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2017 Summary


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Interlochen Center for the Arts: Bonisteel Library summary for 2017

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2017 Summary

  1. 1. SUMMARY FOR 2017
  2. 2. Bonisteel Library 9900 Diamond Park Rd. Interlochen, MI 49643 T 231.276.7420
  3. 3. Our previous work on the five-year program review and our past annual reports were aligned with the academic school year. This year’s report is aligned with the calendar year of 2017 due to our reporting access from our new ILS and to better highlight the camp season. Following the goals from our five-year program review, we have focused on providing a user experience of high quality that includes robust resource access regardless of location or access method and a stronger learning experience. Our actions from the past two years have included: • A newly designed webpage that is mobile friendly and ICA integrated. • Increased discovery opportunities with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) that give wider database access. • Continually adding libguides that provide curated resources and guides for better research based on user needs. • A switchover to Evergreen, an open-source ILS (integrated library service) that is more user-friendly and less expensive than our previous system. • Continued collection development of varied and diverse materials in print and electronic mediums that support the academic, artistic, and recreational  needs of our users. • Increased teamwork and relationships with academic and arts instructors and other ICA support staff that have included more library instructional sessions and one-on-one interactions. OVERVIEW
  4. 4. •Involved in a huge digitization project backed by grants from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARC) and the Shafer Foundation. ARSC project tapes completed. Open reel tapes, Camp tapes, and DAT tapes are being digitized. • Digitized 3422 audio tape. • Received $74,000 for digitizing project. • Digitized 3422 audio tapes Instituted a new library management system: Evergreen. • Increased usage for databases, libguides, eBook Central, and MelCat, which illustrates that our users are becoming more sophisticated and adept at using our online resources. • Met with all of the new music students during studio session . • Added the new database , Bloomsbury Popular Music. • Increased the vinyl collection. •Hired 2 new staff members • Continue to feature students on our TUMBLR site under the theme of friendship. • Completed Theatre reclassification.
  5. 5. STUDENT COMMENTS Learning how to navigate DramaOnline has been very useful. If you guys weren’t there, I would have probably failed DRE. Thank you so much for helping me through this. -Araina After I was first taught how to use the information databases that the library has I have used them for almost every paper or writing assignment that I have been given in my time at Interlochen.
  7. 7. Academic and Music Collection Total: 143,177 ITEMS
  8. 8. USAGE
  9. 9. *Digital Exhibits was a new guide published in 2017.
  10. 10. BUDGET
  11. 11. WE ARE GRATEFUL for the generosity and support of the following individuals and foundations: ACADEMIC Summer Academic Interns: Mary Capper Mariah Hoover Community Service Students: Isabelle Byrnes-Bartell Kanna Claar Selim Choi Chirbee Dy Cecily Lewelling Phumakorn Srikeawsai Aruna Watts Raleigh Walter Eva Wong Volunteers: Zoe Larson Carolyn Wolf MUSIC Summer Music Interns: Tracy Bass Eliza Block Amy Golden Khrystyne Hastings Chelsea Hoover Lauren Pruter Paul Schubert Antonina Swigart Mary Wahlmeier Lian Warner Volunteer:  David Lake Community Service Students: Campbell Barnes Oriana Fife Nicolas Goleeke Nate Heyder Joseph Lee Leigha Logan Cynthia Love Annabelle Pritzen Meggie Snyder Anna Zanin ARCHIVES Summer Archive Interns Madison Goforth Rebecca Roper  Volunteers: Bruce Leach Joan Hendrickson Community Service Students: Aidan Flynn Mello Henderson Kuluxka James Donghwi Kang Bianca Layog Thelonius Muhammed Kelli Trudeau Grant-Funded Archive Assistants: Eileen Ganter Andrew Grimm Rebecca Roper Chad Stocker DONATIONS Dean Anderson ($1000) Cathy Hess (instrument donations) Hughes Foundation ($5,000) Schafer Foundation ($30,00) Significant book donations from the following: Joe & Kathryn Anderson Edward R. Bagley Professor William Griffiths President Jeffrey Kimpton McCann family Sadayoshi Omoto Bin Quan Tymn Wallace
  12. 12. STAFF
  13. 13. (Back row, left to right): Leland Parsons, Academic Librarian; Jan Doerfer, Academic Library Assistant; Terri McCarthy, Photo Archivist; Josh Aldorisio, Music Librarian; Beth Gourley, Director of Libraries; Eleanor Lange, Head, Music Library; Jennifer Munten, Music Library Assistant. (Front row, left to right): Karen Sweetman, Housekeeping; Eileen Ganter, Academic/Archive Assistant; Leo Gillis, Archivist. (Missing: Anne Richards, Academic Librarian)