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Earth Day 2012


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Earth Day 2012

  1. 1. In an effort to help Mobilize theEarth to embrace sustainability,the Kurdistan RegionalGovernment planted five milliontrees across Iraq in honor ofEarth Day 2012 and A BillionActs of Green®. Photo: Kurdistan Prime Minister Dr. Barham Salih planting a tree on Earth Day 1 Billion People 192 Countries “We’re proud to be joining so many people all over the world who are taking action for Earth Day 2012. By planting these trees, we’re improving the environment of Kurdistan and the surrounding communities, but we also hope to set an example for the rest of Iraq, the region, and the world.” -Dr. Barham Salih, Prime Minister of Kurdistan
  2. 2. More than 10,000 peoplegathered in New Taipei City,including The First Lady of theRepublic of China, Mrs.Christine Chow Ma, to planttrees in honor of Earth Dayand help build a beautifulnatural park for the city.First Lady Mrs. Ma is seen planting a tree for Earth Day. 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  3. 3. Students and villagers rallied inthe Kanha National Park to callupon world leaders to protectthe Earth. Participants plantedtrees, picked up trash, and gaveaway free energy efficient solarlamps to villagers. Photos (Top to Bottom): Villagers and students participate in the Rally; A village member is given a solar lamp 1 Billion People 192 Countries “Save Earth! Save Life! One Earth! One Chance!” -Students at the forest rally
  4. 4. Fayetteville held “40 Days and 40Nights” of events in honor of EarthDay. From April 5th to May 14th, 40Days and 40 Nights featured over100 events, engaging residentsand local businesses throughoutthe community. The eventsinclude d tree plantings, bikerides, and clean ups.Photo: Mayor Lioneld Jordan kicks off EarthMonth with a proclamation reading in front of city hall 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  5. 5. On April 22nd, hundreds ofskateboarders in São Paulo, Braziltook to the streets to promotelongboarding as an eco-friendlymethod of transportation. The eventorganizers are part of Greenskate, aninternational network ofenvironmentally-consciousskateboarders. Photo: Longboarders assemble on the streets of São Paulo 1 Billion People 192 Countries “São Paulo is one of the most troubled cities in the world when it comes to transportation and environment. With such a big skateboarding scene in Brazil, longboarding is an almost obvious alternative to avoid the traffic jams and reduce the pollution. Greenskate, La Muerte, Pacas & Longboarders Crews with Moviement Productions helped usfortify this alternative. The event gathered more than 500 riders taking over some of the most important avenues of the city.” – A Greenskate Participant
  6. 6. In Oman, The Ministry of Educationcalled all 7,000+ schools throughoutthe Sultanate to encourage students totake part in environmental actions onEarth Day 2012. Some schools utilizedEarth Day Network’s lesson plans whileothers participated in a country widespeech dedicated to teaching studentson how to live green. Photos (Top to Bottom): Students prepareto hear an environmental speech; studentsand teachers get ready to plant trees in the playground 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  7. 7. More than 30,000 people attendedthe 23rd Annual St. Louis Earth DayFestival on April 22nd. The theme was"Heroes for the Planet: OrdinaryPeople, Extraordinary Acts."Activities included an “All SpeciesParade” kicked off by Mayor FrancisG. Slay, a recycling extravaganza, anda Green Jobs exhibit. Photo: volunteers educate an event participant about recycling 1 Billion People 192 Countries “I encourage all citizens to take this opportunity to learn about respect and celebrate our connection to life on Earth and to take measures to give back on Earth Day and every day. ” -St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay
  8. 8. Together with other NGOs, LittleEarth held a cleanup event onplaygrounds, followed by ecologicalcontests with games andpresentations about Earth Day. Onthat day, the organization alsoopened the first bicycle lane inDushanbe. Little Earth helped spreadawareness about Earth Day bysending information to mass medianetworks.Photo: Participants in the Earth Day activity get together for an celebratory picture. 1 Billion People 192 Countries "Remember, we’ve only got one Little Earth! Even if everyday is Earth Day for some people, it is only on the 22nd of April that we come together and realize how big our movement has become." -Timur Idrisov, co-founder of Little Earth
  9. 9. In Jamaica, over 100 students joinedEarth Day 2012 to Mobilize theEarth™ through fun-filledenvironmental events and games,hosted by the Jamaica EnvironmentTrust (JET). Students learned theimportance of conservation andworked to incorporate green actionsinto their daily lives.Photo: JET participant displays a mask thathe made in honor of local wildlife. 1 Billion People 192 Countries “It was a sunny morning at Earth House, perfect weather for a celebration. Earth Day 2012 marked the completion of the second phase of the Building Appreciation for Nature in Children at Risk (BANCAR) project. The project ended with a fun filled day for participants. Nearly 100 8 - 14 year olds from RISE Kidz Clubs in communities of Majestic Gardens, Tower Hill and Drewsland came out to celebrate in Kingston.” – A JET Member
  10. 10. On April 22nd, Cleveland hostedEarthFest 2012, an environmentaleducation event which featuredspeakers, exhibits on cleantransportation and green homeimprovements.The Theme for Ohio’s EarthFest was‘Local and Sustainable Food’, whichhighlighted Mayor Jackson’s 10-yearSustainable Cleveland Initiative. Photo: EarthFest 2012 in Cleveland 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  11. 11. In Tunisia, Earth Day Network partner, TunisianEducation and Resource Network (TEARN) tookadvantage of Earth Day Network’s Educator’sNetwork and utilized some of theenvironmental lessons plans to organizedenvironmental events in different schools inTunis City on April 22nd. These activities hadstudents taking part in many differentenvironmental programs including: treeplantings, recycling drives and the clean-up ofa local park. Student’s were also taughtenvironmental songs and played sustainabilitygames to learn how to Mobilize the Earth™.Photos (Top to Bottom): A student works to create a sculpture out of her recentlyrecycled bottle; students help plant trees at a local park 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  12. 12. Waterfall Survivors, the largestwaterfall group in Malaysia,mobilized individuals for their 4thEarth Day Save Our WaterfallsCampaign on 22nd April 2012 atTempler’s Park Rawang, Selangorwith the supports from SelangorState Government, Local MunicipalDepartment, Corporations,Universities and Colleges. Photo: Waterfall Survivors participantspose for a group photo before the clean-up 1 Billion People 192 Countries “On April 22nd, approximately 500 participants traveled to Templer’s Park in Selangor, Malaysia with the goal of removing all waste and litter from the magnificent waterfalls in the park. The event featured activities and discussions to educate participants about the environmental threats facing Malaysia’s waterfalls.” – A Waterfall Survivors Participant
  13. 13. For Columbus’ bicentennial year,Green Columbus planned its bestEarth Day event yet, with morevolunteer opportunities and the firstever downtown Columbuscelebration. Mayor Michael Colemankicked off the event welcoming theresidents of Columbus to the festival,and talked about the city’s greeninitiatives.Photo: team of volunteers who cleaned up their local neighborhood 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  14. 14. Earth Day Network partnerCommunity Centred Conservation(C3) participated in Earth Day 2012by hosting clean-ups andreforestation activities in Palau, thePhilippines, and Fiji.Photo: C3 participants clean up a beach in the Philippines 1 Billion People 192 Countries “The 22nd April 2012 was a day marked globally for its environmental significance, as over one billion people in 192 countries took part to help protect their environment to commemorate the 42nd Earth Day. However, for Community Centred Conservation, the day carried extra significance as it also marked the organization’s 10 year Anniversary. C3 staff and local communities in four countries were among the individuals, schools, communities and companies across the world that were helping Earth Day Network achieve A Billion Acts of Green®.” – A CCC Participant
  15. 15. For Earth Day 2012, more than 200college students pushed two-wheelers backwards in an effort tospread awareness on the risingcarbon emission levels in Bangaloreand encouraged the public to usesustainable modes of transport likewalking, and cycling. Photos (Top to Bottom): Students march through the streets with their bikes; Students create a “human bicycle” to promote carbon free modes of transport. 1 Billion People 192 Countries “Bangalore is a city with the highest number of two wheelers in the country. I often think why I should use a vehicle to commute 5 km? What is the purpose of public transport then? This is one way to tell everyone that we must stop polluting the environment.” - Raksha Jayaraj, Earth Day Participant
  16. 16. In Libya, Earth Day Network workedwith two partner organizations to plangreen activities on April 22nd. Clean UpTripoli, the environmental NGO basedwithin the capital city, mobilizedindividuals to come out for a cleaningactivity in Jinan Al-Noor public park.Flame of the Capital, an environmental-awareness NGO, organized a treeplanting in Tripoli on April 22nd toMobilize the Earth™.Photos (Top to Bottom): Some young boys are ready to clean on Earth Day 2012;Event participants show their support for EDN as they clean a local park 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  17. 17. Manhattan Borough President ScottM. Stringer joined high schoolstudents from Global Kids, ChildrensAide Society, and Young WomensLeadership School in East Harlem fora town hall on Sustainability and theFuture of New York City in honor ofEarth Day. Photo: Manhattan Borough PresidentStringer speaking to high schools students 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  18. 18. In Costa Rica, Earth Day Networkpartner ARA Project organized acommunity tree planting for EarthDay 2012. Photo: Local family plants a mountain almond tree 1 Billion People 192 Countries “Our reforestation event on Earth Day was a fantastic success! We planted 100 mountain almonds trees and had 35 volunteers helping!” – ARA Project Participant
  19. 19. DeSoto County planned the secondEarth Day event on April 21st. Localleaders also participated in the eventsuch as Mayors Nat Baker, GregDavis, Chip Johnson and Sam Rikardin addition to the DeSoto CountyBoard of Supervisors. The eventfocused on sustainable living, energyefficiency, and natural resourcesconservationPhoto: kids learning about water collection at an interactive exhibit 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  20. 20. The “Green Transformation” activity for Earth Daywas held in Beijing by Champion of the WaterAlliance, with a sister event held three days beforein New York City. In Beijing, the sculpture of “Sky-patching-Goddess Nuwa” was cut into severalpieces and built by Mr. Yuan Xikun, primary schoolstudents and the players of the HarlemGlobetrotters in Chaoyang Park. Mr Yuan Xikun andthe players of the Harlem Globetrotters theninsisted on the idea of washing a car with onebucket of water, an initiative set forth by Championof the Water Alliance. The morning ended with thecreation of an Earth Day-themed painting by 42students representing the 42nd anniversary ofEarth Day, Mr. Xikun and Harlem Globetrottersplayers. Photo: Harlem Globetrotters players andschoolchildren pose to capture the moment for Earth Day. 1 Billion People 192 Countries “I always believe that our planet is not inherited from our ancestors, but borrow from our future generations. And,all religion and arts are derived and generated from nature. Earth Day is a great opportunity to eulogize the harmony of both natural and human landscapes.” -Yuan Xikun, UNEP Patron for Art and Environment, founder of ‘Champion of Water Alliance’ and Standing Member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
  21. 21. In South Africa, students from SivilePrimary School in Khayelitsha andXolani Primary School in Gugulethuwere eager to do their part on EarthDay 2012. In coordination with thePenninsula Beverage Company(PenBev) the youngsters worked topick up waste on StrandfonteinBeach in Cape Town on April 22nd.Photos (Left to Right): Students help clean up waste that collected near a sea drain;two young boys pose for the camera while recycling some plastic bottles 1 Billion People 192 Countries “We are very happy to be collaborating with the City of Cape Town and teaching the learners about the importance of looking after the earth. It is important that the youth play a role in keeping our environment clean and by participating in initiatives such as Earth Day, they are doing just that,” -Stuart McLeod, Managing Director of PenBev.
  22. 22. In honor of Earth Day, hosted an Earth DayBolivia 2012 photography contest,intended to highlight wildlife,biodiversity and natural areas thatparticipants would like to seeconserved for the future. Photos: Prize-Winning Photos from the contest 1 Billion People 192 Countries “I chose the photo of the jaguar (or tigre, as we call it in Bolivia) because it is an animal that is in serious danger of becoming extinct, that is continually hunted, and whose habitat is being reduced. The photo shows this animal in great detail, with very good composition and vibrant colors, and the jaguar looks attentive. It should be energetically protected.” – Willy Kenny, Nature Photographer and Contest Judge
  23. 23. In Bellevue, about 400 peopleattended the Earth Day event. Morethan 50 runners and walkersparticipated in the Earth Day 5k race.Green demonstrations andinformational sessions went on allday while the recycling truck wasfilled with discarded electronics fromattendees. Photo (Top to Bottom): recycle relay race; starting area for the 5k race 1 Billion People 192 Countries “It is imperative for municipal government to recognize, acknowledge and participate as an example to the community and its residents in leading environmental-friendly practices.” -Bellevue Mayor Rita Sanders
  24. 24. In coordination with Earth DayNetwork India partner Animal CareNow, women of a tribal village inAndhra Pradesh, replace theirincandescent light bulbs with CFLbulbs and pledge to go green toMobilize the Earth™. Photo: Villagers hold up their new CFL Bulbs on Earth Day 2012 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  25. 25. In Bulgaria, two Earth Day events were organized atthe American College of Sofia.The first consisted in a 30-minute lesson thatexplained the purpose of Earth Day, at the end ofwhich students prepared posters with pledges thatreflected their personal involvement in thecampaign. The posters were put up in the hallwaysof the building where 8th graders study to remindthem of their commitment to the eco cause.In the second, ACS 8th graders embraced the ideaof planting their own garden on the collegecampus. With the proceeds from a bake sale,students bought 100 plants for the garden. OnApril 20, 15 volunteers planted the flowers. Photo: 8th graders stand proudly by their flower patch. 1 Billion People 192 Countries Some pledges made by 8th graders: “I pledge I will only drive to school three days a week.” “I pledge to make the air cleaner by planting a tree behind my house.” “I pledge to have a shower instead of a bath.” “I pledge to recycle my old notebooks.” “I pledge never to throw rubbish on the ground.” “I pledge to use less energy by using more solar batteries.”
  26. 26. In Mauritius, on Earth Day 2012,Deputy Prime Minister Xavier LucDuval, Minister of Tourism MichaelSik Yuen, and Minsiter of HealthLormus Bundhoo all decided to biketo work to promote sustainabilityacross Mauritius. They encouragedall Mauritians to bike to work whenthey can. Photo: Minister of Tourism Michael Sik Yuen, and coworkers bike to work 1 Billion People 192 Countries “The bicycle emits no air pollution and noise. Mauritius will come out as a winner if we all bike more.” Deputy Prime Minister Xavier Luc Duval
  27. 27. In Romania, Earth Day organizers planned several suchevents to mobilize communities to save the environment.Some of these events include:•Cleanup campaigns;•Tree plantings;•Art exhibitions built on environmental themes;•Environmentally friendly transportation demonstrations;•Seminars and conferences discussing the environment;•Competitions between schools;•Interactive games.In some cities, Earth Day has become “Earth Week” or“Earth Month” to show that one day is not enough toprotect the environment. Regardless of its length, eachinitiative is commendable in that it spreads environmentalawareness.Photo: Students from the school club “RaduCernatescu” plant lime and oak trees in their school campus. 1 Billion People 192 Countries “Regardless of its length, each Earth Day initiative is commendable in that it spreads environmental awareness.” -Earth Day organizer
  28. 28. Plant a Tree Today Foundation held a FamilyPlanting Day on the 22nd of April 2012 tocelebrate Earth Day 2012. Families left Bangkokearly in the morning to visit Khao Yai, a nationalpark, where they learned to plant seeds and toprick out saps. Lessons on different plantingtechniques and forest evolution were also given.Families also had an opportunity to plant trees,which were included in A Billion Acts of Green®.The event was designed to raise awareness aboutclimate change and other environmental problemswhile helping children learn about different treeplanting techniques, forest evolution, and thedifference between reforestation and forestrestoration. Photo: Children plant trees at Khao Yai. 1 Billion People 192 Countries "Not only is it beneficial for the planet to plant trees but its also important for children to understand the benefits that reforesting our planet brings and what better way than to get the whole family out there to help us "save the planet one tree at a time!“ -Andrew Steel, founder of Plant a Tree Foundation
  29. 29. On January 20th, the City of Bakerhad a tree planting ceremony infront of the Baker Municipal Centerwith Mayor Harold M. Rideau. Threeother trees will be planted in BakerCity Park and a dozen trees donatedby the Louisiana Urban ForestryCouncil will be planted in MemorialPark along Louisiana Hwy 19. Photo: Tree planting with Mayor Rideau 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  30. 30. In Bilspaur, Earth Day Network Indiapartner Nature Bodies organized EarthDay events in a school. Students firstlistened to lectures on the importanceof Earth Day. Then they each filled outenvironmental pledges to be includedin the “Tree of Life”. Then they allpainted their hands green and made acollage signifying their unity for a saferand healthier planet. Photos (Top to Bottom): Students show their support for Earth Day; A young girl writes down her environmental pledge; students showcase their green hands for the environment. 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  31. 31. The Grand Bahama Branch of theBahamas National Trust hosted anEarth Day event that included freshmarket vendors providing fresh fruitsand vegetables, exotic plants andtasty cakes. They also worked toorganize a MOBILIZE THE EARTH™Art Exhibition, with artists on handto discuss their art and present awood carving demonstration.Photo: Wood Carver guides Art Exhibition participant 1 Billion People 192 Countries “In the exhibition there are abstract works made of materials derived directly from the earth representing the beauty of nature, marred by the human need for fossil fuel consumption, African masks carved from a cut tree discarded and left for someone else to remove, a 10 pound world globe made from the daily newspapers, a coconut shaft collection, Marilyn Monroe, oil on canvas and many artistic renderings depicting the landscape, flora and fauna of our Earth.” – Bahamas National Trust Participant
  32. 32. The Parks and Recreation as well asthe Environment SustainabilityDepartments of the City of Malibuorganized an Earth Day event onApril 22nd, 2012, which had over 300attendees. There were opportunitiesto learn about composting andSmart Gardening, Energy Upgraderebates, water conservation, StateParks, and City EnvironmentalPrograms. Photo: Children enjoy locally grown strawberries at Malibu Country Mart 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  33. 33. For Earth Day 2012 over 10,000schools across Iraq planned EarthDay events to Mobilize the Earth™.The Al-Nasiriyah High School for Girlsin the southern region of Iraq hosteda number of activities whichincluded: a presentation on theimportance of protecting theenvironment, a tree planting and adrawing exhibition. Photo (Top to Bottom): A young Iraqi girl works to plant a tree; a student draws an environmental painting; a teacher lectures students on the importance of conservation. 1 Billion People 192 Countries “This is the second year we organized Earth Day activities and we are committed to do so every year” -Al-Nasiriyah School Principle
  34. 34. The Arthur M. Glick JewishCommunity Center’s inaugural EarthDay Celebration in Indianapolis hadmore than 30 community partnersentertain 1,500 visitors featuringvarious exhibits such as crafts,electric vehicles, studies of pondwater, and building birdhouses fromrecycled materials.Photo: Tree planting at the inaugural Earth Day celebration 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  35. 35. Sustainable communities and ecovillages around theglobe joined together on Earth Day this year. Theyinvited their neighbors and the broader public to anOpen Ecovillage Day in their communities to see, tasteand experience aspects of resilience first hand. Withcommunities participating in Spain, the UK, India,Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, SouthAfrica and many more it was a beautiful and diversesymbol - an expression of our hope for a collectivechange towards a more sustainable future in thisworld. Activities ranged from presentations, fireceremonies, open spaces to prayers, shared meals,tree planting, music and guided tours. One of thehighlights was a mutual time of silence all around theglobe, where many ecovillages and communitiesgathered to unite in their shared vision for 45 minutes. Photo: The beautiful landscape in Sieben Linden, Germany. 1 Billion People 192 Countries “We had a beautiful time celebrating Ecovillage Day 2012 yesterday in Sieben Linden, Germany. At 2pm we gathered outside for 45 minutes of silent meditation at our biotope, a very powerful and energetic place. About 10 people came to enjoy the mild temperatures with mainly sunny weather and just when we finished a few drops of rain fell from the sky - "mother earth is touched", one woman concluded.“ - Earth Day organizer
  36. 36. Earth Day 2012Building off of the success of Consulate Guangzhou’sefforts last year, officers from ESTH, Public Affairs,and the Green Team worked together to put on theconsulate’s most ambitious set Earth Day eventsever. As part of a month of activities focused on theenvironment (22 in total), the U.S. ConsulateGuangzhou once again facilitated the No ImpactExperiment in Guangzhou, China April 14-22. Thisexperiment included a week of activities designed toeducate and inspire individuals to take actions toprotect the earth. Each day focused on anenvironmental theme and provided participants withthe opportunity to learn something new and make acommitment to change their personal behavior. Photo: On April 22nd, the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou held an eco-pledge signing ceremony where all contributions were added to A Billion Acts of Green®. 1 Billion People 192 Countries Popular online pledges: “I will eat meat at most three days a week.” “I will limit my showers to five minutes.” “I will recycle all plastic bottles I use.” “I will join and environmental organization.” “I will plant a tree.” “I will build a compost bin.” “I will ride my bike to work every day.”
  37. 37. The National Aquarium in Baltimorehad their “Party for the Planet” onApril 22nd, 2012. There were crafts,an eco-fair, and free bike tune-ups.Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake,National Aquarium CEO JohnRacancelli and NWF Board ChairSteve Allinger participated in a treeplanting at the National Aquarium’sWaterfront Park to celebrate theirnew partnership with the NWF.Photo: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at the National Aquarium in Baltimore 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  38. 38. Naples joined in Mobilize the Earth™ on Earth Day2012 through a special Earth Day Concert. Earth DayNetwork partner Earth Day Italy organized the event– which featured musical performances and fashionshows – to draw attention to environmentalproblems in Italy and around the world, raise moneyto support ecological preservation initiatives, andpromote a green lifestyle. The show hosted 6.000people and was broadcasted through the n 1 italianwebsite, The main artist wasRezzophonic, a group of Italian artists includingJovanotti, Negramaro, Caparezza, Morgan and manyothers. The international guest was Anggun, who wasalso there as ambassador of the FAO. Photo: Rezzophonic rocking the Earth Day Italy concert. 1 Billion People 192 Countries “Since its inception, the Italian Earth Day has worked to host our event in order to raise public awareness on critical environmental problems on Earth. Through music and fashion, Earth Day Italia brings people together who are working to form a more sustainable Italy and a more sustainable planet. The Giornata della Terra or Earth Day is an event that will stay in the minds of Italians for years to come.” – Claudio Sestili, President
  39. 39. World WideEarth Day Network partner GrupoEcologico Sierra Gorda mobilizedhundreds of children in 40 schoolsthrough its Earth Festivals. Photo: School children display artwork created at an Earth Festival 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  40. 40. The nuances of waste took centerstage at an Earth Day celebration onApril 21st, 2012, where attendeeswere schooled on the differencesbetween trash and recyclable goodsand also encouraged to startcompost piles. Mayor JessTalamantes and State Assemblymember Mike Gatto both attended. Photo: Earth Day celebration in Burbank 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  41. 41. The 5th annual Wolf Creek NationalFish Hatchery Earth Day was asuccess, with over 280 peopleattending on April 21th, 2012. Therewere educational activities includingfishing at the creek, wetlandsexploration, guided nature hikes, liveanimals and exhibitors. Prior to EarthDay an Environmental EducationProclamation was passed by CountyJudge Executive Gary D. Robertson. Photo: Live animals presented to children 1 Billion People 192 Countries
  42. 42. In celebration of Miami-Dade GreenWeek and Earth Day, Miami-DadeCounty Mayor Carlos A. Gimenezand County Commissioner RebecaSosa officially launched the Miami-Dade Green Business Certificationand Commercial Rebate programs onApril 20th , 2012 at La LoggiaRistorante. Photo: Mayor Gimenez celebrating the launching of the Miami-Dade Green Business Certification 1 Billion People 192 Countries “With the Green Business Certification Program, we are doing our part to protect the environment, and we’re also helping stimulate our local economy, I’m proud that our County government is helping local businesses operate more efficiently. ” -Miami-Dade Carlos A. Gimenez