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Product Sheet - BeAnywhere InSight


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BeAnywhere inSight represents a new generation of Remote Management and Monitoring solutions.

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Product Sheet - BeAnywhere InSight

  1. 1. BeAnywhere inSight represents a new generation of Remote Management and Monitoring solutions. Designed not only for MSP and IT providers, inSight is also meant for IT departments responsible for managing all kinds of corporate networks. Enjoy complete visibility and a thorough control of multiple types of devices and technologies, including mobile infrastructures and Bring Your Own Device scenarios. Built from the ground-up as a scalable, vendor agnostic solution, and incorporating one of the most advanced exclusive KVM protocols of the industry, BeAnywhere inSight’s simple yet powerful HTML5 web console was designed with a WYSIWYG approach in mind – accessible to both seasoned users and newbies alike. BeAnywhere inSight also supports white label and advanced brand customization out of the box, increasing your business visibility and adaptability to more demanding projects. inSight Product Overview The Network is yours. Own it!
  2. 2. Your network as you wish Organize your devices as you please: segment your network in groups or unleash the Dynamic Filters power, combining devices in real-time through their settings, specifications or particular features! Use one of the two methods or combine both for absolute granularity. Quickly find what you are looking for by taking advantage of the Search feature with support for advanced syntax. An intuitive interface that fits your needs BeAnywhere inSight’s interface has been designed with two objectives in mind: intuitiveness and coherence. A familiar system of panes, tabs and wizards ensures you are up to speed in a matter of minutes with a clear presentation of all the information. The different areas throughout the solution work the same way — little interaction is necessary for default options — and the same action can always be performed in a diverse number of ways. The interface can also be customized for each user; it’s even possible to assign specific branding settings to different departments under the same account. Granular tech management Organize your technicians in departments with different branding and remote access permissions; set individual settings for each user (different time zones, shortcuts, information sources and navigation options). Bring your brand to your clients Every element — from the web-based Administration Console to the inSight Agent installed on the machines — can be completely customized. All the notifications and reports will exhibit the image and the text you decide. The Windows Agent can be renamed, its icons replaced, and your logo shown at all times. All the customizations can be globally applied or contained to a certain set of elements so you can use different brandings for separate projects within your account! BeAnywhere inSight is committed to supporting different technologies and a broad range of vendors. With a web-based administration console built on open standards, we are continuously developing new agents to support more technologies and systems, allowing you to evolve your infrastructure the way you want—the way that makes sense to your needs. We are there to support you and provide you with different solutions. Organize 1. BeAnywhere inSight supports a vendor-agnostic, open ecossistem. inSight A SOLUTION THAT FITS YOU ORGANIZE REPORT MANAGE WIN BACK THE CONTROL OF YOUR NETWORK IN THREE SIMPLE STEPS: OUR ADVANTAGES
  3. 3. Start being productive within minutes and know your status in the solution in the first hour. BeAnywhere inSight aims to be logic, redundant, and tries to always prepare the best settings by default. But it can be also very powerful. inSight provides you full control without ever being daunting, regardless if you are managing just a couple of devices or a way bigger network. You decide how to run your network. We just make it happen! SCALABLE. SIMPLE. POWERFUL 2 Unified device deployment and centralized management Add one or multiple devices with a couple of clicks and seamlessly discover new devices through inSight Agents already in the network. Manage, control and catalog all types of devices in your network: servers, workstations, laptops, smartphones and tablets, network appliances and printers. Automatically deploy pre-defined sets of policies on added devices. Leading remote access technology While most solutions rely on dated third-party protocols with little resilience and passable performance, BeAnywhere’s proprietary, exclusive remote technology is at inSight’s core. Combining sophisticated features and the fastest remote desktop performance of the industry for both LAN and Internet scenarios, BeAnywhere inSight guarantees you’ll always have the best support and management options: user chat, TCP port forwarding, support of multiple Terminal Services sessions, blocking of the remote input and blanking of the remote screen, remote command prompt (CMD or Powershell), file transfer with advanced queuing, in-depth system information. Connections will work, always, regardless of network topologies and security configurations. Flexible automation Adopt an efficient workflow and unleash the power of crucial tasks automation. Combine multiple objects of the same type, all seamlessly applied at once, whether permanently, one time only or with a very granular level of recurrence. Use different languages for running scripts according to device capability. Apply Deployment Policies to Dynamic Filters, to groups or to individual devices. Vulnerability and patch management Quickly assess the OS and application vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows devices; apply security patches directly from the BeAnywhere inSight interface. Deploy and enforce Windows Updates settings without GPO or any other prerequisite. Predictive maintenance with advanced monitoring iImplement automatic remediation and monitor performance data (CPU, memory, drive space) as well as processes, services, Windows events, file and folder size, contents and attributes. Choose how to be alerted, create tickets on alerts and run Deployment Policies as a response when the thresholds are met. Get notifications of network outages almost in real time — thanks to the offline detection — and immediately start automatic remediation procedures on the local devices. Also, offline devices keep logging monitoring alerts and applying responses even if no connection is available. Integrating ticketing module with billing reports Enjoy a complete ticketing module with comprehensive features like billing reports, automatic ticket creation by Deployment Policies or Alerts, and automatic ticket forwarding based on rules (origin, devices related, schedule, severity, etc.). Define internal and external hourly pricings for different tasks within each ticket and use the data to charge your customers or to assess the costs of each incident. End-users can create tickets directly from the inSight Agents and be notified of every step towards its resolution. Share tickets among technicians with ease and create reminders for next actions and pending incidents. Control energy costs Control the power settings of your devices with just a few clicks and enforce the changes to ensure they are not tampered with. Create restart and shutdown daily schedules and use Deployment Policies to easily wake devices from the LAN. Create energy profiles and view costs based on online status. inSight Manage 2. An intuitive interface simplifies managing networks of any size.
  4. 4. Flexible reporting Build customized reports in PDF format with your global branding, or different brandings according to your departments. Create report templates where only the information you really need is included and apply them granularly to Devices or Groups, or to Dynamic Filters. Publish the reports recurrently, either regularly sending them to a Contact List or simply storing them on a repository. Edit currently report publications at any time and consult the history records of all the publications made. Sophisticated contact lists with message validation Build contact lists supporting blackout periods for individual contacts message reception validation (with a customizable threshold), ensuring that important communications will always be received. Device tracking and data deletion Mark a Windows or Android device for tracking, and obtain its location in case of loss. Present a persistent message on the device and lock the operating system, or delete sensitive information. Obtain screenshots and webcam pictures in regular intervals, as well as IP network information and geographical coordinates. Detailed history Enforce the compliance of your services by keeping detailed records of all the activities performed within BeAnywhere inSight. Every operation performed is registered and linked to the object it originated from – like a policy, an alert or a technician. View searchable and filterable centralized audits about all the actions executed in the solution or inspect each object individually and assess only the activities connected to it. We never met canned users, so we promise you won't get canned responses. We believe no SaaS offer can be effective without close support and users’ feedback. That’s why you are only two people away from our development team. Our roadmap is based on our community’s needs and our friendly support is always eager to know how you use the solution or which problems the solution helps you with. PROXIMITY PHILOSOPHY Advanced Android MDM Take complete control of all types of Android devices in your network while also providing remote support and securing sensitive data. Perform remote deployments and application rollbacks, change settings, block features, upload and download files, chat with the remote users, and collect detailed information. Track lost devices and lock them or wipe all contents to safeguard confidential information. The inSight Mobile Agent even sports a special mode for rooted devices where even more advanced features are available, like the ability to perform remote control operations with screen share. Complete survey creation Send complete surveys to your users, customizing the look and feel with different types of questions, mandatory fields and the option to attach files. Integrate custom surveys with the ticketing module to standardize the collection of incident information. Enjoy powerful indicators to analyze timings, responses and much more. Alert and chat with devices anywhere Send instant alerts to your Windows devices. Select specific recipients on each device or the type of message (text, HTML, webpage). Instantly chat with Android and Windows devices whether inside or outside the corporate network. Parque das Nações Alameda dos Oceanos Lot 1.07.1 Y, Office 2.2 1990-208 Lisbon Portugal +351 210 441 550 EUROPE 1080 Millar Creek Road Suite 205 Whistler, BC V0N 1B1 Canadá +1 604 249 0380 NORTH AMERICA About BeAnywhere BeAnywhere is a company specialized in cloud-based solutions, with leading products in the remote access and remote support markets, with advanced IT Support, System Monitoring and detailed Management tools, targeting companies of any size. 3 Report BeAnywhere,inSightand“GetLivefromtheCloud”areregisteredtrademarksfromBeAnywhere.WindowsisaregisteredtrademarkofMicrosoftCorporationintheUnitedStatesandothercountries. AppleandMacaretrademarksofAppleInc.,registeredintheU.S.andothercountries. inSight