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BeamGift Company Presentation


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BeamGift will change the digitized gifting/couponing industry by offering many new approaches in B2B, B2C and C2C markets.
BeamGift allows customers to create gifts/coupons on the fly and send them to family and friends. The solution is offered through web or as a native application on mobile (android and iphone). It allows users to group gifts, resend them and use social networks to discover and share offers.

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BeamGift Company Presentation

  1. 1. Company Presentation
  2. 2. Vision BeamGift will provide users with a way to make gifting easier, social and geo-targeted. Our platform offer different interfaces for brand owners, merchants and advertising companies with the goal of improving gifting and digitized coupons experience. (740) 500-0054
  3. 3. BeamGift will change the digitized gifting/couponing industry by offering many new approaches in B2B, B2C and C2C markets. Mission (740) 500-0054
  4. 4. Market Challenge (740) 500-0054 Two separate although internally linked industries are there: coupons and gifting. Gifting is perceived as user to user gifting whereas coupons are like gifting but from a merchant to a user
  5. 5. Market Challenge (740) 500-0054 The market is overloaded with companies which are covering either of these two types but few are covering both at the same time. There is no simple, easy, instant way of exchanging gifts between users or from brands to users directly
  6. 6. Why coupons and gifting are connected (740) 500-0054 The world is social and users are following their major brands on social networks. So coupons will become social as gifting is Brands are now connected to users in the same social concept as users are connected to users.
  7. 7. Why coupons and gifting are connected (740) 500-0054 Users would like to gift cash and other commodities to other friends. Gifts can be forwarded or handed over from one user to the other
  8. 8. Solution: BeamGift! (740) 500-0054 BeamGift is available on mobile and web. Gifts can be sent between users or from merchant/brands to users (as coupons or gifts). A simple, instant , social, geo-targeted way of exchanging gifts.
  9. 9. Core offering Mobile app to exchange electronic gifts Use social network to exchange gifts with friends on facebook (740) 500-0054
  10. 10. Coupon digitization Electronic gift card services are missing Adds a central role to your social activities: Post adds about digitized coupons to Facebook Speeds up the finding of a suitable gift (740) 500-0054
  11. 11. Coupon digitization Offers loyalty programs to customers: Granting free coupon points to preferred customers Supports marketing campaign by merchant Advertisements of digitized coupons on Facebook (740) 500-0054
  12. 12. Who? A team with good experience in marketing We have built a system for digitization of gift coupons. (740) 500-0054
  13. 13. Who? Our system enables merchants world wide to reach out to their specialized 'population'. Our team excels in data analysis, data matching, data visualization, mobile development and scalable database solutions. (740) 500-0054
  14. 14. Coupon Digitization Types Social currency gift making (740) 500-0054 Merchant gift making Gifts groupings Instant customer gifting
  15. 15. Coupon Digitization Features Technology kick: digitization of coupons for mobile devices (740) 500-0054 Social and fun and easy Useful in making revenues and pushing the sales in stores
  16. 16. Mobile Coupons! Digitized coupons are available from these locations Saving of paper and time to search for a coupon (740) 500-0054
  17. 17. Mobile Coupons! Determination of gift and coupon profile per individual and per family Increase sales of a merchant for very little cost of creating digitized coupons (740) 500-0054
  18. 18. INSTANT CUSTOMER -GIFTING Built on idea of sending a gift to loved one when there is a special occasion. Mine advertisement databases to generate a target list of potential buyers. Secure, trivial, simple, feedback enabled. (740) 500-0054
  19. 19. INSTANT CUSTOMER -GIFTING  Parties: Customer uses a hand held device to get coupons Merchant builds a db of potential customers Advertisement maintains a portal with coupons and purchasing patterns recorded (740) 500-0054
  20. 20. Benefits of Instant customer-gifting Builds a strong relationship between the user, merchant, and advertisement company.  Make a social presence for digitized coupons on social media like Facebook. (740) 500-0054
  21. 21. Benefits of Instant customer-gifting Eco-friendly solution that offers an alternative to printed coupons. Easy to update to keep up with fashion trends. (740) 500-0054
  22. 22. GIFT GROUPINGS Customer can group gifts from different friends so they can buy a bigger gift. Customers and merchants build their own social network with the coupons info. Attempts to bring new customers to the store. Spend wisely by consulting with our digitized coupons portal. (740) 500-0054
  23. 23. GIFT GROUPINGS  Benefits of Instant customer gifting -Allow people to trade coupons -Enable people to build social networks with coupons info  Merchant portal issues -Digitized coupons -Advice to customer’s friends about money spending  Customers can shop internationally using our online system -Just login with Facebook and receive localized coupons (740) 500-0054
  24. 24. MERCHANT GIFT MAKING Merchant uses a web-based portal  Uses parameters to describe a segment of customers  Issues a group of gift coupons to new segment Uses social contacts in social graphs Find and utilize clues about social gifting preferences for your friends (740) 500-0054
  25. 25. MERCHANT GIFT MAKING Saves customers and merchant’s time  No need to meet each other to get a coupon  Enables a merchant to reach out to a large number of customers (740) 500-0054
  26. 26. Benefits of Merchant Gift Making Attracts new customers to the merchant Improves business by allowing merchant to issue digitized coupons on holidays (740) 500-0054
  27. 27. Benefits of Merchant Gift Making Offers a free starting discount to trustworthy clients Enables the merchant using the portal to analyze marketing campaign (740) 500-0054
  28. 28. SOCIAL CURRENCY GIFT MAKING Interaction among customer, merchant, and advertising company: Results in a social currency that makes gifts Pushes social proper spending habits Finds effective digitized coupons that are affordable to make and are in high demand Wide spread as social media E.g. digitized coupons for music industry (740) 500-0054
  29. 29. Benefits 1- Use social information in the client contacts Determines the best patterns for spending money 2- Enables client family and friends to define new roles in society Gift to a cancer survivor ‘tells’ other contacts success story of fighting cancer (740) 500-0054
  30. 30. Mobile App Screenshot (740) 500-0054 The home screen for the BeamGift mobile app
  31. 31. Mobile App Screenshot (740) 500-0054 Your Gift List
  32. 32. Mobile App Screenshot (740) 500-0054 The options that you have to manage your gifts
  33. 33. Mobile App Screenshot Send a gift for a friend (740) 500-0054
  34. 34. Mobile App Screenshot Your friends activity: sent and received gifts (740) 500-0054
  35. 35. Mobile App Screenshot (740) 500-0054 Invite your friends to join beamgift
  36. 36. Mobile App Screenshot Gift’s Statistics (740) 500-0054
  37. 37. Mobile App Screenshot (740) 500-0054 Merge Gifts To get Larger ones
  38. 38. Web Screenshot Merchant can add new shop (740) 500-0054
  39. 39. Web Screenshot Add new shop manager (740) 500-0054
  40. 40. Web Screenshot Manage Shop that you have (740) 500-0054
  41. 41. Web Screenshot Create New Campaign (740) 500-0054
  42. 42. Web Screenshot Select shops to use the campaign (740) 500-0054
  43. 43. Web Screenshot Create Gift So you can send it to your friends (740) 500-0054
  44. 44. Web Screenshot Forward Gift To Other friends (740) 500-0054
  45. 45. Web Screenshot Review Your gifts (740) 500-0054
  46. 46. Web Screenshot Split big gift to smaller gifts (740) 500-0054
  47. 47. Web Screenshot Create Merchant (740) 500-0054
  48. 48. Web Screenshot Manage contracts (740) 500-0054
  49. 49. Web Screenshot Search through your contracts (740) 500-0054
  50. 50. Web Screenshot Redeem The gifts (740) 500-0054
  51. 51. OUR CONTACT DETAILS m (740) 500-0054 amgift @beamgift WEBSIT E: EMAIL: TELEPH ONE: (740) 500-0054