Quarterly Faculty Newsletter Spring 2011


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Example of the quarterly faculty newsletter that provides library resources and updated information pertaining to curriculum.

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Quarterly Faculty Newsletter Spring 2011

  1. 1. Harrison College Spring Quarter Fort Wayne Campus April—May—June 2011 LRC Corner FACULTY QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER From the Librarian’s Desk: Hello again from the LRC! We are getting ready for the Spring Quarter, and there are several points of interest that I want to make sure all of you are aware of. LRC Classroom Visits Will your class have a research project? Will your students be using online resources of ANY kind (or print for that matter)? If so… the LRC can help! We are committed to help- ing your students succeed in their classes, and part of the help we provide can be in the form of classroom visits. Cammi and I can tailor a presentation specifically for your needs—but we have to know in plenty of time in order to adequately prepare… and even though there is now an Information Literacy class on campus, that still doesn’t take the place of classroom visits! Book your classroom session today by stopping by the LRC. LRC Resources We have many new titles that will be cataloged for the LRC collection in the coming weeks. Please feel free to use these resources yourself, and pass along the titles to your students also. Titles include (a full list will be e-mailed to everyone when we have received the entire shipment): * HIPAA For Medical Office Personnel * Psychology DeMystified * Step-By-Step Medical Coding 2011 Edition * Medical Assistant: Preparation for the CMA and RMA Exams * Professional Review Guide for the CCS Examination NEW STREAMING ONLINE * Career Development for Health Professionals: Success in School & on the Job VIDEOS * Microsoft Word 2010 Plain & Simple We now have access to Films On * Microsoft Excel 2010 Plain & Simple Demand that give you, as instruc- tors, access to online streaming vide- Here’s to a GREAT Spring Quarter! os (better than youtube!) After April 14th, we will only have access to the Business & Economics IN THIS ISSUE... Science & Mathematics collections. What’s New in the LRC: Copyright Info Click HERE to access the film data- base. Use your regular staff username and password to access the Database Highlight: How To Find a Specific Article or database. Journal Choose from one of the collections Coming Soon: A New Online Catalog & A New LRC Website and feel free to browse the 100’s of videos available. Videos can be shown in the classroom! DATABASE HIGHLIGHT: JOURNAL FINDER As an instructor, you may have instances To find a specific journal, follow where you need to find a specific journal these steps: article or journal title within our online 1. If you know the name of the journal, LRC databases. Here’s how! simply type it in the box provided. Steps to finding your resources: 2. If you do not know the full title of the 1. Use our online LRC website located at: journal, you can use the A-Z links to http://www.harrison.edu/lrc and display a full listing of titles. click the Fort Wayne campus. To find an article, follow these steps: 2. Choose the Databases link on the left 1. On the home page of Journal Finder, side of the page. click the link option that says try Ar- 3. Notice the top box titled eJournals ticle Finder List. Click the Journal Finder option. 2. You are required to enter the Journal ————————————————————— Title, Issue Year, and Article Title in order to populate the results. “Knowledge is FREE at the library.” —Author UnknownCOMING SOON: WHAT’S NEW: COPYRIGHT INFOThere are major changes coming Every now and then, the LRC re-down the pike for the Harrison Col- ceives questions about copyrightlege campus LRC’s. These changesinclude: laws pertaining to the sharing and distributing of LRC materials.——————————————————- The video to the left is an excellent* A new online catalog source detailing copyright laws onThis is what students and faculty use campus. You can find the video byto locate LRC materials clicking on the picture itself, or by* A new LRC website following the link below.The changes to the website will make http://learn.copyright.com/copyrightoncampus/it more consistent across the board.No longer will you have to choose acampus to find the information you Just remember, you may need permission from the copyright holder to copy and distribute onlineneed! articles. When in doubt, simply send a link to all students referring them to the online database.——————————————————- Students can access the journal article individually , therefore bypassing any copyright problems.These changes are set to be imple-mented for the Summer Quarter2011.