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How To Get Rid Of Stickers & Tree Sap From Your Car


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Car stickers and tree sap may look good for some time but when it becomes outdated how to get rid of it? The slide presents some tips top get rid of those outdated stickers which includes tools needed to remove it like hot dryer, razor blade, detailing rags and spray, steps to remove the stickers, use of hair dryer, how to remove tree sap, things needed for it and the steps to remove it.

Published in: Automotive
  • Cool tips ! I must try these, anyways thanks for sharing it :)
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  • I'm having stickers on my car and now I want to remove them but I afraid it will leave some marks on it. But after viewing your slide I think that was my wrong conception. I'll surely try your steps. Thank you.
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  • It is really wonderful to have your presentation. Very helpful , beautifully presented ! Thank You!
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How To Get Rid Of Stickers & Tree Sap From Your Car

  1. 1. How To Get Rid Of Stickers & Tree Sap From Your Car ?
  2. 2. Stickers usually don’t have any special purpose except standing out of the ordinary crowd. It does not look good always but it will definitely reflect your personality and choice.
  3. 3. However you may not want them to stick on your car forever and removing stickers isn’t as easy as putting them on .
  4. 4. So, here are some tips to get rid of those outdated stickers :
  5. 5. What you need ?
  6. 6. Hair dryer with hot air settings :
  7. 7. Razor blade or a box cutter:
  8. 8. Sturdy plastic card:
  9. 9. Two clean rags or detailing towels:
  10. 10. Quick detailing spray:
  11. 11.  Make sure the sticker and the surrounding area are clean enough.
  12. 12.  It will be better if you will start this removal process after washing your car.
  13. 13. Use of the hair dryer : Plug in the hair dryer Turn the heat setting to hot Hold the hair dryer just a few inches above the car
  14. 14.  Do not place the hair dryer directly on the sticker & the car’s paint.
  15. 15.  Keep the hair dryer over the sticker for a few seconds and make sure the air coming out is hot.
  16. 16.  Then use a plastic card to gently Scrape up under the sticker
  17. 17.  Continue to push the plastic card Or razor blade until the sticker completely breaks away from the car’s surface.
  18. 18.  Once the sticker is removed, apply a few drops onto a detailing cloth and scrub away.
  19. 19.  When that part of the car is completely clear, polish it with some quick detailing spray.
  20. 20. Tree Sap or drops of sticky sap can etch the car paints leading to discoloring and staining. How to remove tree sap ???
  21. 21. WhatYou Need ??
  22. 22. Soft towel Cutter blade Sponge Spray wax Rubbing alcohol
  23. 23. How to do ??
  24. 24. Wash and let your vehicle to dry:
  25. 25. Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol on to a clean wash cloth :
  26. 26. Set the cloth on top of the desired area & let it sit for at least 30 seconds
  27. 27. Rub the area until the sap is gone
  28. 28. When your car’s paint is free of sap , Spray a few drop of quick wax on the paint
  29. 29. You can also use a cutter blade to remove the hardened sap .
  30. 30. Thank You
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