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Estermann wd glam-intro_20181204


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Short Introduction to Wikidata for GLAM representatives.
Basel, 4 December 2018.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Estermann wd glam-intro_20181204

  1. 1. Wikidata + GLAM – A Short Introduction Beat Estermann, Basel, Swiss GLAM-Wiki Gathering, Basel, 4 December 2018 Bern University of Applied Sciences, E-Government Institute Johann Rudolf Feyerabend: Basler Totentanz (Ausschnitt), Public Domain. Unless otherwise noted, the content of these slides is provided under the CC BY 4.0 license.
  2. 2. Short Introduction to Wikidata • What is its purpose? • How does it work?
  3. 3. Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment.
  4. 4. Purpose of Wikidata • Centralized Interwiki-Links [Example: Bern] • Centralized Data Management for Infoboxes [Example: Ferdinand de Saussure] • Centralized Data Management for Lists [Example: Lista de pinturas de A. Norfini] • Possibility of Querying the Data in a Standardized Format [Example Queries / External Applications] « The Sum of All Human Knowledge» as Linked Open Data  Multilingual  With Sourced Statements  Freely usable by anyone (CC Zero)
  5. 5. Structure of Wikidata – RDF Triples Bern Switzerlandis the capital of Subject Predicate Object Switzerland capital Bern Predicate ObjectSubject Switzerland Subject is a Predicate Country Object instance class property instance instance property Switzerland Subject GDP Predicate 518 Mia. $ value property instance point in time 2015 value qualifier
  6. 6. Structure of Wikidata – Linked Data Subject Predicate Object Bern (Q70) is a (P31 - instance of) municipality of Switzerland (Q70208) Bern (Q70) is the capital of (P1376 - is the capital of) Switzerland (Q39) Berlin (Q64) is a (P31 - instance of) municipality of Germany (Q262166) Berlin (Q64) is the capital of (P1376 - is the capital of) Germany (Q183) Switzerland (Q39) is a (P31 - instance of) country (Q6256) Germany (Q183) is a (P31 - instance of) country (Q6256) municipality of Switzerland (Q70208) is a subclass of (P279 - subclass of) municipality (Q15284) municipality of Germany (Q262166) is a subclass of (P279 - subclass of) municipality (Q15284) Bern Switzerlandis the capital of Subject Predicate Object URI URI URI
  7. 7. The Same Data in Graph View Bern Berlin municipality of Switzerland municipality of Germany GermanySwitzerland country municipality P31 – instance ofP31 – instance of P31 – instance of P31 – instance of P1376 – is the capital ofP1376 – is the capital of P279 – subclass of P279 – subclass of
  8. 8. Structure of a Wikidata Entry Douglas Adams Jane Belsonspouse Subject Predicate Object start / end time 25 Nov. 1991 – 11 May 2001 Ref.
  9. 9. Wikidata + Heritage Data: A Short Introduction
  10. 10. • Establish Wikidata as a database that covers the entire world’s cultural heritage. • Establish Wikidata as a central hub that interlinks GLAM collections around the world; and provides links to bibliographic, genealogic, scientifc and other collections of information; create the ultimate authority file. • Foster truly multilingual and global collaboration among people from various backgrounds. • Leverage synergies between institutions, reduce duplicate work. • Encourage debate in the community by highlighting and interrogating differences in perspective. • Provide a single source of data for some of the most popular web sites and apps, including Wikipedia infoboxes and lists. Vision (Blog posts: Stinson et al. 2016; Thornton / Cochrane 2016; Poulter 2017)
  11. 11. Thematic Projects [Example]
  12. 12. Core Processes of Data Ingestion and Use Source of the graphic: eCH-0205 – Linked Open Data
  13. 13. Wikidata + Performing Arts
  14. 14. • Realize an international performing arts database on the basis of Wikidata • Provide a powerful finding aid for performing arts related content on Wikimedia Commons and elsewhere • Promote Wikidata-powered performing arts related information on various information platforms, including Wikipedia • Get heritage institutions to make their performing arts related data and content available through Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons & other inter-connected platforms. Vision: International Database for the Performing Arts Role Model Projects for Inspiration: • MusicBrainz (music recordings) • IMDb (movies) • IMSLP (music scores) • Operabase (opera)
  15. 15. Wikidata Item Statistics Source: Wikidata – WikiProject Performing Arts (3 December 2018) Pilot Ingest Schauspielhaus Jan 18 Wikipedia Import Operas / Roles / Arias June 18 ? ? Ingest Flanders Arts Institute Fall 18 ?
  16. 16. Current Challenges Source of the graphic: eCH-0205 – Linked Open Data Data scraping & cleansing Data Ingest (data mapping & matching) Data Modelling Issues ✔ ✔
  17. 17. Wikidata, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons • Complementary data (artists, works, etc.) • Potential for crowdsourcing / community- sourcing certain aspects of data maintenance • Application of the data model in an international context • Visibility, exposure of performing arts related information Swiss Performing Arts Platform • Plenty of performance data from Switzerland • Comprehensive data model for the performing arts domain • Plenty of know-how and source material in the area of the performing arts • Digital content (in the longer term, due to copyright issues) Areas for Cooperation • Mutual interlinking of data & content • Community building and outreach to further data providers • Establishing a widely accepted data modelling practice in the area of the performing arts • Organization of editathons and similar community events
  18. 18. Thank You for Your Attention! Contact Beat Estermann Bern University of Applied Sciences +41 31 848 34 38