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  1. 1. EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE 18 From the perspectives images, it can be noted that its was used a contemporary language with straight lines and curves following the sinuosity of the sea and the nature around. The goal was to invoke the idea of dynamism and modernity, breaking the concept that a home for the elderly should have heavy and ancient EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE architecture. 17 Some elements were used to transmit the image of modernity, such as the use APARTMENTS PLAN of tiles shingle, the green roof, the extensive use of the white color, horizontal louvers16 that involves the entire central axis, the concrete structures with convex form covered with wood, among others. The project aims to renew the character of buildings designed for the elderly, with a light atmosphere, where the elderly feel happy being there, participating of the urban life in a pleasant environment and in contact with nature. EXTERNAL 19 PERSPECTIVE EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE20 EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE 21 Detail for the raised beds 22 EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVE Prancha: UNISUL - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina APART HOTEL FOR OLDER PEOPLE Topic: Perspectives Curso de Arquitetura e Urbanismo 08/08 Semestre: Student: Beatriz Pons 2010 - B