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To promote the opening of a new arcade and restaurant in Tampa, for GameTime, kantspelle marketing developed a one-day special event, offering free video game play to all customers.

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  1. 1. Quick & Effective Marketing Campaign Case Study by Dan Christensen
  2. 2. Once upon a time...
  3. 3. I worked here: GameTime is a chain of arcades, bars and restaurants, located across Florida.
  4. 4. Arcade games are the primary source of profit.
  5. 5. Food and drink sales come in second and third, respectively.
  6. 6. GameTime has a location in Ybor City (near Tampa, FL).
  7. 7. Background
  8. 8. GameTime - Tampa was underperforming. Profits were low, due to lack of local awareness. Simply put, customers didn’t know GameTime existed in Tampa.
  9. 9. One day my boss calls me into his office…. It went a little something like this...
  10. 10. Boss: Dan, we have a problem. People aren’t visiting GameTime Tampa. We need to fix this. Me: Agreed. I have some ideas, but did you have something specific in mind? Boss: Yes. We need to raise awareness in the area; let people know GameTime exists. Let’s promote a one-day offer. I want it to more than double visits. Me: I’m on it, sir. Can I pull a couple people off their current projects to help me with this? Boss: No. I need you to handle this independently. Whatever needs to get done, I need you to manage it. You have two months. Me: No problem, sir. Let me get started.
  11. 11. Expectations
  12. 12. One day promotion. 100% increase in visits. 60 days to execute.
  13. 13. Research
  14. 14. What is the most powerful word in the English language?
  15. 15. According to a study conducted by Dan Ariely, which was featured in his book Predictably Irrational: “Everybody loves free.”
  16. 16. When asked to pick between 2 pieces of chocolate, based on price - a Hershey’s Kiss (“cheap”) and a Lindt Truffle (“fancy”) - test subjects had the following results: Cost to Acquire Selection % by Subjects
  17. 17. Strategy Offer free video game play, for one day only.
  18. 18. Timing This day of free video game play will take place on the Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013. Also known as Small Business Saturday. One day after Black Friday. Two days after Thanksgiving.
  19. 19. Positioning Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. Black Friday is about spending money. GameTime will give thanks to customers, and not ask them to spend any money.
  20. 20. Promotion GameTime Gives Thanks
  21. 21. Plan Build awareness for this one-day event by reaching as many people as possible.
  22. 22. Execution
  23. 23. Social Media
  24. 24. Direct Mailer
  25. 25. Press Release
  26. 26. Email
  27. 27. In-Store Collateral
  28. 28. Street Team Handing out Flyers
  29. 29. Results
  30. 30. On November 30, 2013, GameTime - Tampa acquired the highest number of in-store visits in its history. There was a line of 100 people waiting to enter, one hour before doors opened. Food and drink sales on that day were the single highest total for the year. GameTime - Tampa’s Facebook page grew by 25% in the quarter following the event. Email/Newsletter sign ups increased by 10% in one day. Party bookings matched, in 1 day, what on average took 1 month to acquire. The 2013 fourth quarter, and 2014 first quarter, were both the best performing quarters of their respective years; in terms of overall attendance and total game play.