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The epic game of table tennis


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Published in: Sports, Business
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The epic game of table tennis

  1. 1. By : Gabe Correa 3rd period 4/2/011
  2. 2. Ahh, the sweet smell of INTENSITY. Although table tennis, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it is a viciously, aggressive sport. Practiced in recreational centers worldwide, and also in huge gymnasiums in the Olympics, ping pong has been around for centuries.
  3. 3. Basic rules for basic players. Ping pong is played like tennis. Here’s a quick run down of the rules. You play to 11. You have to win by 2 points. Points are achieved when a player misses the ball or hits it out of bounds. When serving it has to hit both sides of the table. A serve that hits the net before the other side is called a fault. You get 2 faults, and then you switch servers. Server switches every 5 points. That’s it.
  4. 4. SIMPLE SAFETY. There are seriously no rules for safety equipment, like goggles, helmets, or chest protectors. All equipment used is preferred by the player, and the only one that can object is the referee. The referee can be called the umpire, or the line judge.
  5. 5. PROTECT YOURSELF. As a master ping pong player, I suggest the use of safety equipment. Many head shots have occurred in the past, although they were hit miraculously hard, there have been no fatalities… yet. I think that players should be obligated to wear at least a helmet, similar to the ones in Fencing.
  6. 6. IT’S BETTER WITH PROTECTION. Alongside the fencing helmets, appropriate pads should be worn. Primarily elbow pads, and knee pads. Casualties from heroic dives, and game changing jumps can easily be avoided with moderate padding.
  7. 7. DANGER is my middle name. Serious injury can be easily avoided with minor safety precautions. In addition to equipment, there shouldn’t be water or other liquids in the field of play, this leads to slipping. Also, it’s understandable that you can rage, and start throwing things. Please refrain and don’t put yourself or others in danger. Make sure you stretch before games. Lastly, mind the weather conditions, and wear appropriate shoes.
  8. 8. That’s about it… Ping pong should have proper safety regulations, and hopefully the useful applying of pads, and helmets, will limit future injuries. So remember everyone, you don’t have to be a hero, but with elbow pads you can, and everyone will look up to you for all eternity. Any questions???