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OData, Open Data Protocol. A brief introduction


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A really brief introduction to the OData protocol and how data are retrieved, transformed and exposed.

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OData, Open Data Protocol. A brief introduction

  1. 1. Introduction to Open Data Protocol. OData at glance Brief introduction eugenio lentini
  2. 2. • Defined by a data model • made by properties, for instance: • Person: {name, surname, gender, address} • Organized in collection and identified using URLs • serviceRoot/People 01 resource OData
  3. 3. • Resources definition • Consuming resources using HTTP messages • REST APIs definition to publish and edit resources by a Web Client 02 enable OData
  4. 4. GET serviceRoot/People get all the entities in the collection People PUT serviceRoot/People update an existing entity in the collection People POST serviceRoot/People add a new entity in the collection People DELETE serviceRoot/People delete an entity in the collection People 03 definition REST Api
  5. 5. Query <XML> OData select * from people Table people <people> <person> <person> </people> People is a resource exposed by the service the service URL 04 example of request OData
  6. 6. 1. Define a query 2. Define a resource name 3. Define how to transform the result of a query into XML 4. Associate the resource to that query 5. Request (GET) the resource to have XML data without knowing data source 05 how to expose a resource OData
  7. 7. • Hide the underlying data source whatever it is. • Hide the schema and where data comes from. • Standard way to publish and consume a resource. • Multiple clients can use the service. 06 pros OData
  8. 8. • Connection is via the web, possible lost of performance on big data. • PowerPivot 2013 seems having issue managing associated big data. • PowerPivot does not recognize associations defined by OData. • Service must be implemented and tuned to optimized the performance. 07 cons OData
  9. 9. Thank You for the attention.