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Spiral Coil Earrings Tutorial


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This beginner tutorial is by Judy Larson. For more free tutorials, check

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Spiral Coil Earrings Tutorial

  1. 1. 1 Spiral Coil Earrings By Judy Larson Materials: 20 gauge round silver wire 4mm round silver plated beads Two 10 x9mm double triangle silver plated beads Two 10mm brushed round silver plated beads Two 12mm puffed square beads Fish hook style earrings Note: The wire used in this tutorial is silver plated craft wire. It is considered dead soft. Tools: Round, flat and chain nose pliers Soft jaw pliers Flush cutter Ruler Directions: Step 1: Cut two 4” pieces of 20 gauge wire for each pair of earrings, making sure one end of each wire is flush cut. Make three full spirals on the flush cut end of each wire. Use soft jaw pliers to do this so the wire is not scratched or marred while making the spirals. Hint: Make sure that you make the earrings mirror images of each other. Step 2: Slide beads on each spiraled wire in the appropriate order. For the earrings made in gold wire, fold the spiral up over the bead, making sure that the spirals are going in opposite directions.
  2. 2. 2 Step 3: Make a wire wrapped loop at the top of each bead assembly. Hint: Do not cut off the wire after wrapping the first earring until the wire wrapped loop in the other earring is made. That way, you can make the wraps even. When both the wire wrapped loops are completed, flush cut the wire ends and tuck them in using chain nose pliers. Step 4: Open the loop on one earring and slide on a bead assembly. Close the earring loop. Repeat with the other earring. Your earrings are done!