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Making text spacial


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Published in: Education
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Making text spacial

  1. 1. COGNITION A concise ABC of Carl Jung perspective
  2. 2. How do I learn?
  3. 3. Carl Jung Mental processes PERCEPTION JUDGEMENT
  4. 4. Extraverted feeling Extraverted intuiting Extraverted thinking Extraverted sensing Introverted sensing Introverted intuiting Introverted thinking Introverted feeling Carl Jung 8 functions of cognitive processes
  5. 5. EXTRAVERSION INTROVERSION SENSING INTUITING THINKING FEELING 4 x 2 = 8 functions of cognitive processes
  6. 6. PERCEPTION Becoming aware of something How we gather and acces information
  7. 7. Organising Evaluating Coming to conclusions JUDGEMENT How we evaluate information
  8. 8. PERCEPTION Sensing Intuiting JUDGEMENT Thinking Feeling Based on objective criteria and principles Based on values Becoming aware of conceptual information Becoming aware of tangible information
  9. 9. Sensing Extraverted sensing Introverted sensing Experiencing immediate context Being drawn to act on the physical world Acumulating experiences Revieving past experiences Recalling stored impressions Acumulating data
  10. 10. Intuiting Extraverted intuiting Introverted intiuting Interpreting situations and relationships Being drawn to change Reading from the context Forseeing implications without extra data Envisioning transformations Getting an image of profound meaning
  11. 11. Thinking Extraverted thinking Introverted thinking Ordering , organising for efficiency Systemising, applying logic Deciding if something is working or not Analysing , categorising Figuring out the principles Clarifying definitions
  12. 12. Feeling Extraverted feeling Introverted feeling Conecting , considering others and the group Valuing , considering importance and worth Rewieving for incongruity Deciding if something is of significance Adjusting and accomodating others Deciding if something is acceptable to others
  13. 13. How do you perceive and judge the world?
  14. 14. What learning strategies should you employ to increase your understanding?
  15. 15. The presentation was an example of how you can utilize PowerPoint presentation to make a purely verbal text more spacial REFERENCE :