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Case Study Al Roman: Intuitive Support, Smarter Consulting


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Case Study Al Roman: Intuitive Support, Smarter Consulting

  1. 1. Intuitive Support, Case Study Smarter Consulting 2014 AFTER AN INTENSE MARKET RESEARCH, AL ROMAN TECHNOLOGIES HAS CHOSEN SUPPORT EXPRESS AS THEIR IDEAL REMOTE ACCESS SOLUTION. Don’t take risks, your customer appreciates it. There’s no space for theory testing in the consulting business; actions and options have consequences that directly impact clients. So, like the most experienced consulting companies in the field, Al Roman Technologies LLC undertakes an extensive testing and studying process of high-end business solutions – and as a result, ends up assuming the role of synergy creator between service providers, software developers, partners and clients. It was precisely from that extensive but meticulous market research that BeAnywhere Support Express has prevailed as the remote access solution of choice. “We value a good pre-sales approach – a pre-sales demo and a trial version before purchase – and a good PRICING ”, starts referring Tiju Mathew Babu, General Manager at Al Roman Technologies LLC. 1 3 Look for a Proactive Intervention AI Roman’s tech support department was looking for a solution capable of providing customer support on “level based technical error handling, database debugging and complicated online installation”. As far as daily procedures are concerned, Al Roman Technology LLC’s business counseling requires continuous support to the implemented software, holding the client’s hand through every step of the way: from the moment the client decides to create the initial TICKET all the way through the AGENT installation in the remote machine. Both the Chat and the VoIP MODULES , despite not being capable of materializing the Human body (who knows, it may be a great feature for the 10000.5 version), creates a safe, fast and cohesive communication channel between clients and as many techs as necessary. 2 4 4.CHAT AND VOIP Using the integrated VoIP module, perform calls with different clients during different sessions, or conference calls with techs and clients simultaneously. 1. PRICING Adaptability and flexibility in custom-made proposals, designed to fit companies of all sizes, with constant FREE UPDATES. 3.UNATTENDED ACCESS BeAnywhere can also be installed as a Windows® service in the remote computer. This way you can access that computer whenever you want, even when the customer is away, with or without system credentials. 2.TICKETING Besides requests, users can also create support tickets, with file attachments and custom surveys, for you to take on a later time. Ticket creation can also be integrated in your site.
  2. 2. 8. HOW TO START A SESSION: Generate PIN Codes, support links, embed BeAnywhere within your website, generate unlimited batches of Calling Cards, use our simple software API or create an easy to remember Exclusive Link. 6. FRIENDLY INTERFACE Both the Console, the Viewer and the Web-based Administration Area require zero technical knowledge. The session start and remote access procedures are as intuitive for the tech as they are for the end-user. 5. ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE BASE delivers instant, on-demand remote support to any computer in the world, even through firewalls and complex networking configurations. Value for Money and Trust. Another common point between BASE’s philosophy and this consultant firm’s needs is the continuous service development, making Support Express a true Software-as-a-Service offer with completely free updateds during the subscription period (renewals included): “Definitely recommend it, value for money”, noted Mr. Tiju. 2014 7. EXTENSIVE REPORT ANALYSIS Create complex surveys in seconds, which can be sent to customers or technicians, supporting multiple languages, different types of questions and advanced editing. Analyze graphical reports on the results and export the data. 5 7 8 6 Don’t Limit Your Business. In fact, AI Roman’s GM was clear about what their unavailability to compromise ease of accessibility: “we want to be able to access remote computers from ANYWHERE , even if the agent’s computer is not available, along with a friendly INTERFACE and extensive report ANALYSIS ”. So along with the unattended access, BeAnywhere Support Express allows six other DIFFERENT ways to start a session – from a simple click on a link sent by e-mail to a click on a button placed on your own website. Definitely recommend it, value for money For more tech talk set up a demo! FREE DEMOclick here Tell us the day and time that best fits your schedule. See also: Product Sheet | More about BASE “ ”
  3. 3. Connecting Devices and People. There is something that no human being can’t help but to value, despite how much buried in technology he might be: personal relations. Mr. Tiju commended the Channel Manager responsible for the partnership on his “good Interaction”, also pointing out an “easy integration process and a deployment without effort”. After all, why would we develop a tool capable of connecting anyone, anywhere in the World, without connecting ourselves? About Al Roman Technologies LLC Since 1992, Al Roman Technologies LLC has led the way in providing powerful and robust business software solutions to businesses throughout the Middle East. Apart from providing world class business solutions we ensure that our customers are empowered to efficiently use the solutions through our comprehensive training and support program. Perhaps that is the reason why renowned auditors like KPMG, Al Ghaith and Sajjad Haider recommend software solutions from Al Roman Technologies. Al Roman Technologies LLC, are business partners for Sage Pastel (Accounting, Payroll & ERP Solutions) & Insphire (Equipment Rental Solution). About BeAnywhere BeAnywhere delivers a real-time platform that solves, with elegant simplicity, a broad range of IT management challenges, making work easier, more efficient and secure for thousands of companies around the world. About BeAnywhere Support Express BeAnywhere Support Express is an advanced solution that allows to remotely access any machine with Microsoft® Windows® or Apple® Mac® in order to provide technical assistance or endure system administration. Its unique peer-to-peer technology allows immediate remote support, management and monitoring on request to any computer in any location. Subscription details: 1 to 5 Technicians (Corporate Edition) <100 machines Contact us: +1 604 249 0380 (NORTH AMERICA) +55 (11)3230-2309 (SOUTH AMERICA) +351 210 441 550 (EUROPE) 2014 Follow us: 9. SESSION RECORDING Generate Use it for quality control or training purposes. Videos are automatically hosted by BeAnywhere and can be easily retrieved by customers in Adobe® Flash® format. 9 11 12 Register Your Operations. As a user you’re able to manually register the operations through a feature particularly appreciated by Al Roman – “by RECORDING the session, it can be easily handed over to the senior tech”. Additionally, Mr. Tiju underlined the importance of stability in this kind of work, establishing a comparison with similar solutions he eventually tried: “Speed of CONNECTION has improved and we are having connections without being DISCONNECTED ”.This, of course, with no compromise on SECURITY . 10 10. SPEED OF CONNECTION Thanks to BeAnywhere proprietary P2P technology, Support Express achieves the industry's fastest performance, being up to 30% faster than any other remote access solutions. 11. RECONNECT If the remote machine requires to be restarted, BASE will allow the tech to do so and reconnect the session back to where it was before (even in Safe Mode and without administrative privileges). 12. SECURITY The whole session is sheltered by a proprietary communication protocol, with guaranteed global security by the Rijndael algorithm (Advanced Encryption Standard–AES) using a 256bits cipher. Speed of connection has been improved “ ”