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The History of BecauseYouGoogledMe


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This is what started it all. The entire concept of BecauseYouGooogledMe started with this resume design. Overall the resume received mixed reviews from recruiters. The idea was to illustrate a more complete example of the work I can & have do using this unique resume design. Enjoy!

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The History of BecauseYouGoogledMe

  1. 1. Creative Resume Design Who said all resumes should look the same?
  2. 2. Background BecauseYouGoogledMe is Dan Christensen’s personal brand. “My digital footprint at your fingertips.”
  3. 3. Background BecauseYouGoogledMe was created in response to modern background checks. Today, if you want to learn about someone, you Google their name. I simplified the process. All of my experience and work can be found by searching “BecauseYouGoogledMe.”
  4. 4. BecauseYouGoogledMe, here I am.
  5. 5. Problem I am one of a million potential candidates. How do I separate from the competition?
  6. 6. Goal Become a one in a million candidate. I decided to take a different approach.
  7. 7. According to research by “Recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume.”
  8. 8. Solution Make those first six seconds a unique experience. Unlike the “million” other résumés submitted.
  9. 9. Branding BecauseYouGoogledMe is based on the concept of searching Google. The entire resume should be designed to reflect this branding.
  10. 10. Design
  11. 11. See Final Pages for Complete Résumé Design
  12. 12. Call-to-ActionBrand Recognition List of Skills Unique Selling Proposition Job Title
  13. 13. Education as a Google Ad Highlighted Keywords Most Recent Work as Most Relevant Search Result Location as Display URL Job Overview as Page Description
  14. 14. Location Contact Information Overview Professional Skills as Se
  15. 15. Résumé Pages Additional Information Available Upon Request
  16. 16. Results ●42 direct impressions (submissions to hiring managers) were obtained. ●279 organic impressions (views on SlideShare) and 5 downloads (on SlideShare). ● ●A 20% conversion rate on impressions was achieved. ● ●For every 10 impressions (submissions to hiring managers), ●2 became leads (requests to schedule an interview). ● ●A 33% conversion rate on leads was achieved. ● ●Of the 42 direct impressions, and 9 converted leads, 3 sales (offers of employment) were obtained. ●