Graphic Rampage 2011 - Finals


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The finals. Answers included.

Uses fonts from Blambot (

Background image from Demo v2 by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan.

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Graphic Rampage 2011 - Finals

  1. 1. The karnataka quiz association presentsGRAPHIC RAMPAGEThe 2011 editionQM: Satyajit chetri (
  2. 2. ADAPTATION Written round on adaptations of comics to other media. 6 questions. 2 per correct answer 2 bonus points if you get 3 or more.
  3. 3. 1 Which movie?
  4. 4. 2 Which graphic novel?
  5. 5. 3 TV series based on a comic book series. Which one?
  6. 6. 4 Recent adaptation of a literary work by french creator Joanne Sfar.
  7. 7. 5 The person in the foreground.
  8. 8. 6 Movie production art. ID movie and artist.
  9. 9. ANSWERS1. Jennifep’s body2. Tamara drewe3. The human target4. Antoine saint-du-exUrepy’s the little prince5. surya sen (ACK adaptation of the chittagong uprising)6. Jonah hex, Eduardo risso
  10. 10. CLOCKWISE 12 questions 2 points per correct answer. No negatives. Infinite bounce.
  11. 11. 1 ID this chain. Where would you see it?
  12. 12. 2 Founded in 1975 by university students Yoshihiro Yonezawa, Teruo Harada and Jun Aniwa, it is now held twice a year; the Summer version in August, and the Winter version in December. The current location is the Tokyo Big Sight center, and its popularity ensures that people have an average wait-time of 5 hours in line to get in, making the official websites issue a set of guidelines for first- timers to avoid waiting as much as possible. Name and the primary focus of this event.
  13. 13.  komiket (comic market) It’s a comic faip with a focus on doujinshi, or fan-made manga.
  14. 14. 3 Movie poster for Captain Blood, drawn by one of the renowned most artists of the time. Who? ( on sale currently for $69500)
  15. 15.  Alex Raymond.
  16. 16. 4 In the JLA Watchtower, Lex Luthor is telling the story of Brainiacs conquest of earth to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Luthor explains that he was able to steal the stolen energy from Brainiacs mother ship in the form of "exobytes", that can project the energy into a living host. Luthor has releaseD the exobytes into the atmosphere of present-day Earth, so that thousands of new metahumans will be created from ordinary humans. He implores the Justice League to find and train these new metahumans, because Brainiac is coming, and the Earth must be ready to succeed where Luthor has failed. What begins this way?
  17. 17. 5 A 1970’s Jack Kipby sepies based on?
  18. 18. 6 Original designs by X and the final design by Y for something. What?
  19. 19.  Todd klein, the letterer with the maximum number of eisner award wins ever. Alex ross, artist. Both designing the logo of america’s best comics
  20. 20. 7 Two of them were made, both directed by Barry Levinson, starring X and Patrick Warburton. The first was named A Uniform Used to Mean Something... and the second Hindsight is 20/20. What?
  21. 21.  The seinfeld/superman shorts.
  22. 22. 8 Identify the guy in the inset. Some funda will help .
  23. 23.  Jimmy olsen. This is from the unofficial crossover between superman and Asterix that creator Keith giffen shoehorned into an issue of dc comics presents in the 80s.
  24. 24. 9
  25. 25.  Typhoid Mary, based on Mary Mallon. The kingpin, based on actor sydney greenstreet. Elektra, based on the greek mythological character. Daredevil villains.
  26. 26. 10 What’s common to these two coveps? (exhaustive)
  27. 27.  Only two covers not drawn by regular cover artists james jean and joao Ruas. 82 was by interior artist mark buckingham, 11 was by illustrator aron wiesenfeld.
  28. 28. 11 One of the more obscure questions of this quiz. What was visually inspired by this movie poster?
  29. 29.  The visual design of the sandman covers, particularly #1.
  30. 30. 12 Plucked Fishing line strung between two posts, magnetic film being cinched tighter on a spindle, compressed air, shaving cream spurts, the swish of old woven fly fishing line were used to reproduce the distinctive word that first appeared in 1965. Which word?
  31. 31. THEME 1
  32. 32. 1 Introduced by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan as a supporting character in Marvel Comics The Tomb of Dracula #10 (July 1973), basing the characters features on "a composite of actors" including NFL football star-turned-actor Jim Brown. He made his first solo debut 20 years later in a 10-isssue series. In the meantime, he had appeared in team books such as Nightstalkers and Midnight Sons. Who?
  33. 33.  Blade
  34. 34. 2 The ____ is a male entity of both light and dark which represents both order and chaos. It is the offspring of the primal forces of the universe The Darkness and The Angelus and therefore acts as a balance between the two entities. Because of its semi-organic structure it is able to create a symbiote-like bond with a host. Among the wielders are Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Hua Mulan and Elizabeth Brontë, the current wielder being a NY detective of Italian origin.
  35. 35.  Witchblade
  36. 36. 3 Both are homages of a cover by Jim steranko. Which title?
  37. 37. 4 A loosely-grouped team with rotating members which operates out of Platinum Flats, CA, the official name of the team is never used (and not even mentioned until issue 86). The only male member to join the team was probably chosen for his name, rather than his credentials. Which team? Who is the male member?
  38. 38.  Birds of Prey hawk
  39. 39. 5 Manga version of which comic?
  40. 40.  Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  41. 41. 6 we became what we are. we are surrounded by them. were among them and when we finally give up we become , them. were living on borrowed time here. every minute of our life is a minute we steal from them. you think we hide behind walls to protect ourselves from them? dont you get it? we are ____!
  42. 42. THEME?
  43. 43.  Comicbook series adapted to tv.
  44. 44. WRITTEN ROUND 2 The MAD Cover Round  SixQuestions.  2 points per answer.  3 or more answers get a bonus of 2 points.
  45. 45. 0 Identify artist.
  46. 46. 1 What’s so unique about this cover?
  47. 47. 2
  48. 48. 3 Which movie is being spoofed here?
  49. 49. 4 Whose work is being parodied?
  50. 50. 5 What is being blanked out?
  51. 51. ANSWERS:
  52. 52.  Harvey kurtzman The only time Don martin drew Alfred E Neuman Rejected covers because of contemporary events Bonnie and clyde Norman Rockwell Yes, me worry.
  54. 54. 1 Connect.
  55. 55. 2
  56. 56.  The first time it was acknowledged that an artist other than bob kane drew batman.
  57. 57. 3 Story by Srividya natarajan ( of no onions nor garlic fame) and art in the gond tradition by the vyam brothers. Joe Sacco says, ‘By boldly using the Pardhan Gond tradition, X conveys why caste and Y matter in India today.’ What?
  58. 58. 4 From charles Bupns’ latest album X-ed out. Which two books are being referenced?
  59. 59. 5 The Hijack, The Impostor (sic), The Dacoit queen, the lost idol, The magic floor, Connect with the image.
  60. 60.  Titles of the amitabh bachchan series supremo. The image is from the filipino comic Supremo.
  61. 61. 6 Mohammad Nor Khalid has published more than 20 volumes of cartoons since he was 13 years old. His finest work, published 1979, is an autobiographical account telling of his adventures in the jungles and tin mines, family, and school life in a village. translated into multiple languages, IT even has had a sequel. The name for the work refers to a Malay hamlet with 10,000 inhabitants or less. Which work?
  62. 62. 7 in the second season erisode, “Batman’s Annivepsapy” of the 60’s batman TV sepies, the cliffhanger of the two-parter was that Batman and Robin were trapped in quicksand on top of a giant anniversary cake (a fiendish plot by the Riddler in the orening of the next erisode, “A Riddling Contpovepsy,” the announcep, as he was wont to do, set up the cliffhanger again and told the audience, “A ____ ___ ______ end awaits them unless something awfully good happens awfully fast.” A phrase that is used to refer to events of the 80s, ironically. What phrase?
  63. 63.  Grim AND Gritty
  64. 64. 8 What peculiar controversy does this illustrate?
  65. 65.  DC getting house artists to redraw surepman’s face because jack kipby’s style did not suit the ‘official’ look.
  66. 66. 9 What is this manga based on?
  67. 67. 10 Production designs for a movie. What?
  68. 68. 11 A: anti-hero character who was popular enough to feature in a film by mario bava. B. Feminine horror version in the same vein. C: more crime-oriented version. They form the K-series of Italian comics. ID all three.
  69. 69. 12 Strange tales #158, featuring Dr Strange. Art by Marie Severin. Where would you see this?
  70. 70. A MINI THEME OF SORTS No points for theme. 4 Questions, which have connected answers of sorts.
  71. 71. 13 This character, created in 1919, had a huge readership in 21 countries till its cancellation in 1947. Part of the reason why its in this quiz is because of a 1923 song inspired by him, which in turn inspired a word much in use today. Part 2: the characters horse was such a star during the 1920s that children who enjoyed the comics were liable to get ____ for a nickname. Among people who got this nickname was Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts. ID character and horse.
  72. 72.  Barney google and spark plug
  73. 73. 14 Superman: up up and away. Lone Ranger: __ __, ______, ____! What’s common to the two?
  74. 74.  Hi Yo, Silver, AWAY! Both originated on the radio show as a means to show that they were about to fly/ride.
  75. 75. 15 (unverified question) In a supvey done in the eaply 00’s, it was found that the default password most belgians used was rantanplan, after a character in one of the most beloved franco-belgian comics. Which comic?
  76. 76. 16 Y was the property of the Maharajah of Nimpore. When the Maharajahs daughter, Lakania, was kidnapped, X takes Y to go and rescue her. When they encountered a tiger, X was amazed at Ys bravery and intelligence, as he kept the tiger at bay, along with Z, Xs companion even though X and Z had never met before. After the rescue was accomplished, the Maharajah let X take Y, in gratitude. ID X,Y and Z.
  77. 77.  The connect was pets of comic characters.
  78. 78. THE LONG VISUAL CONNECT 20 questions. Points on the slide
  79. 79. 1 +5/-1
  80. 80. 2 +7/-1
  81. 81. 3 +8/-2
  82. 82. 4 +10/-4
  83. 83. 5 +12/-4
  84. 84. 6 +14/-5
  85. 85. 7 +13/-5
  86. 86. 8 +12/-5
  87. 87. 9 +11/-5
  88. 88. 10 +10/-5
  89. 89. 11 +9/-4
  90. 90. 12 +8/-4
  91. 91. 13 +7/-3
  92. 92. 14 +7/-2
  93. 93. 15 +6/-2
  94. 94. 16 +5/-2
  95. 95. 17 +5/-2
  96. 96. 18 +4/-2
  97. 97. 19 +3/-1
  98. 98. 20 +2/-1
  99. 99. THEME?
  100. 100. PROMETHEA COVERS This series by alan moore and JH Williams III Had nearly every cover in a different style, inspired by works of artists and illustrators.