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Question two


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Question two

  1. 1. QUESTION TWOHow does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. Whilst producing my final product, I had to think of how I wasrepresenting my target audience of teenagers, split 70/0 between female to male. “Representation refers to the construction in any medium of aspects of „reality‟ such aspeople, places, objects, events, cultural identities and other abstractconcepts.” In my magazine, I mostly represented people, however within my planning there are further links to objects and events. I have represented them through the use of images and props.
  3. 3. MISE-EN-SCENE I have used props when shooting my two models to further represent my target market. I have used a Union Jack whilst shooting my model [Tara Symonds]. This represents my target audience because it connotes the genre of music that theywould be interested in. The Union Jack has a lot of associations with my genre ofmusic, for example, the Union Jack dress which Geri Halliwell wore with the Spice Girls. It is also linked to the 1977 Silver Jubilee, when the British punk genre ofmusic first came about, the foundations of British music today. I also used a pair of Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses to represent my target audience because of the associations with the mysteriousness of wearing sunglasses to hide your eyes.
  4. 4. MISE-EN-SCENE I have shot my model [Tara] wearing an Oasis t-shirt, blue heels, and a coloured pair of shorts. I feel that this represents my target audience because it has connotations to Britpop, which is the genre of MALICE, and the type of music that teenagers would be interested in. I feel thatthis would attract my female consumers, however I decided to shoot Elliewearing a large leather jacket and studded shorts, I did this to attract male consumers within the genre of Britpop music.
  5. 5. MODEL POSITIONING I have shot both of my models [Tara & Ellie] in dynamic positions, this was torepresent the young and fun nature of my target audience. I wanted to represent my target audience as joyful, to achieve this I shot my model [Ellie] smiling to the camera and engaging with the reader. My model’s facial expression [Ellie] is positive, presenting my target audience as positive people. I feel that I have represented my models in different ways, Ellie seems to take her music moreseriously whereas Tara is represented as having more fun, this is from the way that her arms are up in the air, this signifies that she is carefree. I used both of mymodels because they fit my target age group, but are also very fitting to the fashion and style look of my magazine.
  6. 6. CLASS My magazine’s target market doesn’t have a particular socio-economic group attached to it, I decided to make my magazine accessible to anybody of the agegroup which ‘MALICE’ is targeted towards. I have represented this decision by the range of clothing and props that I have used whilst shooting my models. Forexample, I have used an inexpensive Union Jack flag, but I have also used a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, which might appeal to 3rd class consumers, and 1st classconsumers. I have also represented my decision to not attach a particular class to my magazine by pricing it at £2.99, this price makes it accessible to both low income consumers and high income consumers.
  7. 7. MAGAZINE GENRE The musical genre which I have centred my magazine around is representing my target audience of teenagers because it would attractthem to my magazine. I had to think how I would represent the age and gender of my target audience. The genre ‘Britpop’ is a subgenre ofalternative rock that originated in Britain, it was most popular in the early1990’s, influenced by rock bands from the 1960’s and 1970’s. I decided tocover this genre because I know that a lot of teenagers can relate and are interested in this genre in particular.
  8. 8. ARTICLESEverything which I have written is written in a way in which a teenager wouldbe able to relate to, for example, I have written about iconic artists such as The Beatles and used quotes from Oasis songs. By looking through fashion and other music magazines which share my target audience, I was able to understand how articles were written and how other magazines targeted teenagers.
  9. 9. COLOUR SCHEME I decided to use a colour scheme of red, white and navy blue, notonly because of it’s associations with my Britpop genre, but they are very bright colours. Bright colours would represent my target audience because my research shows that teenagers would be moreinclined to purchase magazines that include bright colours as they are more interesting to the eye.