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L-Plater's Guide To Creating A Wordpress Blog


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I am attempting to create a blogging culture at my school, focusing on e-portfolios. Currently I am creating a series of slideshows to make the instructional process easy for all involved.

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L-Plater's Guide To Creating A Wordpress Blog

  1. 1. SCreating A WordpressBloge-portfolios
  2. 2. ContentsS Creating An AccountS Logging In Again
  3. 3. WhichS There are many free blogging sites available. We’re usingWordpress because it’s one of the most popular, and hasthe professional look that suits an e-portfolio. Here’s alink to a blog post that explores a ‘top 10’ list of blogs:Other Blogging Platforms
  4. 4. Go to wordpress.comClickHere!
  5. 5. Create Your DetailsFill In!
  6. 6. Scroll DownClick Here!
  7. 7. Activate Your Account
  8. 8. Activate Your AccountAnd Click On The Link
  9. 9. Finalise The TitleFill In!
  10. 10. Choose The ThemeSelect From Dozens!You Can Change It Later
  11. 11. Customise ThemeLeave Until Later
  12. 12. First PostLeave Until Later
  13. 13. Getting To Blog From ReaderPage
  14. 14. Selecting Your Blog
  15. 15. Getting Back In To WordpressLog In
  16. 16. Getting To Blog From ReaderPage
  17. 17. Selecting Your Blog
  18. 18. Stay Logged In = Just TypeThe URL To Get Your BlogType URLYou’reStraight In