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Project Management Institute, WA Chapter presentation - Perth

  1. Project Management Institute, Western Australia Strategies to future proof your employability
  2. The 5% I would like you to retain from tonight • Create your own market. Always be in demand. • Trends are just that – trends only. • Focus on what you can control and influence – the market, weather, your partner; you can’t control! • 3 certainties in life – change (so be a life learner, agile, innovative & a unicorn?), taxes and…your mortality. • Your career should always be your full time job. Be accountable & take responsibility, build a genuine network, partner with specialist recruiters. It works.
  3. What is the current employment trend in WA? • Up, down, flat lining? • Is it really relevant? • Draw your own trend line.
  4. What are the big future trends? • Ageing population (healthcare, accommodation etc.) • Technology Disruption (Mobile, Digital, STEM, IoT) • Energy (solar, geothermal, wind) • Education (new skills, innovation etc) • Fast, Flat & Free ie speed of change, world has fewer boundaries, Freemium (consumption models have changed) • Financial Management and FinTech • Agritech – (current primary food (and water) production is not sustainable) • Fourth Industrial Revolution/ Industry 4.0 … and many, many more.
  5. Your job is to build a sustainable career… • Become an A-Player employee always in demand. • Top 20% get hired or retained in any market cycle (rarely First in/First out). • The Ideal Candidate 1. CAREER vs Job 2. Life STUDENT 3. Passion for achieving BHAG’s 4. SME in a ‘rolodex’ 5. It’s all about the TEAM.
  6. Is your EQ in check with your IQ?
  7. How is your personal brand? Good? No really how is it… • This is a given – review your offline & online personal brand (do the basics really well). • Video is HUGE. Consider a video job application letter? • Your Resume: • “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” - Benjamin Franklin. • What can we S.E.E.’S. in you - S(uccesses) E(xperience) E(ducation) S(kills)? • Be SMART Socially (LI, TW, FB, PI)
  8. How to Network – not 101, but 201… • Who are the top 20 most influential people in your network? When was your last meaningful contact? • Set aside time each month to network (Sport, Friday drinks, attend events, set up or join alumni’s, footy tipping competition etc. Pick up the phone – don’t just email!) • Be a Boomerang ie. Volunteer, support the Startup sector, give back to your community. • You are always being “interviewed.” How good are your interview skills?
  9. Build a relationship with specialist, professional recruiters • Why? • Time • Objectivity • Expertise • Access the “other” hidden job market.
  10. Always play with a straighter bat than the current Australian Cricket team!
  11. Some useful career resources.
  12. Three other “R’s” - Reading, Research & Reports… • Federal Government (aka “The Feds”) – Future Focus Report ( content/uploads/2012/10/Final-Future-Focus-Report.pdf) • CEDA - Australia’s Future Workforce ( • Australian Bureau of Statistics – Lots and lots of employment and trend data • Australian Computer Society – ACS Digital Pulse ( • Gartner – Building the Digital Platform ( • Deloitte – Tech Trends 2016 (and other similar reports). • Seek – plenty of data published – “The Department of Employment is predicting strong growth in the demand for technology professions of 12.8 per cent by the end of 2018” • Recruitment Consulting Services Association (RCSA) - • ITCRA (Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association Inc.) – Insight section has a range of resources. • Beacham Group - • (Seek Job Ad Growth for Programme & Project Management - Dec 2014 vs. Dec 2015. Up 12.5%) • And there are many more…
  13. Thank you and your questions

Editor's Notes

  1. Taxes: you have to pay them even as a contractor
  2. AUDIENCE QUESTION: As a quick straw poll, how many people think the WA employment market will pick up this year?, will flat-line or will go down?
  3. Career vs Job: Money not a motivator, go above and beyond in their work, pragmatic perfectionist, think and act long-term Life Student: Happy to Fail (flearner), loves the process of learning, critical thinker, problem solver, broad perspective. BHAGS: finisher, genuine life purpose, think exponential not incremental, understands the process of achievement. SME: go to person, tribe is A players, impeccable track record, independent reputation as a SME. All about the TEAM: 1+1=3 team synergy, Tribe before self (selfless), Serving the purpose (M/V/V) PAY IT FORWARD: Surveys show the market (employers, recruiters etc.) think real talent has a reputation for genuinely sharing their experience, knowledge and skills. By giving first they receive back twice as much. A PLAYERS ARE ALWAYS IMPROVING: Ask yourself this question - How much time to you invest in your personal development per week / month / year. In my opinion it should be 10% of the average hours you work per week. Eg 40 hours – 4 hours per week. Invest 10% getting better at your job today. GE – promotes top 10% of their performers every year.
  4. We have all met smart people who are a pain to work with. Don’t be one. Getting praise from your boss is good. Getting praise from a peer is GREAT. When is the last time you praised someone? Great talent debate the issues and have well thought out options and solutions to problems. They don’t take things personally, don’t whinge, undermine, set up ticking time bombs etc. BE A GOOD CONSULTANT: Communicate effectively AND efficiently up and down the line. They don’t make anyone look dumb. DONE AN EQ TEST LATELY?
  5. AUDIENCE QUESTION: Who thinks there is such a thing as job security? INTERVIEWED: your 2 & 5 minute pitch. General interview skills?
  6. – win on the swing, loose on the roundabout…