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Final google drive-1

  1. 1. Google Drive TutorialIntroductionOur tutorial is based on Google drive. It is a system that allows you to store all your documentsinto one place so that you can access them anywhere and on any device! This tutorial is based onlearning how to operate and get around easily on Google Drive. It is great in so many differentways. Not only is it useful between teachers but also it is also handy between friends in youreveryday life – which makes it web 2.0. Teachers or other friends can drop a document intoGoogle Drive and then another individual of your choice can access it with no problem.Step by step Instructions: How to use it and how to applyWelcome to Google Drive! Google drive only requires you to have Gmail account throughGoogle. It’s free and easy to use!1) Go to Google and after signing in to your Gmail account just select the ‘Drive’ bookmark onGoogle’s tool bar.A page will open up, and to the left hand side you are given the option to Create a newdocument or Upload a document from your computer
  2. 2. 2) Click the Create (or upload) button –for the purposes of this tutorial I will be creating a newDocument.Note: You can create a new folder, Document, Presentation(PowerPoint), Spreadsheet (Excel), Form, or a new Drawing allfrom this point. There are so many options that Google Driveoffers, without having to buy expensive software.3) After opening a new Document, you will see something similar to a Word document.From here you will be able to type in your document, edit the fonts, and insert external images.
  3. 3. 4) After you are satisfied with your document you have many options; however, a great featureof this application is that you can share it with others via email and they can view and edit yourdocument (if allowed). You are the controller of this document and decide if you want otherpeople to be able to edit.Click the Share Button in the top right corner to add people to your viewing list.5) Add people, Manage your document settings, and share link.Here you can add people andgive them access to yourdocument. Also, if you wouldlike to change your Documentto private/ public you can dothat here as well. When adocument is Private, onlypeople you invite to see it areallowed to view the document.
  4. 4. 6) After you add a person to view your document, you can choose if they are allowed to edit yourdocument or just view it. (This comes in handy when you need a paper revised).7) When collaborating with people in your Document, you can click the comments button on thetop left hand side of your document and discuss aspects of the paper that may need to bechanged. This is another good feature when having your paper revised, because it allows realtime communication between two people.8) Another feature of Google Drive is you can see who is viewing your document in real timeand it color codes each individual for editing purposes. For example, if someone was editing mypaper on Google Drive, I would be able to see where their cursor is on my paper via theirpersonal assigned color; therefore, if you have multiple people collaborating on a paper you areable to differentiate between individuals.9) Finally, when you have finished collaborating with others on your document, you are able tosave it externally as a Microsoft Word Doc, OpenDoc, RichText, PDF, PlainText, or Web Page.To do this go to file at the top left of the page, and select download as.
  5. 5. 10) However, if you do not want to externally download your Document, all changes are savedin Drive.The Drive uses the Cloud, therefore your information will always be there without you having toexternally save it.This is just the beginning beauty of all the things Google Drive is capable of. After you explorethe application it will become easier to understand and to use. Enjoy!How it can be used for EducationGoogle Drive offers a sharing capability for the classroom. Anyone can sign up for an accountand it is free. Google Drive can be used for uploading and sharing a wide array of documentsincluding word documents, power point presentations, PDF files, images, videos, and more.In the classroom as a teacher, one could upload presentations to Google Drive where studentscould access power points that they may have missed if they missed class or if they want to referto them for studying. I can see this being used in many ways for storing information used in classso that students can go back and review what they may have missed during class such as powerpoint presentations, videos, and other documents. From a student perspective, Google Drive canstill be a very useful tool. If there is a group project, students can share a document on Google
  6. 6. Drive and add their own pieces of the project to the document from Google Drive. Studentscould also use it to share work with a teacher so that the teacher can show what needs to berevised on a paper or project. Google Drive is an online project collaboration, which has infiniteuses in the classroom.Pros and Cons of Google DriveGoogle Drive is data storage and a data synchronization application service provided ConsGoogle Drive gives all users 5 GB of cloudstorage to start with.Cloud storage is not secure storage.External flash drives are larger than 5GB andsecure.A user can get additional storage, which isshared between Picasa and Google Drive, from25 GB up to 16 TB.Additional storage is through a paid monthlysubscription plan, which costs $2.49 per monthfor 25 GB. 16TB would cost more obviously.Data storage of files up to 10 GB total in size. External hard drives and flash drives are ableto handle files much larger than this.For the Google Drive to synchronize files onthe users computer in the cloud, the GoogleDrive client application software must berunning on the users computer.This is a security risk because the cloud ispublic domain. Sensitive data could becompromised.This requires software that is not required forexternal hard drives or flash drives which offera higher level of data security.Google Drive has only one terms of serviceand privacy policy for all its products.Google retains a broad claim to reproduce, use,and create derivative works from contentstored on the Google Drive.This license is forever even after the deletionof content.Users retain intellectual property rights. The Google Drive license allows extractionand parsing of uploaded content to customizeadvertising and other services that Googleprovides to the user.Google Cloud Sync maintains previousMicrosoft Office document versions andallows multiple users to collaborate byworking on the same document at the sametime.This can be a document control nightmare.Cloud storage is not secure storage.A simple server will also allow multiple usersto collaborate in a secure environment.Made by: Kristin Earley, Rebekah Hale, Sarah Collins and Samanda F.F de Adams.