Fraternal Leadership Series: Recruitment


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Recruitment advice for fraternity and sorority members including reflection questions and activities to implement a values-based recruitment process. See notes for slide descriptions.

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  • My Greek Life Experience
  • Who’s here? Kappa Delta?Sigma SigmaSigma?Zeta Tau Alpha?Phi Kappa Tau?Pi Kappa Alpha?Phi Mu Alpha?Theta Xi?Other chapters?Experience levelsYear in school
  • How many of you knew you wanted to join a fraternity or sorority when you came to college?
  • How many of thought you MIGHT join a fraternity or sorority when you came to college?
  • What does your recruitment process look like to new members?
  • Sororities & Fraternities vs ClubsWhat makes Greek Life organizations so much different than other groups on campus?
  • People
  • Purpose
  • Elevator Speech—Can you describe in 2 minutes or less what your organization is about? Why you joined? Why someone else should join?
  • How are you different from that other group? Not your colors or mascot. When was the last time y ou told someone to join your organization because they like sailboats, strawberries, or teddy bears?
  • What impact could your top 5 members have if they each recruited 5 people like themselves?Think of the top 5 members in your organization. What do they have in common? What would it look like if they each recruited 5 people like themselves?
  • Want members with higher GPAs? Spend more time at the library, study sessions, writing center--- who are the tutors? Who is getting the A’s in your classes?
  • Who holds a leadership position on campus? RA staff, Student Government, Programming Board, Other clubs
  • Recruitment is not just the job of the Recruitment chair
  • Look through your cell phone…. Who do you know that’s not in a chapter? Bring a friend to the next eventCreate challenges (who can recruit the most? Put up the most flyers, wear letters the most days in a row)
  • Fraternal Leadership Series: Recruitment

    1. 1. UNCP Fraternal Leadership Series: Recruitment Becca ObergefellAssistant Director, Student Involvement and Leadership University of North Carolina at Pembroke
    2. 2. Delta Zeta Sorority Panhellenic Council Advisor Greek Life Intern PresidentVice President/Membership Courtesy & Charm Chair
    3. 3. Questions you should be able to answerWhat’s so great about you/your organization?Why should people want to join?Are you really worth paying to be friends with?Why is your organization worth the investment of my time and money?
    4. 4. Questions? University Center 225