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E-portfolio Presentation


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Introduction to the benefits of e-portfolios.

Published in: Education
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E-portfolio Presentation

  1. 1. Blogs AsE-portfolios
  2. 2. AITSL ProfessionalTeaching StandardsProfessional LearningPlansOnline Organisation
  3. 3. Record of PD & PLE-resumeGoes Beyond The„Fads‟
  4. 4. Professional NetworkProfessional Dialogue
  5. 5. Space For ReflectionSpace For LearningStudent BloggingCulture
  6. 6. Time To Learn Time To Play Time To Implement “The teachers who are hesitant to adopt new technology are great — in fact, amazing — educators. They are frequently veterans and usually leaders in their academic field and within their institutions.” (Carey, 2013)