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Beacon Pro 360 Proximity Marketing with Beacons, GeoFencing, and Display Ad Campaigns.

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  4. 4. When a customer is less than about 7 feet away from the beacon, you can use this range for specific events or actions when they click on their notifications and view your VSmartApp, such as confirming their purchase or a friendly last-minute reminder of something perhaps they’ve forgotten that wasn’t on their list, or a limited-time discount that’s too good to be ignored before they leave the store. As they are leaving, you can retarget users with content designed to increase repeat business and to maintain customer loyalty. You can determine what content to deliver and when, such as coupon good for their next visit, or an upcoming sale they won’t want to miss, or perhaps even a special online only offer that will encourage them to continue shopping on their mobile device or even after they get home.
  5. 5. GEOFENCING Campaigns Digital City Fence GEOFENCING – Delivered Directly To Your Potential Audience Thru Tracking GPS & Mobile Push Notifications  Digital Fence in office building with 25 targeted ads – competitors  Up to 80,000 impressions  Retargeted ads for 30 days-length of campaign  Analytics Real Time Tracking: clicks –views-effective results of ad tracking  ** (Ad click to Vsmartapps link- plus analytics)
  6. 6. Cost-effectively builds brand awareness with local consumers as they surf, search, & socialize Brand Awarness Campaigns
  7. 7. How It Works: Display Consumer browses the Web and sees many ads Display ad targets the consumer based on his location or behavior Consumer sees your banner ad Forms an impression that increases his likelihood to visit your site
  8. 8. How It Works: Retargeting Dentist Consumer searches for your business keywords Or visits your website Retargeting tags the consumer as an interested prospect Consumer surfs the Web and visits a site in our network Through the tag, we recognize the consumer and display your ad Consumer clicks the ad, visits your site, and contacts you Retargeting
  9. 9. How It Works Drive awareness on top news, entertainment, and lifestyle sites; even premium sites like CNN, FOX, ABC, Facebook, Yahoo!, etc. Target consumers interested in your products or services based on their behavior Build top-of-mind awareness with consumers searching for your keywords Bring consumers who have already visited your website back to it Display
  10. 10. How It Works: Advertising Lift Display advertising lifts search advertising results by 59%. Source: Pretarget & Yahoo! Leads To 1 2 Increased Search Results 1. Consumer sees your display ad while surfing 2. Consumer searches for your business name and clicks your ad 3. Consumer visits your website with a higher likelihood to contact you Display
  11. 11. What You Get News Your Display AdYour Display Ad Your Display Ad Brand Awareness • Build awareness where consumers are spending their time • Stay top of mind with prospects when they are ready to buy Display
  12. 12. What You Get Audience Targeting • Reach the right audience as they surf online • Many targeting options, including geographic, behavioral, Facebook, and search & site retargeting Display
  13. 13. What You Get Maximum Reach • Network covers 90% of North American online audience • Top news, entertainment, lifestyle, and social media sites Display
  14. 14. Display What You Get Search & Site Retargeting • Build top-of-mind awareness with consumers searching for your keywords • Bring consumers who have already visited your website back to it
  15. 15. Display What You Get Related Topic Keywords Research Keywords Buying Keywords Cosmetic Dentistry Cost of Braces in Dallas Where to Get Invisalign in Dallas Targeted Keywords • Select 100+ keywords related to your business • Reach prospects throughout the buying process • Include specific brand names, products, and services
  16. 16. Display What You Get Powerful Optimization • Reallocates budget to top-performing keywords • Optimizes spend between search and site retargeting to boost conversions • Discovers which networks drive better ad performance • Shifts your budget to high-performing networks
  17. 17. Display Why Display Advertising? Thousands of Sites Extensive network that reaches 90% of North American online audience Audience Targeting Many targeting options that allow you to get your brand in front of the right people Better Ad Placement Optimization technology puts your ads on the most effective sites Cost-Effective Solution Brand awareness that’s more cost-effective than traditional methods
  18. 18. Bottom Line: We Optimize for Results Whether you choose- Beacons GeoFencing and or Branding Awareness More Cost-Effective Visits Better Ad Placements Automated Conversion Optimization Visible Marketing ROI …so you have time to run your business.
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  20. 20.  Real Time 24/7  Shows immediate benefits of the Proximity Marketing Campaigns  Benefits of Target Marketing  Use and success of Your marketing Dollars