Marco Polo


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Marco Polo

  1. 1. Meet Marco Polo Hello , I’m Rozalka. How are you? Hi , I’m Oliwia. We are going to travel back in time to visit Marco Polo. Let’s meet him now.
  2. 2. In Marco Polo's Home Hello , Olivia . Hello , Rozalka . Welcome to my home. Let me tell you about my life as a traveller and about the places I have explored. They are really inetersting.
  3. 3. Early Years Marco Polo’s father was a merchant. He grew up listening about his many adventures. Young Marco wanted to be like his father. He wanted to travel all over the world. Marco Polo was a good student. His favourite subjects were Maths and Trade. Are you good at Maths?
  4. 4. First Voyage Marco Polo made his first voyage when he was 17 . He went with his father and uncle . He traveled through many places. The journey was long and t o ugh but he did not give up. Marco Polo learned a lot about traveling in unknown lands . He wanted to reach new lands and meet new people.
  5. 5. The Silk Route Marco Polo travelled to China through the Silk Route . The Silk Route connects Europe with China . Marco Polo crossed many towns and big cities. He met many new people. He saw many new things. He saw new cultures, customs and religions . It took him more than three years to reach China. He was very excited exploring all those places.
  6. 6. Second Voyage Marco Polo served for 17 years in Kublai Khan’s court. In 1292 , he left for Italy for the last time. He sailed with 14 ships and 600 people. During the journey, he explored many lands. Among them they were Indonesia , Sri Lanka and India. He saw that every country was different from the other and their cultures differ as well. It took him more than two years to reach Italy.
  7. 7. In Venice When Marco Polo reached Ve n ice he looked like an Asian. He told Vanetians about the riches of the East. He showed them rubies , emeralds and diamonds. He told them about paper currency , postal system , and spaghetti. He told them how Europe is different from Asia. He told them about his adventures. They like his stories a lot. They were very eager to find out more and more.
  8. 8. The Million After his return Marco Polo joined the army. He was imprisoned while fighting a war . In prison he wrote about his travels and adventures in a kind of diary. He called his book ‘’The Million’’ . As a result, the book was translated into many languages. Many people wanted to have a copy of it. Every travaller wanted to have it as a kind of guide. Also Columbs carried a copy of the book during his voyage.
  9. 9. Conclusions We can say that Marco Polo was a great traveller. He traveled all over Asia. His voyages took him 24 years . How could the world hono u r him? Have you got any ideas? For many years many ships around the world have been named after him. Have you ever travelled on ship named after him?
  10. 10. Glossary Discovery – something that has been discovered In Polish – Odkrycie , wynalezienie In Portuguese – descoberta In Romanian– descoperire Voyage – A long journey by sea or in space In Polish – podróź In Portuguese – viagem In Romanian – calatorie Merchant – A person whose job is to buy and sell goods , usuallyof one particular type , in large amounts In Polish – kupiec , handlowiec In Portuguese – mercador, comerciante In Romanian – vanzator, comerciant Unkown – a person who is not well know . In Polish –nieznany In Portuguese – desconhecido In Romanian - necunoscut
  11. 11. The End Oliwia Koziak Rozalka Sokołowska Primary School No 5 Bielsk Podlaski , Poland