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Summit CSP Today LATAM 2013


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Realize the potential of the CSP market in Chile to develop profitable, productive and commercially successful CSP projects.

CSP Today LATAM 2013 will be held for the first time in Chile. The CSP and mining industry will gather and join forces to develop solar thermal energy projects in Chile. The two-day conference will tackle the key issues affecting CSP project development in Chile, and provide answers on how to successfully serve the energy demands of the mining industry.

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Summit CSP Today LATAM 2013

  1. 1. Open now to view the program, speaker line-up & much more!Global Exhibitors:Bronze Sponsors: Sponsors:4 great reasons to attend CSP Today LATAM 2013:120+ hours of networking with top levelexecutives from across the entire CSP valuechain with extended networking coffeebreaks, lunch and cocktail party2 Interactive discussions - join in roundtables and intimate workshops withplenty of opportunity to get you questionsanswered by our expert speakersRealize the potential of the CSP market inChile to develop profitable, productive andcommercially successful CSP projects3 Exhibition zone giving you insight intothe latest solar solutions, products,services and technologies to bolster yourproject bid4 Exclusive online networking platform- fill your conference diary before youarrive in Antofagasta, and return to theoffice with the contacts to move yourbusiness forwards in 2013CSP Today LATAM 201317 - 18 July, Antofagasta, ChileResearched Organized byB U S I N E S S I N T E L L I G E N C EThe only event where the CSP and mining industry will gatherand join forces to develop solar thermal energy projectsSAVEUP TOUS$400WHEN YOU REGISTEREARLYTOP CSP SPEAKERS WORLDWIDE• Navigate the LATAM landscape: Get the why, what how to succeed in Chile todevelop a robust strategy to secure finance permits for a winning project bid!• Grid it, mine it: Meet with prospective mining clients harness insiderknowledge to prime your project towards a signed PPA connection to the grid• Export - Import CSP expertise: Learn from key international developers, EPCs technology manufacturers to provide data apply lessons learned to Chilefrom operational plants in Spain, USA beyond• CSP technology trials tribulations: Hear a comprehensive evaluation ontower, parabolic trough, fresnel dish technology in real conditions to determinethe best suited solution realize project success• Acclimatize plant design: Engineer your projects to overcome technologicalchallenges in Chile including dry cooling, dispatchability, reliability seismicityto ensure your plants longevity productivity• Driving down CSP’s cost curve: CAPEX, OPEX plant factor? Understandwhere cost reductions will transpire review your financial forecasts to deliver acompetitive profitable project1stLatin America Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Conference Exhibition
  2. 2. Unleash the potential of the CSP market in ChileDon’t miss this event! Call now to secure your seat – early bookers get the best prices! CSP as Chile’s perfectenergy solutionMuch has been said about the potential of theCSP market in Chile and there has also been a lotof media hype surrounding the unlimited solaropportunities in this country. Whether you arean idealist or a realist there are some key factsabout Chile that cannot be denied: FACT: The cost of electricity in Chile is one of thehighest worldwide and its demand is expected tokeep growing in the future FACT: Nearly 100% of Chile´s energy is imported,leaving the country vulnerable to price fluctuationsand supply chain problems FACT: The Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) isamong the highest in the world in the AtacamaDesert, up to 3,800KW/h at high altitudes FACT: The demand curve in the Great North,where most of the CSP development is expected,is continuous and flat 24/7 making CSP idealcompared to other potential renewable sources FACT: Law 20257 was passed in 2010 with astipulation that 10% of total energy generated inChile has to come from renewable sources FACT: Mining companies and other industries aretrying to minimize their carbon footprint whilstenhancing their international competitivenessLooking at the facts you will see that Chile is aperfect storm: the energy-starved market suffersfluctuations but its relatively small size makesit hard to tip negotiations in its favor. Thereforetaking advantage of an unused, plentiful resourceof the desert seems like a no-brainer.Realizing the CSP opportunity in ChileHowever time teaches us that the most logicalsolution to the problem is often ridden withchallenges. And Chile is no exception.Being a free market, there is very littlegovernment intervention to help developrenewables, other than law 20257. As aconsequence, the main established utility in thecountry has become very conservative and arelooking after their interests. For the most partthis is to keep everything exactly as it is and tocontinue raising energy prices when costs rise.However, a free energy market isn´t necessarilythe best policy for Chile´s interests. It keepsthe country dependent on energy imports andvulnerable to price fluctuations that could easilymake them uncompetitive internationally. For thatreason the Chilean government wants to helpalong the evolution of renewable energy in itsstrategic energy frameworks.The mining companies, who in the GreatNorth are the biggest consumers of electricityare equally conservative in terms of energyprocurement.Mining companies have a history ofdealing with their own sourcing andPPAs but they are conservative in theirapproach. The CSP industry must clearlyexpose and prove the flexibility anddispatchability of the energy produced tothe grid.Furthermore, there are plenty ofchallenges in Chile to develop projects,least of which is the fact that in themiddle of the Atacama Desert, with thehighest DNI in the world, the chances ofcoming across plentiful water is next tozero. The mining companies pump theirwater from the ocean hundreds of kmaway and then desalinate it for use in themines, but this is an impossible cost forCSP companies to face. Consequently,dry cooling is the only solution whendeveloping in the desert. Adding to thatthe cost of thermal storage, a must-havein the Great North in order to matchdemand, makes the CAPEX costlierin a country where private banks arereluctant to lend to CSP projects. And totop that all off CSP must be seism-ready,as Chile is in an area where seismicactivity is frequent and very strong, so itrequires more attention and cost to laythe foundations appropriately.First priority: Reduce costs tocompete with fossil fuelsThe basic message here is that in orderto stay and succeed in the Chileanmarket the costs must come down – andfast! The added technical difficultiesprovides an opportunity to becomecompetitive, build a track record andgain the trust of the multi-billion dollarmining industry. This would undoubtedlyopen new doors for CSP developmentgoing forwards. Make no mistake thestakes for the industry in Chile are very,very high!Get the answers needed to succeedin ChileWith everything that is happening in Chile,the first CSP Today LATAM event in 2013 istaking place in Antofagasta (Chile) in July.This event will bring together the energyand mining industry in a high level, intimatescenario which hasn´t taken place before, toexchange ideas, form partnerships and dobusiness.Combining months of research with yourfeedback, we´ve organized a program thathas all the ingredients to teach you, step bystep, how to develop and build a CSP projectin Chile, including: Expert advice on developing projects inChile: From securing land, environmentalpermits and connecting to the grid tochoosing the right technology and securingfinance What the clients want: Understand whatthe mining companies are looking for in aPPA partnership Understand the full value propositionof CSP: From CAPEX to OPEX, capacityfactor and plant lifecycle learn how build anunbeatable financial strategy Technical analysis of CSP adapted tothe Chilean conditions: Get to grips withthe various CSP technologies and theirexperiences in Spain and USA, includingGemasolar (19.9MW tower, 15 hours ofstorage) and El Morón (50MW parabolictrough ) among many othersCSP Today LATAM 2013 - the wholeindustry in one placeAt CSP Today we have international expertiseon how to get the most senior experts anddecision makers in one room to advance theindustry. By attending the event, you will beimmediately immersed in two information-packed days of presentations, panel debatesand round table discussions. You will alsoget to meet, greet and rub shoulders withthe most important companies from acrossthe CSP value chain. You will leave withstrategies and real-life lessons to driveyour business forward, as well as the all-important contacts from over 20+ hours ofnetworking time.You cannot afford to miss this uniqueopportunity for your businessAs the biggest and only CSP industry ledevent in LATAM, this event WILL sell out –so make sure you reserve your place nowand guarantee the very best price for yourpasses!DON’T MISS OUT - BOOKYOUR PLACE NOWCALL +44 (0) 207 375 7584EMAIL latam@csptoday.comVISIT
  3. 3. For more speaker updates visit Orpis,Senator Republic of Chile,Seremís Tarapacá y AricaCarlos Arenas,Regional Ministerial Secretary of energyfor the North Zone,Ministerio de Energía ChileTatiana Molina,Advisory Office of the Minister,Ministerio de Energía ChileCarlos Barriá,Head of the Renewable Energy Division,Ministerio de Energía ChileRodrigo Mendiburu,Regional Ministerial Secretary of miningfor Antofagasta,Ministerio de Minería ChileDaniel Salazar,Chief executive Officer,Sistema Interconectado del NorteGrande (CDEC-SING)Roberto Marcos,Technical Project Leader,Abengoa SolarJosé Manuel Mezquita Gago,Thermoelectric Business Development,Acciona EnergíaAlfredo Solar,President/Managing Director,ACERA/ Acciona Energía ChileCarlos Finat,Executive Director,ACERAJosé Alfonso Nebrera,Managing Director,ACS CobraTHE MOST RELEVANT EXPERTS DRIVING CSP FORWARD IN CHILEIgnacio Augusto Pérez Rodríguez,Safety and Sustainable Development,AngloamericanEdward Fuentealba Vidal,Director,Centro Desarrollo EnergéticoAntofagastaFernando Hentzschel,Head of the Technical Division,CORFODiego Lizana Rojas,Head of the Energy Efficiency andRenewable Energy Unit, CompañíaMinera Doña Inés de CollahuasiGilbert E. Cohen,President and Founder,Eliasol EnergyGregorio Álvarez,President,Grupo IbereólicaJorge Servert del Río,Managing Director,Solar Technology AdvisorsÁlvaro Lorente López,CEO,TorresolRodrigo Escobar,Associate Professor/General ManagerSolar Energy Area, DICTUC,Universidad Pontificia Católica deChile/DICTUCSpeaker to be confirmed,IngeteamSpeaker to be confirmed,Huiyin-GroupSpeaker to be confirmed,SiemensSITE VISIT TO MINERA EL TESOROThis plant has been operational since November 2012 and is owned by Minera El Tesoro(Antofagasta Minerals Group). This is the first operational parablic trough solar plant in LatinAmerica, with a capacity of 14MWt. You can´t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to seeChile’s first CSP plant in operation!Site visits are not only a rare and interesting chance to see an operational CSP plant, but also agreat networking opportunity!
  4. 4. BOOK NOWSAVE UP TOUS$400IF YOU REGISTER EARLYReserve your place today - +44 (0) 207 375 7584Realize the potential of the CSP market in Chile to develop profitable, productive andcommercially successful CSP projectsELECTRIC SCENARIO ANDENERGY POLICIES IN CHILEChile’s Regulatory Frameworkand Energy Demand• Understand government initiativesthat will transform Chile’s energy mixincreasing renewable energy generationyear on year totalling 10% of REW by 2024• Weigh up the pros and cons of a marketdriven by supply and demand with nogovernment support to tailor your marketentry strategy and increase your project’scompetiveness• Chile’s grid interconnection: Exploreproject opportunities with recentexpansion plans for the national andregional grid so you can position yourplant to get connected!Moderator: Fernando Hentzschel, CORFOSpeakers to be confirmed: Sergio delCampo Fayet, Assistant Secretary-General,Ministry of Energy of ChileCarlos Arenas, Regional MinisterialSecretary of energy for the North Zone,Ministry of Energy of ChileRodrigo Mendiburu, Regional MinisterialSecretary of mining for Antofagasta,Ministry of Energy of ChileAlfredo Solar, President/Managing Director,ACERA/ Acciona Energía ChileSolar Resource assessment inChile R+D initiatives• Get accurate solar resource data DNIfrom satellites and meteorologicalstations located in CSP hotspots so thatyou have reliable figures to calculate theprofitability of your plant• Hear about the developments of R+Dfacilities in Chile with solar technologyperforming under local conditions topredict your plant’s performanceRodrigo Escobar, Associate Professor/General Manager Solar Energy Area,DICTUC, Universidad Pontificia Católicade Chile/DICTUCBidding and the Governmentboost for the financing of solarthermal energy in Chile• Gain critical knowledge on governmentand financial initiatives promotingCSP projects and find out how you cansuccessfully bid for Chile’s first CSP powergeneration plant• Due diligence Master class: Learn aboutthe technical and legal considerationsneeded to secure equity and projectfinancing to develop your CSP plant• Explore financial opportunities availablewith or without PPA mines – Hear thelatest on legal mechanisms such astax exemptions and special incentivessupporting projects constructed in theouter regionsTatiana Molina, Advisory Office of theMinister, Ministry of Energy of ChileCarlos Barriá, Head of the Renewable EnergyDivision, Ministerio de Energía ChileJaime Orpis, Senator Republic of Chile,Senate. Seremís Tarapacá y AricaSpeakers to be confirmed:Banco Interamericano de DesarrolloJorge Servet del Rio, Managing Director,Solar Technical Advisors (STA)How to develop CSP projects inChile• Secure community support – Getstrategies to develop a workingrelationship with environmental groupsand avoid “Not in my back yard” challengescommon with conventional electricityplants and get your project approved• Find out how to design a viable CSPplant that can manage Chile’s technicalrequirements including minimal waterusage, continual production 24/7, andability to survive extreme seismic activity• Electric grid connection: Understand thetwo interconnected systems CDEC-SIC andCDEC-SING and their energy integrationrequirements to enable independentpower production• Learn how to procure land, gainenvironmental permits and eliminate thered tape to successfully develop your CSPplant on budgetCarlos Finat, Executive Director, ACERAUnderstand your customer:How to guarantee a PPA withthe mining industry?• Identify the energy needs of the miningindustry and ambitions to utilize CSP-hear directly from mining procurementexecutives on how much they are willingto pay for electricity• Electricity, heating processes and steamproduction for leaching and other miningprocesses—Learn about a range of CSPopportunities and how to adapt your plantto serve Chile’s growing mining industry• Land exploration vs energy need – Realize the difficulties in using miningland for CSP projects, and how to balancemining exploration with the longevity ofyour CSP plantModerator: Carlos Finat,Executive Director, ACERADiego Lizana Rojas, Head of the EnergyEfficiency and Renewable Energy Unit,Compañía Minera Doña Inés deCollahuasiIgnacio Augusto Pérez Rodríguez,Safety and Sustainable Development,AngloaméricanMinera El TesoroInterconnected systems andadaptability to CSP• Understand the complex electricitymarket of transfers to the electric gridof the Great North and how to get aconnection for your project• Understand the dispatch merit order ofthe electric grid, the SPOT market andthe average price that is paid out forelectricity in ChileModerator: Carlos Finat, ExecutiveDirector, ACERADaniel Salazar, Chief executive Officer,Sistema Interconectado del NorteGrande (CDEC-SING)
  5. 5. More information, more dialogue, more debateCheck out the latest program updates on Trough Plants:• Acciona: Learn from the internationalexperience of 50MW+ parabolic trough(PT) technology developer Accionapresent in Spain USA including NevadaSolar One and Palma del Rio plants l ll• Ibereólica: Case study on developingtwo 50MW plants - Morón and Olivenza,find out how these plants have shapedIbereólica’s latest plant in Chile• ACS Cobra: Examine technologyadvancements from Andasol 1, thefirst CSP plant with 7 storage hours, toManchasol, a plant that made significanttechnical breakthroughsJosé Manuel Mezquita Gago, ThermoelectricBusiness Development, Acciona EnergíaJosé Manuel Ramos Pérez-Polo, GeneralDirector, Grupo IbereólicaJosé Alfonso Nebrera, Managing Director,ACS CobraGilbert Cohen, Founder and Director,Eliasol EnergyMATCHING CSP TECHNOLOGYTO CHILE’S MARKETCSP’s competitive advantageabove and beyond electricityproduction• Study the CSP opportunities for heatand steam generation for industrial andmining processes with temperaturesbetween 90ºC and 100ºC• Examine other industrial potentialsuch as CSP for pumping water,polygeneration and desalination• Gas, coal, other renewable energies?Evaluate the best hybridization optionsfor CSP with data and case studiescomparing plants from differentgeographical marketsRodrigo Escobar, Associate Professor/General Manager Solar Energy Area,Universidad Pontificia Católica de Chile/DICTUCRoberto Marcos, Technical Project Leader,Abengoa SolarCSP plantstackle Chile’stechnical challenges:• Dispatchability and grid connection:Currently CSP is successfully connectedto grids in Spain, USA, Morocco, Algeriato name a few. Hear how hybridizationand storage can effectively manageelectricity production in Chile• Storage: Get in depth analysis on the stateof storage technologies in operation, andnext generation technology advancesbeing made with molten salts, PhaseChange Materials (PCM), concrete andstone systems• Dry cooling: Listen to key experts as theyprovide technical explanations on CSPplants that are operating in markets withlimited water resources and how this hasimpacted plant costs and efficiency• O+M: Acquire best practice strategiesdeveloped from operating plants in orderto maintain and clean CSP plants in ChileJosé Alfonso Nebrera, Managing Director,ACS CobraÁlvaro Lorente López, CEO, TorresolJosé Manuel Mezquita Gago, ThermoelectricBusiness Development, Acciona EnergíaJosé Manuel Ramos Pérez-Polo, GeneralDirector, Grupo IbereólicaRoberto Marcos, Technical Project Leader,Abengoa SolarDeveloping a supply chainand opportunities to exportmolten salts• Learn how Chile can take advantage ofthe localization opportunity• Chile is already one of the largest worldproducers of molten salt, see what newcomponents and/or materials for CSPcould boost a whole new industry• Analyze the localization potential of CSPprojects gained through past experiencein Europe and USACSP 101: What isconcentrated solar power?How can it be adapted to meetthe energy needs of Chile?• Get a grip on the main CAPEX, OPEX,load factors, scales and adaptabilityof the grid and how CSP compares toconventional electricity plants• Hear case studies of the most developedCSP plants in Chile, Pedro de Valdivia andEl Tesoro including current statuses andplans for the future• CSP cost breakdown: Evaluate theeconomies of scale from a 20MW to200MW CSP plant to decide which plantsize can compete with Chile’s currentelectricity costsGregorio Álvarez, President,Grupo IbereólicaJosé Manuel Ramos Pérez-Polo,General Director, IbereólicaGilbert Cohen, Founder and Director,Eliasol EnergyCASE STUDIES OFOPERATIONAL CSP PLANTSTower Plants:• Torresol: Hear about Gemasolar, a 19.9MW tower plant operating in Spain withmolten-salt technology, 15 hours storageand energy production 24/7• Solar Reserve: Understand thechallenges and successes in constructingCrescent Dunes a 110MW tower plantwith molten-salt and 8 hours storage• Abengoa: Get the insider´s perspective oncutting-edge innovations that has seensaturated steam tower technology evolvefrom PS10 at 11MW to 50MW at the KhiSolar plant in South AfricaÁlvaro Lorente López, CEO, TorresolJosé Alfonso Nebrera, Managing Director,ACS CobraRoberto Marcos, Technical Project Leader,Abengoa SolarInteractiveRoundtables
  6. 6. CSP Today LATAM 2013 will be held for the first time in Chile.The CSP and mining industry will gather and join forces todevelop solar thermal energy projects. The two-day conferencewill tackle the key issues affecting CSP project development inChile, and provide answers on how to successfully serve theenergy demands of the mining industry.CSP Today guarantees that you will meet the RIGHT people whoyou can share ideas, network and do business with.View this breakdown of our usual attendees to see who will beattending CSP Today LATAM 2013:Delegates at CSP Today events in 2012by job titleWho will you meet atCSP Today LATAM 2013?Get more information on who you will meet - at CSP Today events in 2012by company typeTo keep up to date with who will be attendingCSP Today LATAM 2013 make sure you checkthe website YOUR BUSINESS AT CSP TODAY LATAM 2013Position yourself as a leader in theCSP market placeSponsoring or advertising with us is the most costcompetitive ways to prospect, generate and movecompanies through your pipeline and ultimatelymake deals.What will you gain as a sponsor at CSPToday LATAM 2013?›› Thought Leadership - Be a CSP thought leader and getnoticed by offering something different – information,insights and ideas. CSP Today LATAM 2013 offers youthe platform to position your company as an industryauthority, resource and trusted advisor, by establishingyour reputation as a generous contributor to the CSPindustry›› Brand Awareness – Get strategic awareness for yourcompany, so that the industry not only recognizes yourbrand, but they also understand the distinctive qualitiesthat make you better than the competition. CSP TodayLATAM 2013 offers you the opportunity to differentiateyour brand in the CSP marketplace›› Extended Networking – Host a networking event, securean exclusive space on-site for all delegates or evenhandpick the senior level attendees to have privatemeetings and develop these important relationships in amore intimate settingIt gives you a unique and valuable opportunity to buildrelationships and imprint your company name on summitattendees and all the 40,000+ industry contacts we’ll bepromoting to for the next 20 weeks.Any budget welcome!Do you have a new CSP product? How are youcommercializing your technology?Meet your business development targets witha custom made sponsorship packageWhether you want to launch a new product or service, meetdirectly with CSP decision-makers or get your brand in frontof the clients that matter, CSP Today LATAM 2013 has anoption for you.It doesn’t matter if your budget is $5,000 or $50,000+ wecan tailor a package to suit specifically your businessdevelopment needs. Just speak to our experts to determinethe best package for you.Get a quote today to ensure you don’t miss out!Contact Patricia Tatto on +44 20 73 75 7564or email her at: patricia@csptoday.comSponsorship Opportunities61%C-Level/President/Director/VP15%Engineering/Technical23%Senior LevelManagement15%Developer25%Manufacturer/Supplier10%Technology Provider27%EPC Engineering3%Government7%Investor/Financial Services7%Utility5%Consultancy/ Analyst1%Other1%Other Service Provider61%C-Level/President/Director/VP15%Engineering/Technical23%Senior LevelManagement15%Developer25%Manufacturer/Supplier10%Technology Provider27%EPC Engineering3%Government7%Investor/Financial Services7%Utility5%Consultancy/ Analyst1%Other1%Other Service Provider
  7. 7. Simple and secure registrationchoose your pass – SEE HOW MUCH YOU SAVE BY BOOKING EARLYPass TypeSUPER EARLYBIRDExpires26 April 2013EARLY BIRDExpires24 May 2013LAST CHANCEExpires21 June 2013FULL PRICESilver Pass• Access to conference onlyUS$995 US$1095 US$1295 US$1495Gold Pass BEST VALUE• Full access to the conference• Prioritized, fast-track conference registration on site• Access to all networking events• Access to all conference PDF presentations 2 weeks after the event• Complete audio recording of the conference 2 weeks after the event• Preferential e-networker access before the conference startsUS$1195 US$1295 US$1395 US$1595Diamond Pass• All the beneffints of the GOLD PASS plus choose one report US$2695 US$2795 US$2995 US$3195Site Visit - Minera El Tesoro $100Limited spaces available - so book early to avoid disappointment17-18 July 2013STAY AT THE ENJOY ANTOFAGASTA HOTELCSP Today have negotiated a discounted rate for conference attendeeswith the venue hotel.See the website for details booking link PolicyPlaces are transferable without any charge. Cancellations on or before 7th June 2013 incur anadministrative charge of 25%. If you cancel your registration after 7th June 2013 we will beobliged to charge you the full fee. NB - you must notify FC Business Intelligence Ltd. in writing ofa cancellation, or we will be obliged to charge you the full fee.The organisers reserve the right tomake changes to the programme without notice.All prices displayed are exclusive of VAT unlessotherwise stated but,VAT will be charged, where applicable, at the prevailing rate on the invoicedate and the relevant details will appear on the invoice. FC Business Intelligence Ltd. takes everycare to ensure that prices quoted are correct at time of publishing however, bookings will only beaccepted if there is no material error in the price advertised on the website. Designed by Secure simple registration online at Send your details and chosen pass type to latam@csptoday.comPHONE: Call the CSP Today team on +44 (0) 207 375 75843 Easy Ways to Register NowClaim your exclusive $50 brochure discountUse this brochure exclusive discount code to claim an extra $50 off your pass. Simply quote the code when booking, or use it on the online booking form!Code:Register NOW ONLINE - simple and secureDiamondpass pricesinclude 25%discount onyour reportExclusive CSP business intelligence reportpackaged with the Diamond PassEnhance the conference experience with CSP specific data and analysis too, to guarantee profitable project development in CSP.Choose ONE report from: CSP Technology Report: Parabolic Trough CSP Technology Report: Solar Tower CSP Markets Report 2013-2014ONLINE50NB: Minera El Tesoro have provided complimentary access to the plant.The $100 fee is towards CSP Today’s administration costs