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Concepts on Gann Trading Technique


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Concepts on Gann Trading Technique

  1. 1. Concepts on Gann Trading TechniqueTraders have long been using various trading techniques throughout the decades althoughthere have been various changes that have occurred in the different markets such ascommodities, stocks or futures. Whatever type of markets traders engage in, they can makeuse of the gann trading in analyzing the direction of the assets and this would help them inmaking a more accurate prediction that may bring profits to them.There are three elements that are taken into consideration when applying the concepts ofgann square of nine and these are the pattern, the price and the time. New traders have tounderstand that they will have to take note of the past, the present as well as the future inany trading activity. Traders have to determine where the market was in the past and where itis at the present considering the top or the bottom points and so that they may forecastwhere it will possibly be in the future.Traders who make use of the Gann Trading Technique have to make use of the angles astheir tools. They may do this by drawing it manually or through the use of software programsthat can aid them in their analysis of the trends in the market. However, traders have to knowhow to make use of the angles on the charts or on their computer screens. They can makeuse of the trend line to determine the upward or the downward movements of the prices.Traders may be able to predict when changes may be expected because the speed at whichthe trends move happens at a regular speed or interval. This allows them to determinepossible dates in the future when they can buy or sell their assets.However, the Gann angles do not predict the market movements but it helps the traders toidentify where the angle will be in relation to the elements that are considered. Traders alsohave to take note of other factors that may affect the trends in the market. Certain geo-political situations for example may have an impact on some assets that are being tradedaround the world.Just like any other tools that are used by the traders, the Gann Trading Technique can beeffective if they use it properly. However, they have to be open and understand the conceptsand the elements of pattern, price and time that include the past, the present and the futurewhenever they transact assets in any market.For more information about gann square of nine you can check this out