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Business Opportunity Broken Down Pricing

  2. 2. 1. Register your Name and contact details and pay to become a member so you can start your business. This will give you a photo I.D card and some discount privileges including MAC, Napoleon, FHAB cosmetics, Kylies mineral range +more 2. Meet with a local consultant to discuss options on: 1300 55 17 18 3. Choose a starter product package 4. Choose a Business package 5. Come along to our next Networking Event 6. Bring or invite your friends and family to join Beauty Expressed and receive a commission, or come to our networking events.
  3. 3. Product Business  Buy beginners package1 $1500  Cards x500 Buy the Makeup Artistry Business and Retail package1  Flyers x 500 $2000  X10 designer kits  10 week Makeup course discounted from $2400+  X10 kabuki brushes  Free email set up  X10 foundation brushes  X3 Chanel kits  Uniform x1 Buy the Business corporate Package2 $600  Buy leadership package2 $2500  Coaching session x3  Cards x 500  Networking 50% off pass  Flyers x 500  Free email set up  *Car magnets x2  Uniform x 2 Buy the Ultimate Diamond Business package3 $2600  X10 designer kits  Coaching session x3  X10 Kabuki brushes  Networking 50% off pass  X10 foundation brushes  10 week Makeup Course  X3 Chanel kits  Free email set up  X1 belt kit  Buy corporate package3 $3500  Email set up $100  Cards x 500  Flyers x 500  *Car magnet x2  Uniform x 2  X10 designer kits  X10 Kabuki brushes  X10 foundation brushes  X3 Chanel kits  X10 eyeliner brushes  X1 professional 30 piece kit of your choice  X3 belt kits
  4. 4. Beauty expressed have seen the need to develop a programme which will help young woman or men set up in a successful business to be YOUR OWN BOSS! We have developed this plan, which gives you personalised options to suit your needs. All payments are on an individual basis discussed with Beauty Expressed management. If you dreamed to be a Makeup Artist, join our classes so you can show off your skills and create two income sources. Beauty Expressed is a proven business, with many big companies onboard and fantastic testimonials, you will feel confident about the products we offer. Not only will you be apart of the Beauty Expressed culture, you will be surrounded by successful business partners, energetic sales staff, caring and supportive managers. Help is always available to you. In our business we are surrounded by successful entrepreneurs who have built business from scratch and have much to tell you, and they will guide you to a more successful future.
  5. 5. Financial freedom and independence “To have your own successful business will mean you will be on your way to earning a better profit, and having the freedom to enjoy your life”. Amy We all have felt the stress of trying to make more money and working longer hours to achieve this. The success will come when you can manage your time and use ‘less time’ to make more profit. Find your passion and use your time wisely to produce a better income. One of the ways you can do this is to become a successful Makeup Artist and have products to retail to your clients.
  6. 6. Terry white Chemists Tafe Channel 7 Glama Co Kimberly Busteed- Miss Australia Cosmetic Boutique Kate Hockley- Miss INDY 07 FIX hair and Beauty salon –Pac fair Evolve Makeup supplies Ella Bache’ Unreal nail supplies AIAS beauty college Sharron Ghidella – Presenter channel 7 Mary Kay Cosmetics Representatives Peter Frampton-Makeup Artist (Brave FHAB Cosmetics Hart, The Pink Panther, Planet of the apes..Ect)
  7. 7. Good English language skills How you will qualify? Computer literate Must be creative Love to chat and meet people Able to get in contact with your local Networking groups and services Have a mobile or landline Completed our makeup tuition (included) You are able to pay the minimum fee to be your own boss!! Prepared to make fantastic amounts money Must be able to attend our Business meeting and networking
  8. 8. What is the Licence? This will give you the ability to sell:  Business owners with 1-4 stores commission based  Hair salons 1-4 stores  Makeup Artists worldwide  Beauty salons commission based  Boutiques  Chemists and pharmacies 1-4 stores commission based  Online  Retail  Party plans + much more
  9. 9. Commission based As there are many regulations when selling to large companies, Beauty Expressed can only offer you a commission of 20% on the first order. This is just a way of giving yourself a bonus. We provide services structured to suit larger companies needs. If you see a potential business and offer them a brochure and viewing of products, you can take the order, or call us on 1300 55 17 18 direct at the time and we will talk you through the process. Non commission based sales This give you the ability to be able to offer products and services to any individual person. You can work at events, have party plans, sell to friends and family, and any of your customers who have services and need products too. You receive all of the profits from products you sell.
  10. 10.  When you sell to businesses owning 1-4 stores they will then on sell to their customers. We will offer you 20% commission on their first order. These businesses will need to buy at cost and use the RRP pricing structure from the pamphlets.  Selling to Artists and individuals is easy, every Artist is looking for Beauty Expressed brushes!  Boutique stores may sell fashion or gifts. These stores will love Beauty Expressed products for a different approach.  Chemists are great to work with, and hard to approach. You are better to have two sales persons involved in showing products.
  11. 11.  Your 3 business coaching sessions  Your personal needs  Goal setting  Help with legal matters  How to protect your ideas  Managing your profits  ABN and business set up CREATIVE POWERFUL WEALTHY INSPIRATIONAL
  12. 12.  Makeup Artistry Skills  Design and apply makeup  Bridal makeup  Day to Night wear  Skin science  Catwalk  Themed Makeup  Retail  Image consulting  Photo shoots  Work experience+more
  13. 13.  Tips for business  What to do with your ideas  How your mind will evolve  How to stay focused  How to surround yourself by inspiring people  Tax  How to leverage your tools to make more money! Marketing materials  Flyers  Business cards  Templates for invoicing and orders  Applications  Payment forms  Sample stock items  Stock to sell
  14. 14.  1300 55 17 18 support centre  Email support  Your own Beauty Expressed Email service
  15. 15. *Bring a new person onboard and receive $250.00