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Summer Fun Earrings Tutorial


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Beginner Tutorial by Judy Larson. For more free tutorials, check

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Summer Fun Earrings Tutorial

  1. 1. 1 Summer Fun Earrings Exchangeable Version Judy Larson Permanent version Materials: One set of earrings findings: hoop style for the exchangeable version and hook or ball and loop style for the permanent version 8 links of 4x5mm chain (smaller will work) Sixteen 6mm jump rings Sixteen 15mm mussel shell disks Two 6mm 18 gauge twisted jump rings for exchangeable version Tools: Flat and bent nose pliers or two flat nose pliers Directions: Step 1: Separate the chain into two 4 link sections. Attach the chain to the 6mm twisted jump rings for the exchangeable version or to the loops on your earrings for the permanent version. Step 2: Open all 16 jump rings and slide a disk on each one. Step 3: Attach two disks to the bottom chain ring.
  2. 2. 2 Step 4: Moving up one link, attach a disk to either side to either side of the chain link below. Step 5: Continue in this manner until each chain link has two disks attached. Step 6: Slide the exchangeable version twisted jump ring on the earring hoop.