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Hello! from OCD

  1. 1. L1-105, Bramha Suncity Vadgaon Sheri Pune - 411014, IndiaWere a team of fun loving people who can Hamsa Ganesh +91 99232 85283cater to your Graphic Design needs. At OCD, Nidhi Singhvi +91 98901 07811we help clients realize their vision through the work +91 20 2700 9804we do. www.ocdesigners.in hello@ ocdesigners.inWe love what we do and we do.. well, a lot!
  2. 2. We have OCD.An anxiety disorder in which a person suffers from obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions
  3. 3. We have OCD.And it works for us.
  4. 4. OCD for articulation Converting ideas is a big part of what we do at OCD. We go lengths to choose the medium that best translates our vision. We indulge in traditional media, we collect scrap and weird objects so as to realize a design idea with them, someday.A section of the ten panel illustration series created forRudyard Kiplings Story: How the first letter was made
  5. 5. OCD for Decorum Composing, An inherent quality in most, (of course slightly exaggerated in us.) We have a keen eye for balance. There is order in what we do; there will always be decorum within the madness.A snapshot of the graphic created for an appareldesign competition.
  6. 6. OCD to get answers We ask a lot of questions while designing for you. Some rhetoric, to steer you away for a moment from what you had originally had in mind for your brand; Some insightful, where you provide answers that tell us a story of your brand. The output of this conversation is what we call, a good design brief.Identity design done for an apparelcompany called Cockroach.
  7. 7. OCD to get our facts right Communicating information is something that we take giant pride in. We look at sizable chunks of data and simplify them for those viewing. We always design to let the user choose the amount of information they wish to know. A segment of the tourist map created for Lonavala.
  8. 8. Services we offerThis list, that started at branding, has organically grownas we moved forward and met new clients. Being Identity & Branding, Strategy,adventurous people, we love to get our hands into anynew challenge that comes our way. Advertising, Marketing collateral, Packaging, Publication, Brand Naming, Web Design, Information Design, Icon Design, Presentations, Illustration, Copy Writing, Photography, Album Design{..}
  9. 9. Clients Bara Architects, Chennai Christ College, Pune Rival Edge, California Vihaan Fashion House, Jaipur Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala Acton Labs, Bangalore Lohia Starlinger Ltd, Kanpur Devendra Purbiya Productions, Bangalore SVS Pvt Ltd, Ahmednagar Divine Wellness, New Delhi AFMC Batch of ‘84, Pune 5Bar, Coimbatore Equinox Labs, Mumbai Anuron, Ahmednagar Acoustics India Pvt Ltd, Tiruchirapalli Hotel Iris Premiere, Ahmednagar Jhauhari, Pune Activant Solutions, Jaipur Reshmi Industries, Coimbatore Estelle, Jaipur Alpha Heavy Engineering, Mumbai 19AM Pvt Ltd, Pune Shringar, Noida Symbiosis School of Banking Mgmt, Pune Chopra BuildTech, Noida Cockroach Apparel, Coimbatore Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune Classic Exports, Coimbatore Freckles Footwear, Coimbatore Teemac Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune Lonavala Khandala Citizens’ Forum Icypie Merchandise, Pune Bipin Engineering Pvt Ltd, Pune MAEER, Pune Ucantalk, Pune Bipsun Solar, Pune Ro Fotografie, Europa, Germany Vazhikatti, Coimbatore Cafe Toons, Pune Rotary Club, Mumbai Pune Impex Pvt Ltd, Pune Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune Viamedia Stategy & Design, Coimbatore UBN International, Dubai Charm:me, Mumbai Adipa Ceramics, Pune 2006-2009 2010 2011 2012 The best part of being facilitators of communication for many of our clients, is the knowledge we gain about each industry at the inception of each project.
  10. 10. The People More often than not, her irrationality is her strength - it allows her to come up with radically different ideas for her clients. When she is not glued onto her Macintosh, she is watching F1, gazing out of her balcony or spending time on Reddit.
  11. 11. The People Singhvi Nidhi
  12. 12. We have OCD.
  13. 13. We have OCD.And it’ll work for you.
  14. 14. L1-105, Bramha Suncity Vadgaon Sheri Pune - 411014, IndiaDo get in touch! Hamsa Ganesh +91 99232 85283(We love our email like a dog does his bone:) Nidhi Singhvi +91 98901 07811 +91 20 2700 9804 www.ocdesigners.in hello@ ocdesigners.in