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Redevelopment Commission Projects Book


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Redevelopment Commission Projects Book

  1. 1. CHAPTER 1REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION OBJECTIVES Introduction 2 Overview of Project Portfolio 2 Matrix of Projects 3 Maps of Projects 4 Redevelopment Commission Objectives 6 Commercial Development Committee 6 Residential Development Committee 7 Finance Committee 8 PR & Communications Committee 9
  2. 2. Chapter 1 | Redevelopment Commission GoalsINTRODUCTIONThe City of Beaufort Redevelopment Commission has The table on the facing page illustrates the categorizationbeen established to renovate, revitalize, and regenerate of each project and serves as the Index for the Projectsunderutilized and distressed areas of Beaufort. Book. The map on next page identifies each Project’s actual, or anticipated location.The Redevelopment Commission’s mission is to lead acoordinated strategy for redevelopment through targetedinvestments and partnerships aimed at strengthening theCity of Beaufort as: 1. The heart of economic development for Northern Beaufort County. 2. A prosperous place for business and institutions; and 3. An attractive urban environment for residents and visitors.In support of this mission, the Office of Civic Investment(OCI) has prepared the following Projects Bookdetailing the list of initiatives documented in the CivicMaster Plan for The City of Beaufort: Sector 1. TheCivic Master Plan was generated through a vigorous six-month process of data collection, community outreach,and urban design. The Projects Book serves as the“implementation” document of the Civic Master Planand is to be used by the Redevelopment Commission(RDC) to prioritize projects and coordinate effortsacross the public and private sectors. It is formatted toincorporate changing priorities and is expected to be aliving document that leads Civic policy and investment.The Projects are categorized in two ways. The first is bytimeline. Each initiative has been prioritized accordingto its anticipated delivery and placed within one of threetime periods: 1. Short Term: 1 to 18 months, 2. Mid-Term: within 5 years, and 3. Long Term: within 20 years.The second is by RDC subcommittee representing thefour categories of: 1. Commercial Redevelopment 2. Residential Redevelopment 3. Finance 4. Communication/Public Relations 2 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  3. 3. COMMITTEE TYPE Commercial Residential Finance Communications Project Policy Infrastructure Form-based code Short-term Projects (within next 18 months) Policies & Initiatives 1 Incentives X X X X X Code Enforcement X X Enforcement of Tax Liens X X Expedited Permitting X X X X X RDC Marketing Campaign X X 2 Lowcountry Housing Trust Recommendations X X X Residential Market Study X X X 3 Pre-approved House Plans X X Pre-approved Small Area Plans X X X Aerial Utility Lines Clean up X X X X Projects 1 Pedestrian Crossings X X X X X Old City Hall/Green Grocery X X Midtown X X X Community Garden X X X X Bus Livability Grant X X Eastern Boundary Street Road Diet X X Bicycle Friendly Community X X X Bladen Street Streetscape X X Duke Street Streetscape X X 2 City-owned Properties Plan X X X Banner Area at Bay & Ribaut X X X Day Docks & Public Boat Ramp X X X Basil Green Park X X X X Residential Pilot Projects X X X 3 Sycamore Street Streetscape Beaufort Museum X X X Downtown Wayfinding Package X X X X 1409-1411 Duke Street X X Mid-term Projects (within 5 years) 1 Extension of Waterfront Park (boardwalk) X X Farmers Market Pavilion X X Downtown façade improvements X X X X Business campus expansion (Hoogenboom) X X X USCB expansion & student housing X X X 2 Washington Square Park X X Visitor Center X X X X Artist Studio space X X X NWQ residential infill X X X Higginsonville residential infill X X X 3 Bellamy’s Curve infrastructure improvements X X Ribaut Road streetscape improvements X X Business Incubator X X X X 4 Bladen Street commercial infill X X X Charles Street commercial infill X X X Post Office block redevelopment X X X Former Jail site redevelopment X X X Long-term Projects (within 20 years) 1 Marina redevelopment & parking garage X X X Boundary Street infill X X X X Piggly Wiggly redevelopment X X Port Republic infill development X X 2 Convention Center X X X Performance Center X X X 3 Whitehall redevelopment X X X X X3 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  4. 4. Chapter 1 | Redevelopment Commission GoalsPROJECTS MAP 7 12 16 11 2 8 4 14 10 13 3 9 5 1 15 6 NSECTOR 1 SITE PLAN4 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  5. 5. 1 Old City Hall/Green Grocery 2 Midtown 3 Bladen and North Streets Streetscape 4 Duke Street Streetscape 5 Banner Area at Bay and Ribaur 6 Day Docks and Public Boat Ramp 7 Basil Green Park 8 1409 & 1411 Duke Street 9 Extension of Waterfront Park 10 Business Campus Expansion 11 USCB Expansion and Student Housing 12 Bellamy’s Curve Infrastructure Improvements 13 Post Office Block Redevelopment 14 Former Jail Redevelopment 15 Marina Redevelopment and Parking Garage 16 Piggly Wiggly Redevelopment IMAGE SOURCE: South Carolina Library1884 SANBORN MAP5 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  6. 6. Chapter 1 | Redevelopment Commission GoalsREDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION OBJECTIVESCOMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE OBJECTIVESA) 1. Review City’s available incentive programs; look at options. 2. Review other communities’ redevelopment and incentives programs. 3. Make recommendations through the OCI and/or City Council by end of March.B) 1. Research and identify real and perceived impediments to redevelopment by the private sector in the marketplace. 2. Identify state and regional redevelopment partners and stakeholders to meet with. This list will include Lowcountry Economic Network and others in the area. 3. Identify the needs, types, and proprieties for redevelopment in Sector 1 by the end of March. 4. Make property owner contact to facilitate coordination of services from OCI.C) 1. Anticipate project needs for USCB and coordinate with Campus Master Planning Process. 2. City Hall project coordination to redo RFP and position building for sale.6 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  7. 7. RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE OBJECTIVESA) 1. Have the City, in partnership with Port Royal, join the Low Country Housing Trust. 2. Create incentives such as pre-set building plans, permit streamlining, and city-owned property protocols.B) 1. Identify and prioritize neighborhood projects. 2. Present the first 2 to 3 projects, in conjunction with the Finance Committee, to Council in order to initiate projects by end of 2011. 3. Maintain close coordination with the Finance Committe, particularly with respect to identification and management of funding sources. Certain funding sources impose many restrictions which may be incompatible with the type/price of housing proposed by builders. A variety of financing options is critical to provide the needed flexibility for many different stakeholders in the residential building world. 7 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  8. 8. Chapter 1 | Redevelopment Commission GoalsREDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION OBJECTIVESFINANCE COMMITTEE OBJECTIVESA) 1. Identify public and private funding sources (local banks, SC SHFDA, HOME, CDBG, etc) which may be combined with private developer funds in an appropriate manner to fund identified projects. 2. Work with the Residential Committee to explore membership with Lowcountry Housing Trust. 3. Explore grants and credit enhancement options that can be used for commercial development such as energy retrofits. 4. Work closely with City staff in packaging and submitting well-prepared funding applications to LCOG as a way of maximizing the dollar amount of those funds awarded to the City.8 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  9. 9. PR & COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE OBJECTIVESA) 1. Complete the Redevelopment Commission’s basic website with mission statement, bios, pictures, agenda and minutes, a link to enabling legislation as well as the Office of Civic Investment and a “Contact Us” link by May. 2. Print business cards for Redevelopment Commission members.B) 1. Chairman Verity to send a letter to the Beaufort Gazette to schedule a meeting with the editorial board. 2. Chairman Verity, Mr. Martin and Mr. Dadson will set up Chairmen’s breakfasts with other governments and not-for-profits to share information.C) 1. Prepare an “Objectives Booklet” for each member of the RDC to prioritize the short, medium and long-term projects by Committee. 2. Prepare list of issues requiring City Council approval to establish expectations and “cooperative consent” policy City Council between RDC and City Council. 3. Coordinate committee meeting minutes format. 9 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  10. 10. CHAPTER 2 SHORT-TERM PROJECTS POLICIES and INITIATIVESPriority #1 Incentives 12 Code Enforcement 13 Enforcement of Tax Liens 14 Expedited Permitting 15 RDC Marketing Campaign 16Priority #2 Lowcountry Housing Trust 17 Residential Market Study 18Priority #3 Pre-approved House Plans 19 Pre-approved Small Area Plans 20 Aerial Utility Lines Clean-up 21 PROJECTSPriority #1 Pedestrian Crossings 22 Old City Hall/Green Grocery 23 Midtown 24 Community Garden 26 Bus Livability Grant 27 Eastern Boundary Street Road Diet 28 Bicycle Friendly Community 30 Bladen Street Streetscape 34 Duke Street Streetscape 36Priority #2 City-owned Properties Plan 38 Banner Area at Bay & Ribaut 42 Day Docks & Public Boat Ramp 43 Basil Green Park 44 Residential Pilot Projects 46Priority #3 Sycamore Street Streetscape 52 Beaufort Museum 53 Downtown Wayfinding Plan 54 1411 Duke Street 56
  11. 11. Chapter 2 | Short Term | Policies and InitiativesINCENTIVESACTION PLAN NOTES1. Review the current incentives for redevelopment.  Vacant & Abandoned buildings incentive2. Modify incentives as needed to encourage thefollowing:  Job creation  Infill commercial and residential development  Adaptive reuse of abandonded/historic properties  New business  Technology firms  Student housing  Historic preservation  New construction on RD corridors  Customized incentive packages3. Consider ways to lower impact fees.  Work with BJWSA to identify the average water and sewer usage in each neighborhood. Calculate the water/sewer capacity fees on these numbers, rather than on the County average.  Work with the County to create a tiered transformation impact fee based on context.12 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  12. 12. CODE ENFORCEMENTACTION PLAN NOTES1. Consider how the City can use the existing codeenforcement rules as a catalyst for rehabilitation ofexisting dilapidated structures and, in particular, toeradicate blighted residential dwellings.2. Consider using HOME, CDBG or SC SHFDA grantsto bring dwellings occupied by low income homeownersinto code compliance.13 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  13. 13. Chapter 2 | Short Term | Policies and InitiativesENFORCEMENT of TAX LIENSACTION PLAN NOTES1. Consider strategies to use the City’s power toforeclose on properties for non-payment of taxes.2. Use the foreclosed properties as an opportunity torehabilitate an under-used structure and sell it, therebycreating a safer, more desirable neighborhood, as well asgetting the property back on the tax rolls.3. Rehabilitation can be funded through the revolvingfund described in the section on City-owned Properties.Proceeds from sales should go to the revolving fund.4. Assign the tax lien enforcement effort to a specificCity government entity.14 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  14. 14. EXPEDITED PERMITTINGACTION PLAN NOTES1. Continue the Chamber of Commerce’s initiative toimplement expedited permitting via form-based code.2. Support the appointment of a case manager to handleproject permitting as part of the form-based code that isadopted.3. Support pre-design working meetings with staff toensure a proposed project is feasible and to identifyordinance items that may require special attention as away to mitigate the uncertainty of the review process.15 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  15. 15. Chapter 2 | Short Term | Policies and InitiativesRDC MARKETING CAMPAIGNACTION PLAN NOTES1. Develop a plan to spread the message aboutthe projects and work plan of the RedevelopmentCommission is working on.2. Redevelopment Commission members should attendRotary Club and other civic group meetings as guestspeakers.3. Work with the Office of Civic Investment staffto identify and ensure that each project is marketedappropriately on several communication vehicles(Digitel Beaufort, Beaufort Gazette, LowcountryWeekly, etc.).16 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  16. 16. LOWCOUNTRY HOUSING TRUSTACTION PLAN NOTES1. Continue to work with Port Royal to raise money forthe initial fee to establish a formal relationship with theLowcountry Housing Trust.2. Develop a proposal for several initial pilot projectsfor the Lowcountry Housing Trust. (See ResidentialPilot Projects for more information.)17 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  17. 17. Chapter 2 | Short Term | Policies and InitiativesRESIDENTIAL MARKET STUDYACTION PLAN NOTES1. Conduct a residential market study for downtown.This study should provide evidence of the marketabilityof new and rehabilitated residential units. Demonstrateddemand for units will encourage lenders to lend, buildersto build, and investors (including homeowners) to invest.2. Publicize this study to generate interest in thedowntown residential market.18 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  18. 18. PRE-APPROVED HOUSE PLANSACTION PLAN NOTES1. Send out an RFP to local architects for a pre-definedvariety of house plans to be used as pre-approved plansin the historic district. These plans should be calibratedto be respective of each unique neighborhood and houseplans should be distinguished by location (i.e., cornerlot, mid-block, townhome, etc.) and keyed to eachtransect zone.2. Work with the Historic Review Board to refine thepre-approved plans to fit each neighborhood. Use theform-based code as a guide for determining which plansare most appropriate.3. Publish the approved plans and send to localdevelopers. Ensure that owners of vacant/abandonedlots receive the booklet of pre-approved plans.4. Need to provide a compensation mechanism to eachdesigner for using their plans.19 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  19. 19. Chapter 2 | Short Term | Policies and InitiativesPRE-APPROVED SMALL AREA PLANSACTION PLAN NOTES1. Provide a legal mechanism through the new form-based code to allow for pre-approved small area siteplans. Specific plans in the Civic Master Plan wouldbe pre-approved by the design review boards (ARB &HRB) to expedite the approval process.2. Ensure that there is language included in the code toallow each project to adapt to an appropriate degree overtime and to ensure the pre-approved plans do not becomeso restrictive as to be obselete.20 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  20. 20. AERIAL UTILITIES LINES CLEAN-UPACTION PLAN NOTES1. Develop a plan to clean up aerial utility lines. Thisincludes, but is not limited to, removing dead lines andconsolidating poles.2. Define a particular area to start with, then movethroughout downtown.3. This effort could grow into a larger initiative to buryutility lines in the future.4. Work closely with utility companies to implement.21 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  21. 21. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsPEDESTRIAN CROSSINGSACTION PLAN NOTES1. Install pedestrian crossings at key intersectionsthroughout Sector 1 to improve pedestrian safetyand to slow traffic. See the map below for specificlocations. Thermoplastic markings are preferred topainted markings.2. Work with the City of Beaufort and SCDOT to getthe specified pedestrian crossings marked. NRECOMMENDED PEDESTRIAN CROSSINGS22 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  22. 22. OLD CITY HALLACTION PLAN NOTES1. Consider two different strategies to produce income:1) lease the building; and 2) sell the building.  Option 1: Lease Develop a set of guidelines and requirements for the lease structure, lease terms, etc. Work with potential tenants to negotiate acceptable lease terms.  Option 2: Sale2. Complete the due diligence on the building to beincluded in the RFP, including, but not limited to thefollowing:  Environmental  Structural  Existing Conditions (floorplans, elevations, etc)  Current Zoning & By-Right Uses  Potential redevelopment of surrounding area (plans from the Sector 1 Charrette)OLD CITY HALL (EXISTING)23 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  23. 23. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsMIDTOWN and PRINCE STREETACTION PLAN NOTES1. Continue to assist developers to expedite thepermitting phase.2. Understand the permitting/development process withthe intent to make recommendations of how to expeditethe permitting process.3. Review alternative plans to consider the inclusion ofthe Community Garden on site.4. Review preliminary design for Prince Street sectiondone by Carolina Engineering (see below).5. Issue RFP for construction of Prince Streetimprovements.6. Continue to coordinate with the developersthroughout the construction phase.PRINCE STREET SECTION (Carolina Engineering )24 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  24. 24. MIDTOWN SITE PLAN25 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  25. 25. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsCOMMUNITY GARDENACTION PLAN NOTES1. Locate a suitable site for a community garden toreplace the existing garden displaced by the Midtowndevelopment project, or consider re-organizing theMidtown site plan to accomodate a garden.2. Locate suitable sites for community gardens in eachneighborhood (see map below for potential sites).3. Partner with the Open Land Trust and seek outadditional grant monies to facility the prioritization andpurchase (or temporary easement on) these sites. NPOTENTIAL SITES FOR COMMUNIT Y GARDENS26 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  26. 26. BUS LIVABILITY GRANTACTION PLAN NOTES1. Continue to monitor the process with BeaufortCounty and other stakeholders.27 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  27. 27. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsEASTERN BOUNDARY STREET ROAD DIETACTION PLAN NOTES1. Complete engineering drawings for the re-painting ofBoundary Street. (See images below)2. Apply to SCDOT for an encroachment permit.3. Coordinate with Public Works to re-paint the road.B OUNDARY ST REET ROAD DIET PL AN28 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  28. 28. KEY A - Public Frontage B - Parallel Parking C - Travel Lane D - Turning Lane SCALE: 1” = 30’ N SCALE: 1” = 300’29 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  29. 29. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsBICYCLE FRIENDLY COMMUNITYACTION PLAN NOTES1. Present sharrow striping plan to RedevelopmentCommission and City Council.2. Apply for an encroachment permit from SCDOT.3. Coordinate with Beaufort Public Works Departmenton striping and bicycle signage throughout Sector1. Purchase a sharrow stencil (, approximately $275)or thermoplastic sharrow markings (Flint Tradingapproximately $160 per marking).4. Review the Bicycle Friendly America Scorecard (seefollowing pages) and implement these items. For moreinformation, visit the website at Apply for League of American Cyclists - BicycleFriendly City designation. For more information,visit their website at Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  30. 30. T R A N S P O R TAT I O N M A P31 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  31. 31. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsBICYCLE FRIENDLY COMMUNITY (continued) Much can and should be done to further educate motorists and cyclists on how to properly share the road. In addition to signage, communities are offering instruction through traffic ticket diversion programs and Public Service Announcements to name a few. Encouragement  Does your community have an up-to-date bicycle map? Bike maps are critical to safely navigating aEngineering community that doesn’t have a fully developed bike Does your community have a comprehensive, connected network and encouraging people to get to whereand well-maintained bicycling network? they want to go by bike. A comprehensive, connected, and well-maintained  Does the community celebrate bicycling during national bicycling network enables cyclists to get wherever Bike month with community rides, Bike to Work Day or they want to go through a mixture of on- and off- media outreach? street accommodations. National Bike Month and Bike to Work Day are Is bike parking readily available throughout the celebrated by hundreds of communities across thecommunity? country. Learn more on how to promote these Many Bicycle Friendly Communities are making activities here. efforts to increase availability of bike parking  Does the community host any major community cycling through requiring racks in new construction and events or rides? even lowering parking minimums for businesses that Community rides, large and small, are great ways to offer bike parking. highlight new bike infrastructure and encourage Is there a Complete Streets ordinance or another policy new riders. Don’t forget to invite your community’sthat mandates the accommodation of cyclists on all road political leaders!projects?  Is there an active bicycle advocacy group in the Complete Streets ordinances require that all modes community? of travel - including bicycles - be accommodated Bicycle Friendly Communities don’t happen whenever a new road is constructed or an existing without community effort. Having a local group one is rebuilt. Learn more at advocating for bike-friendly policies, programs and accommodations is key to getting things done.Education Is there a community-wide Safe routes to School program Enforcementthat includes bicycling education?  Do law enforcement officers receive training on the rights Safe Routes to School is a federal level funding and responsibilities of all road users? program to encourage youth to bike and walk to Local law enforcement has a tough job. Officers’ school through infrastructure changes and training is available and critical in protecting your education. rights and keeping roadways safe for all users. Are there bicycling education courses available for adults  Does your community have law enforcement or otherin the community? public safety officers on bikes? The League offers the Smart Cycling program There’s no better way for law enforcement to get through League Certified Instructors in better hands-on experience than policing from communities throughout the country. Find an behind the handlebars. These officers can also instructor or class in your area! manage crowds and congested downtowns better as Does your community educate motorists and cyclists on well and their equipment is cheaper than antheir rights and responsibilities as road users? outfitted cruiser.32 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  32. 32.  Do local ordinances treat bicyclists equitably? Equal treatment through city policies and ordinances is critical in ensuring cyclists rights to the road.EvaluationIs there a specific plan or program to reduce cyclist/motorvehicle crashes? From targeted enforcement or redesign of intersections with high crash rates, your community should be striving for safer streets. Does your community have a current comprehensivebicycle plan? Is there a Bicycle advisory Committee that meetsregularly? Does your community have a bicycle program manager? 33 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  33. 33. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsBLADEN and NORTH STREET STREETSCAPEACTION PLAN NOTES1. Oversee continued work on Bladen Street to ensurethat project is completed in a timely manner andconsisten with all planning objectives.2. Allocate CDBG money to redesign the intersectionof North Street. Complete plan for the closure of NorthStreet (see images).3. Work with property owners on this block to refine thedesign and provide alternative access to their properties(see conceptual drawing of alley access below). BLADEN STREET Proposed Alley Access N O RT H S T R E ET B AY STR EET Proposed Extension of Waterfront Park NI N T E R S E C T I O N o f N O R T H a n d B AY S T R E E T S ( E A S T E R N P O R T I O N )34 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  34. 34. Tentative Timeline for Bladen Street Bid documents are complete. Bid documents need to be reviewed byLCOG for compliance with CDBG biddingrequirements. LCOG received the bid documentson May 25, 2011. When land acquisition is complete, RFP willbe released. Bidders will have 30 days to submit bids. Bids are to be good for 60 days. DUKE STREET Construction is estimated to be 6 months. BLADEN STREET PRINCE STREET KING STREET Midtown Residential Development Retail Infill/Expansion to Existing Building Retail Infill Retail Infill N O RT H S T R E ET Senior Housing Infill Development Reorientation of North Street & B AY Extension of Waterfront Park STR EET N BLADEN STREET CORRIDOR PLAN SCALE: 1”=200’35 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  35. 35. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsDUKE STREET STREETSCAPEACTION PLAN NOTES1. Continue to monitor progress.2. Ensure that the project is completely constructed andfinished by December 31, 2011 to get additional funding.RECOMMENDED DUKE STREET SECTION36 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  36. 36. Tentative Timeline for Duke Street Phase I March 14, 2011 Carolina Engineering awarded contract for design of reference project with the lowest bid at $27,250. March 16, 2011 Notice to Proceed issued. March 17 to May 16, 2011 Period from Commencement of Design Work to Substantial Completion Mid June 2011 SCDOT & DHEC review & approval should be complete. Mid June to Mid July 2011 Bidding for Construction August 15, 2011 Award Construction Bid to Contractor. December 15, 2011 Complete Construction. January 31, 2012 Close out project. N DUKE STREET PLAN37 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  37. 37. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsCITY-OWNED PROPERTIES PLANACTION PLAN NOTES1. Develop a set of guidelines to govern a municipaldevelopment revolving fund started and maintained byselling City-owned properties. The fund could be usedfor affordable/workforce housing, commercial infilldevelopment, and other landmark projects.2. Start the revolving fund. Sell City-owned propertiesshown on the map to open and maintain the fund.3. Work closely with developers/buyers of City-ownedland to oversee work.4. Consider using City-owned parcels in real estatedevelopment deals as incentives for development (sell atreduced rate, etc.)Sector 1 City-Owned Parcels Available for Redevelopment Lot Address Owner Current Condition Recommendation 1 1403 Lafayette Street City of Beaufort Vacant & cleared; used as grass overflow parking lot for Basil Green Develop as multi-family housing as one of the Pilot Projects of the Ball Park Residential Committee 2 Lot on Pigeon Point Road City of Beaufort Vacant; abandoned building (foundation) on adjacent lot needs to be City to sell. Proceeds go to revolving fund. (just north of 1414 Pigeon removed; great location near Pigeon Point Park Point Rd) 3 905 & 907 Prince Street City of Beaufort Abandoned maintenance building & pump station; Buildings to be City to sell. Proceeds go to revolving fund. demolished in next 45 days 4 410 Ribaut Road City of Beaufort Vacant & cleared; well maintained 5 411 Ribaut Road City of Beaufort Vacant & cleared; well maintained; deed restriction on the lot stating it can only be converted to use other than public outdoor recreation uses with written approval from Director of SC Department of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism 6 1932 Duke Street City of Beaufort Abandoned maintenance building; City to demolish in next 45 days City to sell. Proceeds go to revolving fund. 7 Corner of Hamar & Greene City of Beaufort Vacant & cleared; adjacent to several other vacant lots could allow for City to sell. Proceeds go to revolving fund. Streets major redevelopment 8 North Street Parcel City of Beaufort Used as parking lot by adjacent Courthouse and law offices City to sell. Proceeds go to revolving fund. 9 Parcel to south of Basil Green City of Beaufort Vacant & cleared; currently used as stormwater detention area for City to sell. Proceeds go to revolving fund. Stormwater management Park Basil Green Park and surrounding. needs to be mitigated38 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  38. 38. 1 9 2 7 6 3 4 5 8 N39 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  39. 39. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsCITY-OWNED PROPERTIES PLAN (continued)ACTION PLAN for #1 (1403 Lafayette Street) NOTES1. Consider several conceptual plans for redevelopmentof this property for residential (see conceptual planbelow).2. Explore financing opportunities to fund thisresidential development.3. Consider offering this property as an incentive foranother real estate deal (offer it for free or at a reducedrate if developed as affordable/workforce housing). New Rear Lane (Positioned to N accomodate existing trees) New Parallel Parking Duplex 4 units Existing 4 units Oak Existing Existing Oak Oak New Parallel Parking Pervious Parking Unit Count Basil (2 spaces/unit; Total of 20 spots) (1) Duplex Green (2) Four-plex Park 10 Units (2 BR/2BTH)1 4 0 3 L A F AY E T T E S T R E E T P L A N f o r M U LT I F A M I LY H O U S I N GSCALE: 1” = 50’40 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  40. 40. ACTION PLAN for #3 (905 & 907 Prince Street) NOTES1. Decommission existing buildings and demolish.2. Consider several concept plans for redevelopmentof this property. Coordinate with the Baptist Church ofBeaufort to integrate this property into their long-termgrowth (school, cemetary, etc.) Consider swapping thisproperty for other parcels owned by the Baptist Church.Work with the Office of Civic Investment to develop along-term growth plan for the Baptist Church.3. Consider offering this property as an incentive foranother real estate deal (offer it for free or at a reducedrate if developed as affordable/workforce housing). DUKE STREET CHARLES STREET SITE PRINCE STREET N905 & 907 PRINCE STREET41 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  41. 41. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsCITY-OWNED PROPERTIES PLAN (continued)ACTION PLAN for #8 (North Street Parcel) NOTES1. Sell parcel for redevelopment. Proceeds go to therevolving fund. KING STREET BLADEN STREET N O RT H S T R E ET B AY STR EET N42 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  42. 42. ACTION PLAN for #9 (Parcel south of Basil Green NOTESPark)1. Sell parcel for residential redevelopment.2. See plan for Basil Green Park for more detail. City-owned Lot south of Basil Green Park (currently used for stormwater retention) N43 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  43. 43. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsBANNER AREA at BAY & RIBAUTACTION PLAN NOTES1. Work with the Open Land Trust to develop a plan forimproving the site at the corner of Bay Street and RibautRoad.2. Ensure the final design includes a formalized spaceand system for the display of banners.3. Plans for the banner area should be coordinated withthe downtown wayfinding package (see page 54). NPROPOSED BANNER AREA IMPROVEMENTS44 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  44. 44. DAY DOCK & PUBLIC BOAT RAMPThe current day dock/boat ramp facility does not cater NOTESto, or encourage local and transient boater patronage ofdowntown. As a regional destination located along theIntracoastal Waterway the lack of a secure and servicedday dock causes Beaufort to miss out on a lucrativesource of tourist and local visitor revenue.ACTION PLAN1. Determine the final location for facility within,or adjacent to the Marina redevelopment project andexisting boat slips (see Marina Redevelopment). If suchlocation can be developed now it may go ahead prior tothe larger redevelopment.2. If an interim site is more practical a study should beconducted to determine where an expanded day dockcould locate. The study should include a review of theexisting cruise boat dock to best determine how thesetwo facilities would share the waterfront in the short andlong term.3. Obtain approvals from OCRM, HRB.4. Establish rules for use and management by HarborMaster.45 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  45. 45. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsBASIL GREEN PARKACTION PLAN NOTES1. Reorganize existing perimeter parking, includingremoval and/or modification of existing signage.2. Open Godfrey Street between Rogers and NarneStreets (existing R.O.W.).3. Sell the City-owned stormwater parcel to the south ofthe park. (See proposed plan)4. Configure pervious parking along perimeter. (Seeproposed plan)5. Reorient the baseball and soccer fields. (See proposedplan)6. Add new entrance drive and structures. (See proposedplan)E X I S T I N G B A S I L G R E E N PA R K46 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  46. 46. All Baseball Fields at Standard Pony Sizes New Soccer Field (180’x300’) New Pavilions New Park Entrance & Dropoff Playground Reconfigured Godfrey Street Existing Stormwater Retention Parcel Pervious Parking Summary Layfayette St. (34 spots) 14 parallel 20 head-in Rodgers Ave. (48 spots) 22 parallel 26 angled Nairne St. (62 spots) All head-in Godfrey St. (79 spots N All head-in Entrance (108 spots) All angled TOTAL: 331 spotsB A S I L G R E E N PA R K R E D E S I G N47 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  47. 47. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsRESIDENTIAL PILOT PROJECTSACTION PLAN NOTES1. Define guidelines for residential development(affordable, workforce, etc.)2. Choose projects that are replicable.3. Consider the following as potential pilot projects:  1403 Lafayette Street (see previous page for site plan)  King Street Site  Harrington Street Site  1407 Duke Street  1304 Congress StreetKING STREET SITE48 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  48. 48. HARRINGTON STREET SITE49 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  49. 49. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsRESIDENTIAL PILOT PROJECTS (continued)1407 DUKE STREET1304 CONGRESS STREET50 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  50. 50. NOTES51 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  51. 51. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsSYCAMORE STREET STREETSCAPEACTION PLAN NOTES1. When available, dedicate funds to improve theSycamore Street streetscape by adding a 5 foot sidewalkwithin the existing right of way. The existing road doesnot need to change and the width of the planting stripcan vary as needed. See drawing below.2. Issue RFP for construction.3. Construct sidewalk.PROPOSED STREET SECTION for SYCAMORE STREET52 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  52. 52. BEAUFORT MUSEUMACTION PLAN NOTES1. Work with the local group interested in startingthe Beaufort Museum to identify appropriate sites orexisting buildings to accomodate their needs. Potential Sites  Former Piggly Wiggly on Port Republic Street  Old City Hall  Arsenal  Former Jail  Von Harten Building  New Marina Redevelopment (see image) Museum Needs  Exhibition space  Children’s space  Video presentation  Security  Parking for visitors and coach buses2. Consider encouraging the development of theMuseum with incentives. B A POTENTIAL Y ST SITES for R EE BEAUFORT T MUSEUM NPROPOSED MARINA53 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  53. 53. Chapter 2 | Short Term | ProjectsDOWNTOWN WAYFINDING PLANACTION PLAN NOTES1. Establish an advisory committee to advise onscope, location, design, etc. This should be done inconjunction with Main Street Beaufort and the Chamberof Commerce.2. Develop several design concepts to be reviewedand critiqued by the advisory committee. The imagespresented are all conceptual only and are intended toillustrate the types and range of signage, not the finaldesign.3. Consider doing this project in conjunction with theredesign of the banner area at the intersection of RibautRoad and Bay Street.4. Issue RFP to signage companies for fabrication andinstallation.5. Install the signage.54 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  54. 54. The images presented are all conceptual only and are intended to illustrate the types and range of signage, not the final design.55 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  55. 55. 1409 & 1411 DUKE ST. REDEVELOPMENTACTION PLAN NOTES1. Work with current owner, Jim Moss, and the Officeof Civic Investment to complete redevelopment plan forthe site.2. Consider several different conceptual plans for thesite. 1411 DUKE STREET (EXISTING)56 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  56. 56. CHAPTER 3 MID-TERM PROJECTSPriority #1 Extension of Waterfront Park 58 Farmers Market Pavillion 60 Downtown Facade Improvements 61 Business Campus Expansion 62 USCB Campus Expansion & Student 64 HousingPriority #2 Washington Square Park 66 Visitor Center 67 Artist Studio Space 68 NWQ Residential Infill 70 Higginsonville Residential Infill 72Priority #3 Bellamy’s Curve Infrastructure 74 Improvements Business Incubator 75 Ribaut Road Streetscape 76Priority #4 Bladen Street Commercial Infill 78 Charles Street Commercial Infill 80 Post Office Block Redevelopment 81 Former Jail Site Redevelopment 82
  57. 57. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermEXTENSION of WATERFRONT PARKWaterfront Park is a spectacular public amenity that Waterfront Park to the Bluff. A simple boardwalkdraws locals and tourists alike to downtown Beaufort. extending along the river’s edge to the west of WaterfrontHowever, to the west along the Bluff is an underutilized Park provides a pedestrian amenity that recognizesasset that has the unrealized potential to be a truly great and celebrates the significance of the Beaufort River topublic space. the city in an appropriately low-impact fashion. This boardwalk runs along a former road bed, of which theBeaufort’s waterfront is an integral part of the city’s bulkhead still remains and is maintained by the City. Thehistory and identity. With a waterfront park extension, boardwalk is also is a key component in the developmentthere will be a tangible connection from the existing of a regional parks and greenway system. B AY STR EET NP L A N f o r t h e E X T E N S I O N o f WAT E R F R O N T P A R K EXISTINGP R O P O S E D B O A R D WA L K A L O N G M A R S H58 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  58. 58. P H A S E 2 ( G R AV E L T R A I L ) P H A S E 2 ( B O A R D WA L K ) S E C T I O N S o f WAT E R F R O N T P A R K E X T E N S I O N59 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  59. 59. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermFARMERS MARKET PAVILIONThe Farmers Market Pavilion, shown in theredevelopment of the marina parking lot, could be BAa great gathering spot and hub for local agriculture. FARMERS MARKET Y STCurrently, the farmers market occurs in the park adjacent PAVILLION R EEto the parking lot. Farmers bring their own tables and Ttents and set up on the grass. A pavilion could structureand organize the market, making it easier for farmers toset up and unload their goods. It could also be a semi-permanent place for local farmers to sell their produceon a daily basis, in addition to the typical weeklymarkets. N PROPOSED MARINA FARMERS MARKET PAVILLIONV I E W o f M A R I N A f r o m B AY60 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  60. 60. DOWNTOWN FACADE IMPROVEMENTSDowntown business owners BEFOREshould be encouragedto implement facadeimprovements along BayStreet, Carteret Street,Boundary Street, CharlesStreet, Bladen Street,and Ribaut Road. TheRedevelopment Commissionshould consider facadeimprovements grants toincentivize redevelopment. BEFORE FA C A D E I M P R O V E M E N T E X A M P L E S61 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  61. 61. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermBUSINESS CAMPUS EXPANSIONPart of the commercial growth along the CarteretStreet corridor is organized as a neighborhood-scaled,integrated business compound. Located on the twoblocks bounded by Carteret Street, New Street, PrinceStreet, and North Street, this business compound iscomprised of several independent, residential-scaledbuildings that house business and neighborhood serviceuses. A series of interior courts and inviting midblockspaces are created through the thoughtful infill ofthe block perimeters. A variety of business supportfunctions will occupy the compound, from graphicdesign and production, to research and developmententities associated with the primary business (andpossibly USCB), to administrative functions. Thecompound also includes a limited amount of residentialuses associated with visiting clients and consultants,interns, etc. CA RT ER T ET STREE KING ST RE ET NEW ST REETP R O P O S E D E X PA N S I O N O F B U S I N E S S C A M P U S62 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  62. 62. NEW STREET EAST STREET C A RT E R ET S T R E ET KING STREET N O RT H S T R E ET NBUSINESS CAMPUS PLAN63 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  63. 63. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermUSCB EXPANSION and STUDENT HOUSINGThe University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB) blocks surrounding USCB to alleviate the need for pavedanchors the eastern portion of the downtown lots that damage the local ecology and are detrimental to thepeninsula. Due to its unique location, there is campus and streetscape environments. Many students arepotential for the university to grow along two of also accommodated in on-campus housing to lessen the needBeaufort’s most prominent corridors, Boundary Street for commuter lots and parking the west and Carteret Street to the south. Thisdevelopment will facilitate additional growth alongthese corridors, contributing a valuable consistency ofstreetscape and quality of the public realm to the city.The Sector 1 Plan accomodates campus growth ina typical academic quad style organized around theexisting buildings on campus and the Carteret Streetcorridor. Parking is accommodated on-street in theURBAN MANSION-ST YLE STUDENT HOUSING C A RT E RET ST REETU S C B C A M P U S E X PA N S I O N64 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  64. 64. Student Housing B OUNDARY ST REET Bellamy Curve Resurfacing On-campus Housing CONGRESS STREET Diagonal Parking GREENE STREET on Washington C A RT E R ET S T R E ET Street WEST STREET Expansion of Academic Quad WA S H I N G T O N S T R E E T SCOTT STREET NU S C B C A M P U S E X PA N S I O N P L A N65 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  65. 65. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermWASHINGTON SQUARE PARKWashington Square Park is an important neighborhood an open lawn for common activities. The basketball andgathering place for local residents in the Northwest tennis courts will be located so as not to disrupt adjacentQuadrant. The park’s facilities are dated and in need homes. The plan described and shown here carefullyof improvement. New picnic shelters and restrooms considers the requests made by neighborhood residents.mark the corners of the park. Play equipment is locatednear the structures for easy child supervision. Some ofthe play equipment is preserved as it dates back to theoriginal construction of the park and holds historicalsignificance to local community members. The park willsupport both active and passive recreational uses witha basketball court, a tennis court, an amphitheater, and GREENE STREET New Equipment Shed New Basketball NEWCA ST LE ST REET CHARLES STREET Court Mixed-use Infill New Volleyball Area New Amphitheater New Pavilion Historic Swing Set New Restroom WA S H I N G T O N S T R E E T NWA S H I N G T O N S Q U A R E P A R K R E D E V E L O P M E N T P L A N66 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  66. 66. VISITOR CENTERTwo potential sites for a large Visitor Center wereidentified during the charrette. Both of these sites arelocated in the Historic Downtown area. One is directlyadjacent to the proposed parking structure and the otherpart of the redevelopment plan for the marina parkinglot. The Visitor Center could be incorporated into aBeaufort Museum, as the two may lend themselvesnicely to sharing a facility. Both of these identified sitesare centrally located and provide visitors with ampleparking. This civic function could be a great asset andanchor for the historic downtown, while serving as agateway to the western portion of the peninsula. POTENTIAL SITES for VISITOR CENTER C R AV E N S T R E E T POTENTIAL BA Y SITES for ST R VISITOR EE CHARLES STREET T CENTER N B AY N STR EETPROPOSED MARINA P R O P O S E D PA R K I N G G A R A G ESCALE: 1”=200’ SCALE: 1”=200’ 67 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  67. 67. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermARTIST STUDIO SPACEA Community Artist Studio/Meeting Hall provides anopen-air workspace for artists as well as public displayand gathering space in close proximity to neighboringresidents. This community studio could be locatedwithin an artist colony that would provide affordablehousing for artists within a communal housingarrangement. Homes facing interior public open spacespromote increased artistic collaboration and enrich thework being achieved in Beaufort.C O M MU N I T Y A RT I S T S T U D I O / M E ET I N G H A L L68 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  68. 68. A R T I S T S T U D I O I N T E G R AT E D i n N E I G H B O R H O O D69 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  69. 69. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermNWQ RESIDENTIAL INFILLThe Northwest Quadrant is a historically African-American community with a rich history. Scatteredamong the high-quality housing, vacant and poorly-maintained properties have become a blight on thecommunity. The Northwest Quadrant plan calls forthese properties to be redeveloped through selectivedemolition and careful infill. The plan phases the infilldevelopment using building types that are representativeof Beaufort. The first phase includes neighborhoodcommercial development on Charles and BladenStreets. The second phase infills residential on theperimeter of adjacent blocks, before interior/midblockspaces are developed throughout the neighborhood.The block structure of the Northwest Quadrant createsample backyard areas that are underutilized as valuablespace. In fact, many of the blocks were originallybuilt with service alleys that have become overgrownand impassable. The neighborhood plan utilizes thesemidblock spaces more effectively as space for accessorydwelling units, community gardens, and passivestormwater management facilities. Midblock alleys arealso reintroduced as a means of access to these uses. T . O N S GT IN RR HA DU KE ST W AS H IN GT O N STG R EE EXISTING CONDITIONS N E ST ST N G TO IN I LM W70 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  70. 70. T . O N S GT IN RR HA DU KE ST W AS H IN GT O N ST G R PHASE 1 EE N E ST ST N G TO IN I LM W T . O N S GT IN RR HA DU KE ST W AS H IN GT O N ST G R PHASE 2 EE N E ST ST N G TO IN I LM W71 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  71. 71. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermHIGGINSONVILLE RESIDENTIAL INFILLMuch of the Higginsonville neighborhood is occupied spaces. This traditional arrangement allows for a morewith the expansive Beaufort National Cemetery. The efficient use of Higginsonville’s block structure, createsrest of Higginsonville is comprised of residential more affordable housing units, and provides for a greaterneighborhoods that wrap between the cemetery and density and variety of housing within Beaufort. Some ofthe Beaufort River. The neighborhood plan calls these bungalow courts may be utilized to form an artistfor Higginsonville’s relationship to the river to be colony.strengthened through the completion of improvementsto two small waterfront parks, Sycamore Park and HorseHole Park. The neighborhood plan also incrementallyinfills Higginsonville’s residential blocks. Accessorydwelling units at the rear of residential lots allow for agreater density without changing the character of thestreet or neighborhood.Several of the blocks include bungalow courts in whichsmall homes are arranged around interior public openB U N G A L OW C O U RT I N F I L L72 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  72. 72. Bungalow Court (See rendering on previous page) Community Artist Studio A RT I S T C O L O N Y C O N C E P T P L A N73 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  73. 73. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermBELLAMY ’S CURVEBellamy’s Curve is a unique gateway to the USCBcampus and downtown Beaufort, and can be an inspiring Npublic space on the banks of the Beaufort River. TheBellamy’s Curve proposal transforms the corner into apie-shaped public plaza that transitions from a hardscape B OUNDARY ST REETtreatment to a natural environment as it fans out to theriver. The inside of the curve will be a hardscape plazawith public art, seating, and planters. In the roadwaythe visual cue and texture change of a plaza pavingtreatment slows drivers down and creates a broadcrosswalk for pedestrians. Finally, a terraced lawn onthe outside of the curve creates a connection to the riverand to the USCB campus. The plaza and terraced lawnwill be heavily used by USCB students, as it marks thetransition from the student housing on Boundary Streetto the academic quads on Carteret Street. C A RT E R ET S T R E ET B E L L A M Y ’ S C U RV E P L A N ET STRE D ARY BOUNV I EW o f B E L L A M Y ’ S C U RV E l o o ki n g WE S T74 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  74. 74. BUSINESS INCUBATORBusiness incubators can be manifested in a variety ofways. They can be buildings where entrepreneurs andaspiring business owners can go to share spaces andresources, and incrementally develop ideas. This modelis appropriate for technology and industrial-relatedbusinesses. This is a low cost way of generating start-upcompanies which can then grow locally and create jobsand industry in the area. These can be located in oldwarehouses or other large buildings that can be unfittedand subdivided into individual workspaces.The other form of business incubators are small, moretemporary structures that budding businesses can rentinexpensively. This works especially well for retail,service and food-related businesses which can startsmall. Eventually when a new business outgrows thespace, it can either move or tear down the temporarystructure and build one that suits its needs. The block onthe northwest corner of Boundary and Newcastle couldbe a good location for these small, temporary structures.75 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  75. 75. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermRIBAUT ROAD STREETSCAPEThe Ribaut Road Corridorbegins at the new City Hallbuilding to the north andconnects to the Town of PortRoyal in the south. It is oneof the most heavily traveledcorridors in Beaufort andsupports major institutions likeBeaufort Memorial Hospitaland the Technical College ofthe Lowcountry. For most ofits length the corridor containsfour travel lanes, two in eachdirection, and a center turnlane. Reconfiguring RibautRoad north of Duke Streetallows on-street parking thatsupports denser town centerdevelopment. South of DukeStreet, residential-scaled infillwill incrementally add homes,offices, neighborhood services,and a greater density ofdwelling units.The corner of Ribaut and BayStreet is envisioned to beredeveloped as a major gatewayinto downtown Beaufortmarked by planted medians,crosswalks in an alternativepaving treatment, wayfindingsignage, and a banner standthat will advertise communityevents. (See page 48).76 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  76. 76. GREENE STREET DUKE STREET R I BAU T ROA D PRINCE STREET N R I BAU T ROA D S T R E ET S C A P E77 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  77. 77. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermBLADEN STREET COMMERCIAL INFILLThe Bladen Street corridor runs north-south betweenBoundary Street and Bay Street. It is a connectingcorridor within the downtown peninsula of Beaufort. Thecity recently completed streetscape redevelopment workalong Bladen Street north of Duke Street, adding bulb-outs at intersections, planting street trees, and defining astreet section with two travel lanes and two lanes of on-street parking. Over time it is expected that the corridorwill strategically infill using building types that arerepresentative of the neighborhood. The proposed infillcontains a mix of neighborhood commercial uses, seniorhousing, and residential units. These are comprised of agradient of intensity and a mix of uses that is the greatestalong Bladen Street and more residential in character onadjacent blocks. BL AD EET EN STR TH NOR ST RE ET B AY S T R E E TPROPOSED MIXED-USE INFILL along BLADEN STREET78 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1
  78. 78. DUKE STREET BLADEN STREET PRINCE STREET KING STREET Midtown Residential Development Retail Infill/Expansion to Existing Building Retail Infill Retail Infill N O RT H S T R E ET Senior Housing Infill Development Re-orientation of North Street & B AY Extension of Waterfront Park STR EET N BLADEN STREET PLAN79 Sector 1 Civic Master Plan City of Beaufort, SC |
  79. 79. Chapter 3 | Mid-TermCHARLES STREET COMMERCIAL INFILLSimilar to Bladen Street, the CharlesStreet corridor runs north-south between PRINCE STREETBoundary Street and Bay Street and is amajor connection within the downtownpeninsula of Beaufort. The Sector 1Plan also incorporates strategic infillalong Charles Street. This includesneighborhood serving commercial corridoruses. The development of a civic node atthe intersection of Charles Street and King KING STREETStreet is anchored by a redeveloped postoffice site to the southeast, an extension ofthe Parish Church of St. Helena EducationCenter to the southwest, and the BaptistChurch of Beaufort to the northwestand northeast. Larger, mixed-use anchorbuildings are developed along Charles N O RT H S T R E ETStreet south of Craven as a transition tothe higher density of development on BayStreet. CHARLES STREET WEST STREET Baptist Church of Beaufort Expansion & Parking C R AV E N S T R E E T Baptist Church School Expansion Mixed Use Infill (Post Office, Commercial, Apartments/Condos) Single Family Infill Multi-family/Commercial Infill P O RT R E P U B L I C S T R E ET B AY N STR EET80 Civic Master Plan | Sector 1