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Armenian Genocide


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Armenian Genocide

  1. 1. “The Great Crime”LocationOttoman Empire; forced people to march through the desert of what is now SyriaDatesConventional starting date: April 24th, 1915; progressed during and just after World War I (1914—1918)CausesInspired by the Enlightenment, Armenians requested better treatment from the Ottoman Empire; the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II disfavored Armenians and provoked them; Hamidian massacres; Young Turk Revolution (1908); Adana Massacre (1909)OutcomesArmenian diaspora now existsHuman costs1 ½ million Armenians; however, the Ottoman Empire attacked other groups as well at the same time in other genocidesConspiratorsCommittee of Union and Progress (CUP), the ruling political party at the time; Mehmet Talaat; Ismail Enver; Ahmed JemalKillersSpecial Organization<br />