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[ Music Enrichment Workshop ] by Express In Music


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Published in: Education, Technology
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[ Music Enrichment Workshop ] by Express In Music

  2. 2. ABOUT US• Personalized song & Customized song templates. • Communicate your music education via teaching song templates. We deliver your teaching needs via enrichment workshops. • Quality music talents who compose original song templates to fulfill your educational needs.• The Power of a Brand by association • Support thousands of musicians internationally • A CSR opportunity to music talents composing specially for you• Support • SPRING Singapore • Major music institutes and professional music personalities
  3. 3. Music Enrichment WorkshopObjectives Introduction Proposed schedule School Holiday Enrichment WorkshopVision Students to develop life-ready (June and December Holidays) competencies likeDeliverables In Curriculum creativity, innovation, cross- (Lower Secondary Music lessons) cultural understanding andFlowchart resilience. After Curriculum Enrichment (after regular timetable)Analysis The Mechanics of the MusicApplication Enrichment WorkshopSubsidized RatesQ&A Approach Workshop outcome With iPad as one of the key As creative industries play a teaching tools, our workshop more significant role in an serves to develop students’ innovation-driven economy in innovative thinking and drive years to come, students will their passion for learning. develop life-ready competencies.
  4. 4. How this benefits youObjectives ObjectivesVisionDeliverables  By leveraging on new technologies, students explore creativity through the music, using unconventionalFlowchart methods.Analysis The workshop aids students in their analytical skills inApplication other subjects and creative thinking attributes.Subsidized RatesQ&A
  5. 5. Why you should be engagedObjectives VisionVisionDeliverables Students achieve valuable hands-on experience with commercial projects.FlowchartAnalysis Prepares students to attain competitive edge in an idea- driven global city of Singapore.ApplicationSubsidized RatesQ&A
  6. 6. Best practices deliveredObjectivesVision Workshop Deliverables (Achievements at the end of workshop)DeliverablesFlowchart  Gain new understanding of their untapped abilitiesAnalysis  Assist students to re-orientate and focus on their aspirations  Exposure to real-world business projectsApplication  Gain new perspectives  Gain critical analytical skillsSubsidized Rates  Platform for further personal developmentQ&A  High applicability of soft skills  Inculcate self-reflection  Certificate of achievement
  7. 7. Step-by-Step Guidance by Music CoachesObjectives • Workshop is led by a head coach. Her responsibility is Step 1: Head to deliver step-by-step guidance in a way that is easyVision coach delivers to follow and comprehend. the basicsDeliverablesFlowchart • Within each class, students will be grouped intoAnalysis clusters of 5-8 and exercise song composition usingApplication Step 2: iPad, iPhone and laptop on a rotating basis amongst Instructors to groups. assist in teachingSubsidized RatesQ&A • At the end of the entire 4 workshop segments, songs are created by the students. Students develop life- Step 3: Students develop life- ready competencies and discovery of their innate ready talents. competencies
  8. 8. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOP The enrichment workshop is to be delivered in 4 comprehensiveObjectives stages, in which each would require students to achieve milestones inVision their learning curve.DeliverablesFlowchart Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 • Familiarization • Acquire new • Applicability • AdvancedAnalysis with functions to current functions functions of (Part 2/5) commercial (Part 5/5)Application applications projects • Case Study • Assembly ofSubsidized Rates (Part 1/5) (Part 3/5) (Part 4/5) songs • Hand-on • Team • Q&AQ&A experience building, inter • Rehearsal with nal • Public creating collaboration Performance lyrics and and verses cohesiveness
  9. 9. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPObjectives The learning outcomes are set in 5 distinct stages, withVision each stages corresponding to the expected development of students. Some students who perform exceptionally wellDeliverables may be able to attain stage 5 at the end of the workshop.FlowchartAnalysisApplication STAGE TIMESubsidized Rates Stage 5Q&A Stage 4 Wk 6-7 Wk 8 Stage 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Stage 2 Wk 2 Wk 3 Stage 1 Wk 1
  10. 10. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPObjectives Using song template and iPad/iPhone application, a variety ofVision songs is created. The outcome includes development and enhancement in students’ creative thinking and visualizationDeliverables skills, which are important and applicable to their academic scope.FlowchartAnalysisApplication All these lines _________ All these lines across my faceSubsidized Rates Tell you the story of ________ Tell you the story of who I amQ&A So many stories of ________ So many stories of where I’ve been And how I got to where I am And how I got to where I am
  11. 11. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPObjectives Enrichment to English SyllabusVision As English is an important criteria in the streaming criteria after O-Level, this enrichment workshop serves to widen students’Deliverables vocabularies and interest in the English Language. Furthermore,Flowchart students will be guided to further develop their intrinsic creativity which is an invaluable attribute.AnalysisApplicationSubsidized RatesQ&A Innovative Thinking/ Written Essay/ Song Composition Reflective Thinking
  12. 12. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPObjectives Teaching toolsVision With a unique blend of technology and music, we incorporate music applications to bring across effective teaching andDeliverables knowledge empowerment.FlowchartAnalysis Click on the following apps as showcased in Youtube!ApplicationSubsidized Rates MixxMuse DJ HDQ&A BeatWave iSequence
  13. 13. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPObjectives Public performanceVision  To mark the finale, students will perform on-stage based on knowledge and skills acquired:Deliverables  Outcome:Flowchart  Improve stage presentability  Improve confidence and courageAnalysis  Overcome anxietyApplication  Improve memory skills  Improve social interaction and cooperationSubsidized Rates  Cultivate youth talentsQ&A Possible Venues: Concert @ Your School FAREAST PLAZA
  14. 14. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPObjectives Public performanceVisionDeliverablesFlowchartAnalysisApplicationSubsidized RatesQ&A
  15. 15. ANALYSIS OF THE ENRICHMENT WORKSHOPObjectives Grading & Targeted AchievementVision Distinction/ A Merit/ B Credit/ CDeliverablesFlowchartAnalysisApplication Top 10% Top 10 - 50% Next 50%Subsidized Rates of each class of each class of each classQ&A Grading Criteria Overall (100%) Attendance 20% Group Composition 30% Individual Assessment 40% Public Performance 10%
  16. 16. REAL TIME BUSINESS PROJECTS By embarking on current business projects, students appreciateObjectives the applicability of knowledge to real time business projects:Vision Category CorporateDeliverables Title Regional (Asia) Health and Lifestyle SpaFlowchart Brief overview Soothing and relaxing music that can calm the minds of customers.Analysis Can have ambience sound like waterfall, waves.Application Length of song 4 minutes to 6 minutes. Target Audience Ladies in their 20s to 40sSubsidized Rates Special Requirement Selected music piece must be exclusive to theQ&A spa chain Submission 14 day(s) Timeframe For Licensing Purpose Usage in outdoor promotional events, website background music, corporate video Commercial Project, retrieved 25th Apr 11 from
  17. 17. FUTURE APPLICATIONS Opportunities which allow your school and students to standObjectives out from the other schools for a good cause:VisionDeliverables Community Involvement CCA Involvement – Project (CIP) – Incorporation of iPadFlowchart Students express their affection song/music composition to for elderlies of old folks home in existing music CCA groups.Analysis the form of song compositions (e.g. Hybrid of students playingApplication (Press Release could be iPad music and choir students facilitated) singing)Subsidized Rates Differentiate fromQ&A Teaching excellence award – your competitor schools – Students includes their thoughts Make your next SYF a blast! in a song for submissions Impress the judges by using ‘live’ iPad music instead of (eg. National Day Awards, recorded music. Most Inspiring, Most caring awards) (eg. Chinese Drama, Choir etc.)
  18. 18. FINANCIAL COSTINGSObjectives Music Enrichment Workshop1Vision 1) 8 hours of workshop lessons 2) On-site professional music coachesDeliverables 3) Provision of music templates 4) Workshop materials (iPads , iPhones)Flowchart 5) Certificates and logbook of students’ progress 6) Grading of students’ performancesAnalysis 7) Record of students’ overall song productionApplication All inclusive: S$ 3,300 Subsequent classes: From S$ 2,100Subsidized Rates 1 Based on a class of 35 students Per student approx. rate: S$ 94 Per hourly approx. rate for each student S$ 11