Complete Design and Manufacturing You make a little history when you have been capabilities in business for over 100 Years. •.Faux painting and Murals Founded in 1903 we were early pioneers in creating soft environments. Long before they Mall Store entrance under construction • Highly experienced and knowledgable were called environments, we created displays Craftsman in carpentry, metal working, and sale booths for the 1933 World’s Fair. and sculpture We have donated early designs to the Chicago history Museum. We currently are working on Becker Studiios Inc. • Individual customer service that only a 773 722 4040 restoring and recreating murals and drops first . shop of our size can offer created by Becker Studios in 1927. We still • Award winning design excellence have the original invoice in our records. Subhead. Subhead. Continue brochure text here. Continue brochure text here. Continue brochure text