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Shooting script a2


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Shooting script a2

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SHOOTING SCRIPT<br />INT- office corridor, where door for her specialist is<br />Diegetic – Door knocking<br />*LONG POINT OF VIEW SHOW TO SHOW LAURA KNOCKING ON THE DOOR*<br />*MEDIUM SHOT OF ALICE OPENING DOOR TO LAURA*<br />*PANNING SHOT OF LAURA WALKING INTO THE ROOM*<br />*LONG SHOT OF ALICE AND LAURA SHAKING HANDS*<br />*LONG SHOT OF ALICE AND LAURA SITTING ON THE SOFA*<br />*AN EXTREME CLOSE UP OF ALICES LIPS AS SHE TALKS* (NO SOUND)<br />ALICE: Hello Laura, I understand that you have come for some help with learning Sign Language, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I’m here to...<br />*AN EXTREME CLOSE UP OF LAURAS EYES*<br />PAUSE<br />*A MEDIUM CLOSE UP OF ALICE GETTING OUT THE BOARD FROM THE DRAW*<br />*PANNING SHOT OF ALICE HANDING LAURA THE WHITEBOARD*<br />*A CLOSE UP OF ALICE’S WHITE BOARD AS SHE WRITES*<br />(Writes ‘I’m here to help...What happened?’ on whiteboard)<br />*MEDIUM CLOSE UP OF ALICES WHITE BOARD WHEN SHES FINISHED*<br />PAUSE<br />*CUT TO LAURA*<br />*DOWNWARD TILT OF LAURA*<br />LAURA: (Goes to write on board fades to flashback)<br />*DISSOLVES INTO FLASH BACK*<br />EXT- establishing shot of bar/club inside (LAURA AND 3 FRIENDS)Diegetic- music in club<br />INT-inside bar/club, on dance floor<br />*DOLLY SHOT AROUND LAURA AS SHES DANCING, GRADUALLY BUILDS TO A HAULT AND FOCUSSES ON A MEDIUM CLOSE UP OF ALL THREE GIRLS*<br />LAURA: this is a great club guys! Can’t believe we’ve never been here before this is amazing!FRIEND 1: I know my brother told me about it the other dayFRIEND2: Have you not seen that guy checking you out by the bar Laura?LAURA: Where where where?FRIEND2- behind you but don’t make it obvious<br />*OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT OF THE GENTLEMEN IN THE BACKGROUND, FLICKS FOCUS FROM LAURA TO HIM*<br />(ALL GIRLS GIGGLE)<br />*POINT OF VIEW SHOT FROM THE BOY, TILT SHOT ON LAURAS BODY LOOKING HER UP AND DOWN*<br />*(DURING CONVERSATION) SHOT REVERSE SHOT*<br />BOY: Is that ladder in your tights the stair way to heaven?LAURA: What?! I have a ladder in my tights?!FRIEND 1: No you don’t hahaBOY: Only kidding,<br />(ALL LAUGH)<br />BOY: fancy a drink?LAURA: oh my god this is my favourite song, sorry but we actually have to dance to this! Come on!<br />*EXTREME LONG SHOT OF THE TWO DANCING AND THE ENTIRE DANCE FLOOR*<br />(At this point the other two girls go to the toilet to fix their makeup)*CLOSE UP OF GIRLS DOING THEIR MAKEUP*<br />*CUT BACK TO BOY AND LAURA**OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT, SHOT REVERSE SHOT*<br />BOY: Fancy that drink now gorgeous?LAURA: Yeah go on then!*CUT TO GIRLS IN TOILET*<br />INT: TOILET – two girls in the toilet by the mirror, fixing their makeup*MEDIUM SHOT- MIRROR POV*<br />GIRL ONE: Do you think that guys hot?GIRL TWO: Who? Which one?GIRL ONE: You know the one that’s taken a liking to Laura!GIRL TWO: Nah not really, looks like a bit of a weirdo to me...GIRL ONE: I thought he seemed quite nice<br />*CUT**MEDIUM SHOT*<br />INT: BAR – where Laura and the boy are sitting on stools and the boys ordering a drink*SHOT REVERSE SHOT OF LAURA AND BOY TALKING*LAURA: So where you from then?BOY: Are you from round here? You would have no idea where unless you know the area! (Laugh’s)LAURA: Oh I see, nah I’m not (laugh’s)BOY: What do you want then? LAURA: Oh I’ll just have a vodka and coke please.BOY: Course, one vodka and coke and a bud please mate.*MEDIUM SHOT OF BARMAN*<br />(They get their drinks)*CLOSE UPS OF DRINKS**OVER THE SHOULDER*<br />BOY: I need a cigarette would you mind coming outside with me? Don’t wana look like a loner (laughs) LAURA: (laughs) sure! *HAND HELD CAMERA, FOLLOWS OUTSIDE FROM LAURAS POV *<br />EXT: Outside the club they begin to walk around the side of the club, towards an alley*CLOSE UP OF LAURA TALKING, MEDIUM CLOSE UP FROM LAURAS POV*<br />LAURA: Umm... where are we going swear the smoking area was way back? (Laughs)BOY: Nah, it’s just round here, trust me.*CUT TO GIRLS*<br />INT: Girls coming out of the toilet in the club*SHOT REVERSE SHOT*<br />GIRL TWO: Where’s Laura gone?GIRL ONE: Oh she’s probably dancing with that dudeGIRL TWO: we should go find her...GIRL ONE: Stop panicking! She’s fine she’s having the time of her life!GIRL TWO: Nah, seriously I’ve got a weird feeling about that guy...GIRL ONE: Oh come on then!*MEDIUM SHOT OF GIRLS FROM BEHIND, WALKING AWAY*<br />EXT: outside, round the corner of an alley way*CLOSE UP OF LAURAS FACE, SHOWING EMOTION*LAURA: I think I should go find my friends now (laughs) they’re probably worrying about me!*MEDIUM SHOT OF LAURA AND BOY TALKING*BOY: Nah, let’s just have some alone time, I know you’ve been looking at meLAURA: Looking at you? You what?*OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT, FROM BOY’S POV*BOY: yeah yano, in that way (he leans in to kiss her neck)LAURA: what the hell are you doing, get off me!!*MEDIUM SHOT TO THE SIDE, BOTH IN THE FRAME*BOY: (continues to try and kiss Laura, on her cheeks, and towards her ear) Just relax, I know you want it just as bad as I do?LAURA: Want what, what are you on about get off me!! (She pushes him off and attempts to run away)*CLOSE UP OF BOY GRABBING LAURAS WRIST**CLOSE UP OF BOY TALKING*BOY: (grabs Laura’s arm/wrist and pushes her against the wall) SHUT UP! Stop making such a fuss its fine no one can hear us down here!*FAST PACED CUTS IN BETWEEN INT AND EXT*<br />INT: Inside the club the two girls are searching for Laura making their way outside<br />EXT: Laura and boy are outside in alley way/ girls walk past, realise what’s happening and return<br />NON DIEGETIC SOUND – intense music*SHOT REVERSE SHOT*<br />LAURA: (Screams) BOY: WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING STOP SCREAMING, IM FUCKING WARNING YOULAURA: (distressed) why are you doing this to me?!BOY: Because I know you fucking want it shut up and let’s get on with itLAURA: (scream) *CLOSE UP OF BOYS FACE*BOY: I WARNED YOU!<br />Diegetic sound: brick dropping to the floor (slow motion)*LONG SHOT, BOTTOM OF ALLEY, SO WE CAN SEE THE GIRLS RUN TOWARDS CAMERA**CLOSE UPS OF GIRLS FACES, SHOW EMOTION**MEDIUM SHOT SO WE CAN SEE LAURA IN THE FRAME*GIRLS: LAURA LAURA! (Running towards her as boy runs away) LAURA...Laura...Laura!<br />*CUT TO BSLC*<br />INT: Inside to BSLC where they were located originally<br />*MEDIUM SHOT*ALICE: Laura...Laura... (click’s fingers)*CLOSE UP OF WHITEBOARD*LAURA: (writes on white board) ‘That’s how it happened, so now I’ve come to learn’ALICE: (Sign language) ‘OK’ LAURA: (Sign language) mimics ‘OK’*MEDIUM LONG SHOT*<br />THE END<br />