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Bnh newsletter apr-10 fc


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At Beaches Natural Health we can offer you natural solutions to the following and many other conditions:

* excessive tiredness
* stress, anxiety, mood disorders, digestive problems, polycystic ovaries and other hormonal problems
* weightloss
* poor immunity

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Bnh newsletter apr-10 fc

  1. 1. News Apr-2010 Volume 1 Issue 1 Herbs and Nutrients to Manage What Are You Putting Into Your Welcome to the first edition of the Allergies Naturally Body? Beaches Natural Health News! Allergies are caused by an immune Common food allergies include imbalance. Pharmaceutical gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, and NATUROPATHIC NEWS medications may help to reduce corn. If you find your allergies flare symptoms but do not address the up after eating any of these foods, underlying causes. The following or that your diet contains a lot of herbs and nutrients may help to these foods, you may benefit from manage symptoms of allergies an elimination diet. naturally, as well as rebalance your immune function: An elimination diet involves • Perilla (Perilla frutescens) - Is an avoiding certain foods or food herb beneficial in allergy treatment groups for a little while, and then April is Allergy month at the clinic. – it helps to reduce the symptoms reintroducing them and monitoring of allergic reactions. allergy symptoms. Talk to Did you know that allergies, • Atractylodes (Atractylodes Charmaine to see if you would hayfever, asthma, sinusitis and lancea) - Is an herb beneficial for benefit from an elimination diet. eczema are now epidemic in hayfever, nasal congestion, Westernised society? They affect asthma, and dermatitis. It also These days a lot of our food 20-30% of the population. 1 in 6 helps boost the immune system. contains preservatives, Australians has one or more of • Albizia (Albizia lebbeck) – Is an additives, and pesticides which can these allergic disorders. anti-allergy herb - helpful for all impact on our immune systems hayfever, asthma, sinus and and contribute to allergies. Where Many people suffer from allergies - eczema. possible - introduce organic foods but you don’t have to! It is possible • Quercetin - Is a bioflavonoid used into your diet. to manage your allergies naturally. for acute & chronic allergies. • Probiotics – The most useful What YOU Can Do to Help Manage Common allergy symptoms include probiotic for allergies is Your Allergy Symptoms sneezing, sinus congestion, itchy Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®). To help balance your immune eyes, persistent cough, wheezing, This strain has been found to be system and help you manage your asthma, headaches, and skin effective in reducing allergies - allergy symptoms, follow these disorders such as eczema. including eczema. simple recommendations: • Zinc - Plays a very important role • Consider a natural supplement If you have allergies, as well as in regulating the immune system for allergy relief. looking at symptom relief, the and is a common deficiency. • Avoid any foods that are known underlying causes such as immune Optimal zinc levels are crucial in allergens. imbalances or nutritional any allergy treatment. • Increase fruit and vegetable deficiencies need to be addressed • Vitamin C - Boosts the immune intake - particularly those bright in in order to give you long term system, improves lung function colours, such as berries and relief. Common causes of allergies and decreases allergy symptoms. capsicum, as they contain high include reacting to certain foods, • Essential oils - Anti-microbial levels of antioxidants and nutrients. food additives and pesticides, essential oils used in a sinus spray • Avoid processed and refined grasses and pollens, dust mites, can provide relief from nasal and foods that may contain and chemicals in personal products sinus congestion . preservatives and additives. and cleaning products. • Drink at least 2 litres of filtered Make an appointment with water per day to keep the body If you suffer from any of these Charmaine today to find out what hydrated. symptoms, ask Charmaine for help treatment is best for you. managing your allergies today! Call Charmaine today and start managing your allergies naturally. @ Complete Chiropractic Care Phone: 9972-0040 4/32 Fisher Rd Mobile: 0421-331-334 Dee Why, NSW, 2099 Email:
  2. 2. In attempting to remain healthy, A massage makes you feel better KIDS KORNER and coping with day to day living It’s great to know more about how the systems of your body are massage contributes to improved constantly working. The pressure health. After all, we all want to be and motion of massage strokes as healthy as possible. But there’s assists virtually all of these something special about taking a functions. For example – nutrients whole hour (or more) out of your that provide sustenance to the cells busy life just to relax, be pampered In a recent study, children that of your body, and the wastes and feel rejuvenated. Anyone who suffered from eczema and food produced by these cells can be remembers how good they felt at allergies in infancy were seen to processed by the body more the end of a good massage session have a higher rate of asthma & efficiently with the help of a will tell you it’s another great rhinitis (stuffy & blocked nose) in massage. Blood and lymphatic reason for making massage a their school years, and higher rates circulation can be increased, regular part of your life. of allergies, hayfever and contracted and shortened muscles conjunctivitis in their high-school are relaxed and released, the While you’re deciding what years. production of gastric juices, saliva important steps to take to improve and urine is increased, the nervous your health and wellbeing, be sure Allergies are inheritable! Studies system is soothed, and massage to make regular massages a part of show that allergens can diffuse may even increase the metabolic your plan! from Mum to baby through the rate. amniotic fluid – and bub will have Charmaine has been practicing the same, or similar, allergies that Massage reduces stress massage for over 7 years, and has Mum does at birth. This is the one point that should completed extensive studies in inspire everyone to come in for many different styles of massage. MASSAGE MATTERS more regular massages! These massage styles include Stress plays a key role in the Remedial, Swedish, Relaxation, development of many illnesses – Lomi-lomi, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, alleviating stress can make a major Kahuna, Sports, Deep Tissue and difference in every aspect of your Trigger Point. health, as well as leading to improved physical and mental wellbeing. IN SEASON I’ve had the pleasure of watching Massage helps to address the many of my patients’ health and source of problems vitality improve through regular One of the main beliefs of natural massage sessions. I’d love healthcare is that, if you give your everyone to understand the body the proper tools, it will heal benefits available to them from itself. Many health complaints are bodywork. Here are a few key caused by imbalances in the body. The best way to get the greatest points I’d like to share with you, Regular massage can help to nutritional value (and dollar value) that may help you appreciate how restore your body to a state of from your food is to eat seasonally. regular massages can help you live balance. Fruits and vegetables that are a happier, healthier life: eaten when they are in season are How does massage help in this re- cheap, and because they’re Massage helps support your balancing act? By improving many growing locally it means that they general health and wellbeing of the functions of the body, which haven’t been stored and When we take time to evaluate play a role in the development of transported great distances and what’s really important in life, it’s a illnesses. Massage studies have are likely to be higher in nutrients safe bet that most of us will put our reviewed the effects of massage than foods that are not in season. health near the top of the list. After treatment on hormone levels, all – like my Mum & Dad always say blood pressure, anxiety levels and So – what’s in season right now? ‘Without your health, you’ve got pulse rate. The studies have shown nothing!’. improvement in all of these April vegetables: measures after massage – which Artichoke Massages contribute to the proper shows the positive changes a Asparagus function of your entire body. massage can make. Beans – green, borlotti Bok Choy Broccoli @ Complete Chiropractic Care Phone: 9972-0040 4/32 Fisher Rd Mobile: 0421-331-334 Dee Why, NSW, 2099 Email:
  3. 3. Brussels sprouts  Stir-fry asparagus with garlic, Cabbage – green, Chinese, red, VIBRANT VEGES mushrooms and chicken – serve Savoy with some rice. Capsicum  Pan fry some asparagus and serve Carrot with garlic mushrooms, poached Cauliflower eggs and a little of bacon on a Celery slice of thick toast for breakfast Corn next Sunday! Cucumber Eggplant Fennel This month we focus on the very FABULOUS FRUITS Leek nutritious (but a little under-rated) Lettuce Asparagus... Mushroom Olive Asparagus was first cultivated in Onion ancient Egypt, and is native to the Parsnip Mediterranean region. This month’s fantastic fruit is the Pea – snow, green kiwifruit. Potato Asparagus is low in calories and Pumpkin carbohydrates, but relatively rich in Kiwifruits are native to China, Rhubarb protein compared with other where they’ve been consumed for Shallot vegetables. thousands of years. Kiwis were Spinach taken to New Zealand from China Squash Asparagus is an excellent source of by missionaries in the early 20th Sweet potato potassium, vitamin K, folic acid, century where the first commercial Tomato vitamins C & A, riboflavin (vitamin plantings occurred. Zucchini B2), thiamine (vitamin B1) and vitamin B6. Asparagus is also a very Before 1961 kiwifruits were known April fruits: good source of dietary fibre, niacin, as ‘Chinese gooseberries’. In 1961 Apples – braeburn, golden phosphorus, protein and iron. after a shipment of fruit arrived in delicious, Fuji, granny smith, America from New Zealand it was jonagold, Jonathon, pink Asparagus has historically been given the new name – in honour of lady, red delicious, royal gala used in the treatment of arthritis the native Kiwi bird of New Zealand Avocado and rheumatism, and as a diuretic. – which has the same brown, fuzzy Banana coat. Berries – blueberries, Wondering what gives asparagus raspberries, strawberries that characteristic odour on the Kiwifruits are an excellent source of Custard apple way out? It’s due to the high vitamin C and a great source of Fig content of the amino acid dietary fibre. They also contain Grapes asparagine – which also gives good levels of potassium, Grapefruit asparagus its diuretic action. magnesium, copper, phosphorus Kiwifruit and vitamins A & E. Lemon A few quick ways to add some Lime asparagus onto the menu... Kiwifruits are high in antioxidants Mandarin  Roast some asparagus alone or and enzymes. They have been Melons – honeydew, rockmelon with other vegetables. Mix found in an Italian study to Nectarine asparagus with a little oil & your promote respiratory tract health in Orange – navel, Valencia favourite herbs and spices – place children (the more kiwis or citrus Passionfruit in a roasting dish and bake at fruits that the kids ate – the less Pawpaw 200°C for 10 minutes. likely they were to have respiratory Peach  Chill some steamed asparagus problems like wheezing, shortness Pear – European, nashi and add to your next salad (or of breath and night coughing). Persimmon serve alone with a lemon Pineapple vinaigrette). A few quick ways to add some Plum  Add steamed asparagus to freshly kiwifruit onto the menu... Quince cooked pasta & toss with beans,  Eat whole kiwifruits as a snack – Watermelon olive oil, and herbs. or in a fruit salad.  Finely chop some raw asparagus  Add some kiwifruit to your next and add it into your next green salad. omelette. @ Complete Chiropractic Care Phone: 9972-0040 4/32 Fisher Rd Mobile: 0421-331-334 Dee Why, NSW, 2099 Email:
  4. 4.  Serve chopped kiwifruit and Do you or anyone you know suffer strawberries topped with yoghurt RESEARCH REVIEW from any of these problems? for dessert.  Mix chopped kiwifruit, orange Book in for a naturopathic and pineapple together and serve consultation and ask Charmaine for on top of barbequed fish or help managing these conditions chicken. today!  Add some sliced kiwifruit to One of the articles I found the most vanilla ice-cream. interesting this month was a study Naturopathically this month, my conducted on healthy eating. It patients and I have worked found that people who were forced together to boost immune levels, RECIPE RAVE to eat something ‘healthy’, were decrease sugar cravings, improve hungrier afterwards than another diets, reduce headaches, decrease group of people who ate the same anxiety and get rid of insomnia this thing, but were told it was ‘tasty’. month. What can we do with this And in the massage department – information? Focus on the taste of I’ve worked on people with frozen As the weather starts to cool down your meals. And when you’re out shoulders, stiff necks, lower back I start looking forward to soups! and have a salad because you feel pain, and of course, some patients like you should (but you’re really who just wanted to relax and be The recipe below is a new favourite looking at your friend’s burger & pampered for an hour! I discovered a few weeks ago. It’s chips with envy) focus on the great for lunch served with a reason you’ve picked a salad. Is it crunchy bread roll, or as an entree to lose weight? Look after your SUPER SPECIALS before dinner. cholesterol levels? Think about the April sees the beginning of some end result – not what you think big price decreases for naturopathy The best thing is that it’s low in you’re missing out on. & massage consultations. calories and carbohydrates – but it’s a tasty & pretty filling way to get some extra veges into your day! CLINIC CATCH-UP Why am I reducing the price? Because I think that massage & natural health options are so Ingredients: important - they should be 1 teaspoon rice bran oil accessible to everyone. 1 onion – chopped 2 medium potatoes – chopped A 1 hour remedial/Swedish massage 1 head cauliflower – cut into florets What happened last month in the is now only $70 (was $85). 1 litre reduced-salt chicken stock ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg clinic? Here’s the monthly clinic catch-up! An initial naturopathic (70 minutes) ¼ cup grated low-fat cheese consultation is now only $90 (was In March I attended a seminar on $110). Instructions: Heat the oil in a saucepan over the latest treatments for allergies and immunity, as well as Call the clinic today to take medium heat. Cook the onion until teleconferences on thyroid and advantage of these new rates. soft. Add potatoes and cauliflower – stir to combine. Stir in the stock & adrenal health, and nervous system bring to the boil. Reduce heat and health – which reviewed the latest simmer for 15 minutes (or until research vegetables are soft). Stir in the and nutmeg. treatment MOTHER’S DAY options Remember: Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Puree soup with hand blender. for What are you going to get your Mum? How about a gift voucher for Ladle into serving bowls & top with anxiety, a fantastic massage with Charmaine? cheese just before serving. insomnia, hypertensi Mother’s Day Special: Pay for a 1 hour massage – and Mum gets an Serves 4. Per serving: 160 calories; on and extra 15 minutes free! That’s a 75 minute massage for the price of 11.4g protein; 5.5g fat (total); 2.5g stress- 60! fat (saturated); 14.3g carbohydrate. induced digestion Phone the clinic on 9972-0040 to organise your gift voucher today! problems. @ Complete Chiropractic Care Phone: 9972-0040 4/32 Fisher Rd Mobile: 0421-331-334 Dee Why, NSW, 2099 Email: