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We have iPads, now what? #DLTV2014


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Published in: Education
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We have iPads, now what? #DLTV2014

  1. 1. Overview  SAMR  App Starter Pack  Using iPads authentically  Coaching teachers  Making a seamless transition
  2. 2. Why teach your staff the SAMR model?  Continuum for improving technology use  Use as an assessment and feedback tool  Allows teachers to scaffold their own use of educational technology
  3. 3. SAMR: Substitution Replacing a task with a direct technology based equivalent. Examples: As a calculator As a word processor As a worksheet
  4. 4. SAMR: Augmentation Replacing a task with a technology based equivalent that adds some functionality. Examples: Taking a quiz Reading eBooks Writing on Google Drive
  5. 5. SAMR: Modification Technology allows for the task to be redesigned for further learning Examples: Writing collaboratively Filming a maths question Using AR to connect written and visual work
  6. 6. SAMR: Redefinition Technology allows completely new tasks to be created. Examples: Global collaboration Sharing learning on the internet Creating eBooks with videos, images and text.
  7. 7. SAMR App Starter Pack Substitution Pages iBooks Calculator SimpleMind Dictionary Google Maps
  8. 8. SAMR App Starter Pack Augmentation Dropbox Prezi Evernote Mathletics GoodReads QRafter
  9. 9. SAMR App Starter Pack Modification Comic Life Diigo Flipboard Dragon Dictation Aurasma Pic Collage
  10. 10. SAMR App Starter Pack Redefiniton Explain Everything Nearpod iMovie VoiceThread Book Creator Toontastic
  11. 11. Using iPads Authentically What does it look like? Creating ‘booktube’ reviews Filming learning Writing for a public audience Collaborating online Sorting information Immediate feedback Researching/investigating/sharing
  12. 12. Using iPads Authentically What are they learning? Analysis Communication Collaboration Creation Sorting and evaluating Responsibility Evaluation
  13. 13. Using iPads Authentically Facilitating authentic use  Open your classroom for walk-throughs  Model lessons in other classrooms  Team teach  Student ‘geniuses’ +
  14. 14. Coaching Teachers Create an ICT leadership team  Who is enthusiastic about technology?  What opportunities are there to share what EdTech is being used in classrooms?  Changing the focus: technology complaints to technology successes
  15. 15. Coaching Teachers Get parents on board  Information nights  Share EdTech successes via newsletter  Consider a school blog  iPad portfolios
  16. 16. Coaching Teachers Techie Brekkies and other PD  Develop teacher confidence in ICT  Trouble shooting and introducing new apps  In-house PD  Start/end of meetings  Beginning of the year  A part of any school PD days
  17. 17. Coaching Teachers Establishing Techie Brekkies  Be patient  Share the load  Never forget the food  Community of learning
  18. 18. Coaching Teachers Developing an App List  Ownership of the app list  Apps for all confidence levels  Coaching and support for unfamiliar apps
  19. 19. Coaching Teachers Classroom Management  Consider a focusing software such as Casper Focus  Set clear expectations  Stop the chalk and talk  Move towards the ‘R’ in SAMR
  20. 20. Making the Transition Seamless  One step at a time  One tool at a time  Teach the ‘why’ and the ‘how’  Have a support team  Celebrate successes