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Control flow in_elixir


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This covers how pattern matching work in Elixir

Published in: Engineering
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Control flow in_elixir

  1. 1. Control Flow in Elixir by Anna Neyzberg @Aneyzb
  2. 2. Pattern Matching
  3. 3. A note about variables in Elixir …
  4. 4. Some Examples Maybe? Let’s take a look at tuples….
  5. 5. So how is this useful?
  6. 6. • An attempt to read the file my_app.config takes place. • If the attempt succeeds the file content are extracted to the variable contents. • If the attempt fails an error is raised. This is because returns a tuple in the form of - {:error, reason}
  7. 7. Multi-Clause Functions
  8. 8. Recursion….
  9. 9. Recursion Continued….
  10. 10. In Conclusion….. • In elixir the “=“ sign does not mean set this variable to something else • New initialized variables are bound to the term on the right hand side •Multi-clause Functions are functions that have multiple definitions and the same arity.
  11. 11. Thank you! Twitter: @Aneyzb Email: Credits: • • Juric, Sasa. Elixir In Action. Shelter Island: Maning Publishing, 2015 Resource: