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Technologies Used


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A Presentation of the varied technologies used for the planning, research and evaluation stages of our Trailer Project.

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Technologies Used

  1. 1. Communication and Marketing 1: Facebook: Social networks such as Facebook are useful for us as a group to plan when we are going to film, as well as share ideas or news. 2: Twitter: Twitter is an effective method of attaining audience feedback and sharing ideas. 3: Google+: Various sites such as YouTube and Blogger are owned by Google, and therefore this network is another alternative method of sharing views and attaining audience feedback. 4: Mobile Phones: As well as being used to take pictures for planning, mobile phones are effective for planning within our group for shooting dates and times.
  2. 2. Filming 1: Samsung ST700: This is our main camera for filming, and will be used for the majority of shots. It is a high quality compact camera the will allow us to record in high quality. 2: Gorilla Tripod: A Gorilla tripod is a small tripod that allows us to grip the camera to more difficult objects such as corners or walls or moving objects such as skateboards, that an ordinary tripod cannot perform. 3: Tripod: This allows us to capture stable and smooth shots of better quality. 4: iPhone 5: This can used during the planning stages for taking location shots, however will also be used for sound recordings and voiceovers.
  3. 3. Editing 1: Sony Vegas Pro 10: This software is effecting for the majority of editing, and is something I have a good level of understanding of. It will allow me to precisely edit and cut clips to create a finished product. It will also be used during the evaluation process. 2: Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is useful for the magazine cover and film poster, and allows complex editing such as filters or advanced text or photo effects. 3: Microsoft Paint: This can be used for more basic processes such as cutting images, if and when we are unable to access Photoshop.
  4. 4. Other Technologies 1: Blogger: Blogger is where I will collaborate all of my research, planning and progressions of my trailer, poster and magazine cover. 2: Wordle: Wordle is a form of presentation that means we can see the key parts or phrases of a large body of text. 3: Slideshare: This allows me to upload my PowerPoint's and have them appear as slideshows on the web. 4: Prezi: Prezi is a web based programs that allows me to create PowerPoint's in a more engaging way than Office, with interesting layouts and transition's.