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Course embedded et[1]05 13 12


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Course embedded et[1]05 13 12

  1. 1. Course-Embedded Internship Summary and Validation ReportDirections: This report should summarize all Course-Embedded Internship Activities that have been recorded in the log forms. You will submit this completedform in University Internship PortfolioLamar your 12th course. Rebecca PrunedaAppendix F_1: ET_Course-Embedded Internship Summary• The Internship requires a minimum of 150 course-embedded hours. Page 1 of 1State Course Number Date Time Spent Description of Activity Reflection (150 words or less describing what youCompetency Completed on Activity learned from this activity) (Required)Standard/ISTE (Required)TechnologyFacilitationStandardII.6 EDLD 5306 July 2010 15 hrs Students will complete all parts of As an introduction, these activities made me Concepts of each Technology/Leadership self- look closely at myself, and also too look closely atTF-I, TF-II, Educational assessments and thoroughly document the standards that I plan to learn so much moreTF-V, TF-VI, Technology the results as required. Students will about. This introduction kind of made it hit homeTF-VII, thoroughly summarize key ideas of that I really do not know much at all about thisTF-VIII each section of their State’s area. I have a lot to learn and I am coming from an Technology Plan and describe their area of very little experience. It will be interesting State Technology Curriculum to see where I am headed. Standards.II.6 EDLD 5301 September 10 hrs Students engage in identifying an Drafting an action research plan was an Research 2010 action research topic(s) or research interesting project. I explored areas that I had notTF-III, TF-IV question(s) and designing a draft really thought too much about. It reminded me a action plan completing a lot of creating a scientific experiment, including recommended template or format of a the hypothesis. The plan strategy is well thought blueprint of the action research plan. out and demands attention to certain questions and details. It is important to do your research and collect your data. I enjoyed the process, even as it was difficult to come up with an acceptable, interesting topic. EDLD 5301 September 5 hrs Students review comments from I looked at the quality indicators when revising 2010 colleagues and site supervisors and my action research pan. These indicators include engage in revising their draft action context of study, wonderings and purpose, data research plan. By the end of Week 5, collection and data analysis, principal research students should confer with their site learning, and implications for practice. These supervisor(s) and agree on an action quality indicators help to focus and direct how and research topic and plan. where I want my action research plan to go. Reflecting and questioning help to focus what you are trying to learn.I.1 EDLD 5333 June 2011 5 hrs Students create a personal vision of Creating a personal vision of leadership was a Leadership for leadership. lesson in reflection. It was not something that isTF-I, TF-IV, Accountability just thrown out there. It is important to decideTF-V, TF-VI, what you want the vision to do, and how you wantTF-VIII it to represent you. There was a whole process and several questions to answer when developing this vision of leadership. It is an important part of developing the way you act in leadership rather than react in leadership.I.1 EDLD 5333 June 2011 5 hrs Students attend a Site-Based Decision- Leadership for Making (SBDM) meeting, record The Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM)TF-I, TF-IV, Accountability reflections, and interview the principal Committee at Fairmeadows Elementary School is