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  1. 1. Unit Plan “The Hunger Games,”
  2. 2. The Learner 8th grade students Middle income level, with a few outliers 14 students from WV, 1 from Kentucky All English speaking. One African American Student 7 with mild ADD or ADHD Mix of boys and girls
  3. 3. Main Objective The 8th grade students will learn about other countries and cultures, and how our country works closely with others by presenting the trades, traditions, culture, norms, and other pieces of a country as a group, to the class. Students will take this further in depth by also researching their main imports and exports and how those countries work with the United States. 8th grade students will also practice persuasive essays, informally by writing a letter to a friend in another “district” and trying to persuade either for or against the revolution. Students will practice formally writing persuasively by turning in a formal essay, using the same ideas from their letters. Student essays will be at about 50% accuracy, and they will continue to peer review them until they are at 100%.
  4. 4. Monday Students will have read chapters 1-6 over the weekend. Students will be assigned their group of 3 and their country. Students will go to the computer lab to research their assigned countries culture, lifestyle, imports, exports, political issues, traditions, celebrations, holidays, etc.
  5. 5. Tuesday Students will have read chapters 7-12 during reading time and in the evening. Students will practice informal persuasive writing by writing letters either in favor, or not in favor of a revolution. Students will partner with another student and argue their points.
  6. 6. Wednesday Students will have read chapters 13-18 during reading time and in the evening. The class discusses the death of Rue, and the change in rules to the game, and why these events occurred. Students will break into their group and work on their assigned countries presentation.
  7. 7. Thursday Students will have read chapters 19-24 during reading time and in the evening. Students will begin to use their persuasive letters and “translate,” to a formal essay. Students will finish their group project on their assigned country.
  8. 8. Friday Students will have finished the book during reading time or in the evening. Student groups will present their country. Students will finish their persuasive essay and begin the peerediting process.
  9. 9. Use of technology Students will use computers to research and learn about their assigned country. They will also be required to show at least 1 video during the presentation. Students will use some sort of presentation tool, such as Prezi, PowerPoint, or a poster. Students will type their final draft of the persuasive essay onto WV Writes.
  10. 10. Citations “The Hunger Games,” background. “The Hunger Games,” chapter review.