Women's Solar Seminar 2013 Dubai


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Empowering women in renewables, science and technology on May 13th 2013, Dubai, Haytt Regency Hotel

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Women's Solar Seminar 2013 Dubai

  1. 1. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssMeet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAEIn association with MENASOL 2013, we are happy to announce Women’sSolar Seminar 2013. This year’s Womens Solar Seminar, will provide agreat networking and learning opportunity for senior level executives andaspiring professionals in the energy industry across the Middle East andNorth Africa. You will be able to join in lively debates, share ideas, discusstoday’s business challenges and hear from inspirational women who haveled the renewable energy revolution.With solar developments and initiatives increasing across the Middle Eastand North Africa, there is a great opportunity for women to drive the solareconomies in the region and develop a career in the growing solar industry.Whether you’re an energy professional or you are aspiring tobreak into the industry the Women’s Solar Seminar will providewith:• Real life case studies of projects in the region so that get theinside track on successful CSP and PV plants currently inoperation!• Technology 101 where you will learn from the leading solarcompanies about the innovations, costs and performanceacross all solar technologies• Network with senior level women business leaders whohave established successful energy businesses in the regionand hear how they have overcome today’s businessSUPPORTERSRESEARCHED & ORGANIZED BY:
  2. 2. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAEHello Solar friends & colleagues,My name is Nikita Shree, the Conference Director of the Women’s Solar Seminar 2013, researchedand organised by CSP Today & PV insider.With the help of 12 very influential, passionate and successful individuals, we will come togetherand create a forum for women to meet, guide and empower one another in the solar industry. It isa very exciting time for renewables and technology in the Middle East & North Africa. But if welook at the ratio of men to women in these industries, results are shocking.Women have skillsets that are invaluable for the solar industry to evolve and find more ways todevelop sustainable business models. This event will not only present the opportunities availableto women but how to overcome the issues and challenges women are facing to become success-ful in any industry.Time is of the essence! I hope you can join me on May 13th at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel, 1 daybefore MENASOL 2013 begins.. And help shrink this gender gap!At the Women’s Solar Seminar, men and women who are in high level positions will share theirexperiences, solar expertise and debate how more women can climb up the career ladder.You will have a rare opportunity to network with solar and energy experts. In this pack you willsee speakers Merette Elsayed (Carillion Energy), Raed Bkayrat (KUSTAR), Michelle Davies(Eversheds LLP) and Maha Shirah (SASIA), have answered a few questions in line with theirplanned discussions, to give you a preview of what to expect at the Women’s Solar Seminar 2013.I feel honoured to be able to host a conference with so many high level profile speakers and Iwould like to take this time to thank them all for their cooperation as these people are trulyinspirational.I hope you too get to take part in this exciting event. In order to guarantee a seat at this excitingevent book your ticket today to avoid disappointment.See you in Dubai!Best WishesNikita ShreeConference DirectorWomen’s Solar Seminar 2013CSP Today/PV Insidernikita@csptoday.comPS. Please do share the information about this great event with your interested friends andcolleagues!
  3. 3. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERSReserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:14.00 Introduction to Women in Solar in the Middle East & North AfricaChair: Lori Atwater, Managing Director, Techni Service CompanyHeidi Hafes, Managing Director, CSP Today/ PV Insider14:15 Leadership and Opportunities for Economic Empowerment of Women• What does it take to break through the glass ceiling to Chief Executive?• Why is renewable energy a good choice for a professional woman today and how can the industryinspire more women to participate?• Interactive Session – Join a debate and hear real life experiences of how women are overcomingtoday’s business challenges and successfully establishing themselves as renewable energy leadersSpeakers: Katarina Uherova Hasbani - Energy Policy ExpertMerette Elsayed - Director, Carillion Energy Mena15.00 Overview of Solar Developments in the Middle East & North Africa• Take a look at the evolution of solar in MENA and get behind the press releases to uncover what realprogress has been made• Which solar milestones have triggered change in MENA? Debate the impact of solar successes andfailures on the future growth of the sector and get the inside track on where and when doors areopen for new projects• See examples of women participating in leadership roles and how they have promoted the solareconomy and education across the MENA regionSpeakers: Heidi Hafes - Managing Director, CSP Today/PV InsiderMaha Shirah - Marketing Manager, SASIA15.30 Networking Coffee Break16:00 Birds Eye View of Solar Technologies – Overcoming Technical Challenges• What are Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV), Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV) solartechnologies and what benefits does each technology offer?• How is manufacturing different among the three technologies?• How can storage technologies compensate for the inherent intermittence of solar power?• What skills must women possess to participate in the ever changing technological landscape?Speakers: Lori Atwater - Owner, Techni Service CompnayRaed Bkayrat - Head of Technology & Advancement Group, KAUSTDr Saghar Khodabakhsh - Associate, White & Case LLP16:45 Empowerment of Women in Science and Technology• Understand global changes shaping the future of young women working in science and technology• Hear how professional women in the solar industry can encourage greater participation from thenext generation of engineers, investors and business women• Learn about the climate for collaboration among women and what steps need to be taken acrosseducation and policy to develop a strong workforceSpeakers: Aicha Adamou - Expert Consultant, Algeria, Dr Lorraine Charles - Lecturer, KUSTARMona Ghalayani - Chairman/Founder, ASEND17:30 How to Promote your Business and Attract Talent• Find out how women can position their skills and experience in a male dominated industry anddevelop their careers up to CEO and board level• Learn about the programmes, initiatives and resources that women can take advantage of toenhance their learning and career development in the MENA region?• Discover how to develop and attract a skilled women workforce in the solar industry – set yourbusiness apart by developing a recruitment strategy to inspire more women to work in this growingindustrySpeakers: Michelle Davies - Head of Clean Energy & Sustainability, Eversheds LLPAnieszka Klich Partner, Chad-bourne & Parke18:00 Interactive Roundtables and Q&A• Open Q&A discussion between emerging and seasoned industry professionals that will examine thenext steps to advance women and the solar industry in the MENA region18:30 Networking & End of Womens Solar Seminar
  4. 4. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERSIn the leadup to the Women’s Solar Seminar 2013, a selection of our guest speakershave shared their thoughts on the issues, opportunities and future outlookregarding the solar industry in the Middle East & North Africa, as well as presentedideas on how women can prosper and succeed in the booming renewable energyindustry.Reserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:Leadership & Opportunities for Economic Empowerment ofWomenFirst we begin with Merette Elsayed,the Director of Carillion Energy Servicesin the MENA region. Carillion is a FTSE250 company and is the UK’s largestindependent energy services provider,and has installed over 25 MW of solarenergy in the UK over the yearsWhat does it take to breakthrough the glass ceiling toChief Executive (CE)?More and more companies are becom-ing conscious of the distorted ratio ofmen to women when it comes toleadership positions and are keen tochange this. This is certainly somethingwomen should take advantage of.Women should also use the fact thatmost people are out of their comfortzone when dealing with a strongwoman and often that can be used as atool to achieve your objectives. It doestake more than just the right circum-stances in order for any person,irrespective of gender, to become aChief Executive. He or she must havecertain qualities such as ability toachieve and apply sound intellectualbusiness and commercial skills,presence, communication skills, plusthe ability to deliver through others interms of harnessing performancethrough teams and above all confi-dence. If a woman does not believe shebelongs in a position or that she doesnot have what it takes to be a CE thennobody else will believe it either.Why is renewable energy agood choice for a professionalwoman today and how can theindustry inspire more women toparticipate?Personally I have been working themajority of my career within theconstruction industry which is a maledominated environment, this domina-tion partly stems from tradition. Thebeauty of the renewable energyindustry however, is that it is still in itsinfancy and the nature of the industry isstill shaping. Timing is ideal and there isa great opportunity for women to helpinfluence the culture of this sector andensure that it does not become areplica of the male dominatedconstruction industry. These are veryexciting times, the world is goingthrough a transition phase in sources ofenergy which will impact the environ-ment and certainly politics for years tocome, women must be an active part ofthis amazing change and only womencan make that happen.Merette ElsayedDirectorCarillion Energy Services MENA
  5. 5. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERSReserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:Attracting Talent & Promoting Your BusinessMichelle Davies, Head of Clean Energy &Sustain ability at Eversheds LLP, listed as “aleader in renewables” by The Lawyer Hot100 Lawyers 2012 and was recently namedas being one of the top 100 people inglobal wind power by A Word About Wind,will be discussing ways in which Womencan promote and attract talent at theupcoming Women’s Solar Seminar. CSPToday asked Michelle the followingquestions;How to develop and attract askilled female workforce in thesolar industry?I am not sure you need to do much morethan make women aware that:1. You are an employer which doesntdiscriminate;2. You provide and encourage a workenvironment which supports andmotivates all employees and thatwomen are very much a part of this;3. You reward men and womenequally; and4. You have some good examples ofwomen at all levels (andimportantly senior levels) todemonstrate points 1 to 3.It is important that employers not onlyimplement this in practice but also that theylet people know. My firm has a highpercentage of women at all levels in thebusiness. Our FD for example is a womenand some of the highest earning partnersare women. The Financial Times recognisedus as being one of the Top 50 best places towork for women.Supporting women and having womenplay a key role in our Firms strategy is inEversheds DNA. But not because we seewomen as being particularly special. It isbecause we treat men and women equally.How can women position theirskills and experience in a maledominated industry anddevelop their careers up to CEOand board level?I am not sure that women need to do morethan do the job they have been employedto do exceptionally well and to be as muchas possible team player as possible.I have noticed three areas where womendo not excel as much as their malecolleagues. These are as follows:Internal networking Women often do notunderstand the need to cast a wide netacross the whole business and make helpfulcontacts.Finding a way to let those who are makingdecisions about your future know aboutyour successes but in a way that does notappear self promotional and finallystanding up for yourself but in a nonaggressive and non emotional way.Men and women are different. This is whatmakes the work environment interesting. Itshould not be seen as a difficulty or achallenge but as an advantage. Forexample, on the whole, and I appreciatethat this is a general statement, women aremore emotional than men. This can beproblematic because at times in business itis important to take the emotion out but itcan also be hugely beneficial.Emotional intelligence is in my view aprerequisite to sensitivity which in turn isnecessary for perception. Having a goodsense of how people feel, are motivatedand are demotivated is a valuable assetboth internally with employees andexternally with customers.For women to succeed, it is helpful tounderstand these differences and use themfor the benefit of the business as a whole.Michelle DaviesHead of Clean Energy & SustainbilityEversheds LLP
  6. 6. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERSReserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:Solar Technology in the MENA regionSet to discuss the solar technologies, Headof Technology Application andAdvancement group for King AbdullahUniversity of Science and Technology, weasked Raed Bkayarat the followingquestions:Which solar technology is mostsuited to the energy market &conditions in Saudi Arabia?The question is not which technologieswork better than others but more so whichtechnologies work best in certain locationsin Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a vastcountry with varied climates from dry andextremely hot to hot and humid and therein between. Some technologies requiredirect solar irradiation (DNI) like CPV or CSPand hence are better suited to the northwest region of Saudi Arabia or on the westcoast. Photovoltaic technologies (PV) sufficewith Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) andhence work on either side of the country. Inextremely hot climates, its better to use PVtechnologies that have a lowertemperature coefficient and lessdegradation with heat.There are several factors affecting a solartechnology performance and its a matter ofchoosing the better technology for aspecific locationWhat are the main issues andimplications of implementingsolar power in Saudi Arabia?There are several issues that represent achallenge for large scale solar deployment;man power development is the first issue,especially developing local manpower thatcan sustain the project in an efficiencymanner. Secondly, handling environmentalissues like dust and temperature is thesecond issue, there are several technologiesand mechanisms developed already or indevelopment that can mitigate theseissues. Thirdly, a clear support andimplementation mechanism from thegovernment to incentive and support theprivate sector go localize and build a viablesolar economy in Saudi ArabiaRaed BkayratHead of Technology Application& Advancement GroupKing Abdullah University of Science& Technology
  7. 7. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERSReserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:Solar in SaudiMaha Shirah, Marketing Manager for SaudiArabia Solar Industries Association sharesher thoughts on women’s status in theSaudi Arabian region and discusses whetherCSP and PV will be best for Saudi Arabia.From a females perspectiveplease share the opportunitiesand issues for women toprosper in the Saudi Arabia SolarMarket?Saudi Arabia is going through a lot ofchanges and infrastructure developmentsand as everyone knows that one of its plansis generating at least third of its electricitypower via solar industry by 2030. A newmarket and great opportunities await thosewho specialize in this industry, however,not many Saudi men, not to mention evenfewer Saudi women work or haveexperience in such a field. This is down to alack of specialized proper educationalinstitutes in Solar industry, in Saudi Arabiaspecifically and MENA region generally.Even though we have good engineeringschools, none accept women or have afemale section. Only recently, the KingAbdulaziz University in Jeddah announced itis accepting females in both the electrical &industrial engineering departments (latestep in my opinion). Lastly and morehonestly, not many Saudi women have alack interest working in the land fields asengineers or technicians, but this maychange with time and great compensations.In your view, will Saudi Arabiabe primarily a PV or a CSPmarket? Which suits the marketmore?Both PV and CSP will have a market in Saudi.Most likely PV will be used on moreinstallations since CSP is better suited forlarge scale installation. Overall power mixin KSA from PV vs CSP will be decided overtime. Both technologies have goodopportunities in Saudi Arabia. The K.A.CAREwhite paper proposes mix of PV and CSP.Success of early pilot projects in KSA willdetermine the future renewable energymix in the KSA.Maha ShirahMarketing ManagerSASIA
  8. 8. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERSLearn from the energy and solar experts and overcome business challengesYou will hear from and meet with senior level executives leading the way in theenergy industry, with a mix of international experience and invaluable localexpertise. But not only this, we have also guaranteed only the very best speakers totake to the stage and present analyse, debate, deliver and discuss your biggestchallenges.Reserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:Women’s Solar Seminar Moderators 2013Women’s Solar Seminar Speaker Line-up 2013Heidi HafesManaging DirectorCSP Today/PV InsiderAicha AdamouExpert ConsultantUnion of Professional Renewable energy, AlgeriaPresentation: The woman, a full partner in the field of renewableenergy in the MENA Region. Issues, challenges and prospectsAnieszka KlichPartnerChadbourne & Parke LLPKatarina Uherova HasbaniEnergy Policy ExpertPresentation: Leadership & Opportunities for EconomicEmpowerment of WomenDr Lorraine CharlesUniversity lecturerKhalifa University of Science, Technology & Research (KUSTAR)Presentation: Empowerment of Women in Science and TechnologyLori AtwaterDirectorTechni Service CompanyPresentation: Birds Eye View of Solar Technology
  9. 9. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERSReserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:Women’s Solar Seminar Speaker Line-up 2013Maha ShirahMarketing ManagerSASIAPresentation: Overview of Solar Developments in Saudi ArabiaMerette ElsayedDirectorCarillion Energy Services MENAPresentation: Leadership & Opportunities for EconomicEmpowerment of WomenRaed BkayratHead of Technology Application and Advancement GroupKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)Presentation: Birds Eye View of Solar TechnologiesDr Saghar KhodabakhshAssociateWhite & Case LLPPresentation : Bird’s Eye View of Solar TechnologyMichelle DaviesHead of Clean Energy and SustainabilityEvershedsPresentation: How to promote your business and attract talentMona GhalayaniChairman/FounderArab Society for Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentPresentation: Empowerment of Women in Science and Technology• Access to full conference & networking area during theconference• Access to the pdf presentations 2 weeks after the event• Access to delegate list of all attendees at Women’s SolarSeminar 2013• Access to refreshments on arrival and during the eventPass TypeRegister today to secure your place!Price€30
  10. 10. Women’s Solar Seminar 2013Meet, Learn & Empower Women14.00 – 18.30, Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel | May 13th 2013, Dubai, UAESUPPORTERS• Meet solar business leaders: Interact with CEO’s , government, associations &solar professionals in the renewables and technology industry. Women’s SolarSeminar 2013 will give you the opportunity to discuss, share and receiveguidance to help you achieve your professional goals• Only solar seminar in the MENA region: Focusing on ways to empower women inthe renewables industry . You will be part of an established networking andlearning hub to meet and discuss opportunities available to women within therenewable industry.• MENASOL 2013: For as little as 30 euros, not only will you be able to attendWomen’s Solar Seminar 2013 but discount is available for those also looking toattend the MENASOL 2013 conference. Book your tickets today, as limited seatsare available.ALSO...All women attendees will be given a discounted pass to attend the MENASOL 2013– the 2 day solar conference and exhibition that will focus on how to ‘’Get robustmarket entry strategies to grow your MENA solar business and develop a lucrativepipeline’’ which will also take place at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel,14th May -15th May.For more information on MENASOL 2013 speakers, agenda and event overviewdownload the brochure hereI look forward to meeting you all in Dubai!Nikita ShreeConference DirectorCSP Today/PV Insider+44 (0) 20 7375 7215US toll free: 1800 814 3459 ex 7215nikita@csptoday.comReserve your seat today - www.csptoday.com/menasol/wssRESEARCHED &ORGANIZED BY:3 Great reasons to attend the Women’s Solar Seminar?Monday 13th May 2013 14.00 – 18.30Hyatt Regency Dubai Hotel Dubai,UAE