2013 Digital Marketing in Canada Research Report


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In 2013 Vireo Research conducted a survey in partnership with Digital Giants, among 340 Canadian professionals, from both B2B and B2C companies.
The Great (Dis)connect: A Digital “State of the Nation” for Canadian Companies

Canada is one of the most socially connected nations in the world. Then you would assume that Canadian companies are all over social media and seizing every opportunity to engage with B2B and B2C consumers.

Here at Digital Giants, we’re an inquisitive bunch and we wanted some hard data to prove this assumption. So we teamed up with Vireo Research and did a survey of 340 Canadian senior-level marketing professionals to test the “state of the digital nation” in Canada. It turns out our assumptions were wrong. Canadian companies are not keeping up with socially connected consumers, and this reality is putting them at risk of losing business to their competitors.

Here’s a little snapshot of the survey results:
Only 36% of Canadian companies have embraced social media
Only 20% have a digital marketing strategy
86% admitted to at least one internal barrier to digital marketing

2013 Digital Marketing in Canada Research Report

  1. 1. Research Results – 2013 DIGITAL MARKETING in Canada brought to you by… 1 #DigitalCanada2013
  2. 2. Digital Marketing has become increasingly critical as we continue to progress toward a truly social, communicative, and technology-driven world. 2 #DigitalCanada2013
  3. 3. Conversations about Digital Marketing are prevalent, however the Canadian perspective has remained evasive until now… 3 #DigitalCanada2013
  4. 4. 340  PEOPLE from across Canada shared their organizations’ digital marketing behaviour with us. 23% B.C. 4 #DigitalCanada2013 7% Prairies 45% Ontario 12% Quebec 5% Atlantic
  5. 5. 50%   ARE 50%   ARE B2B (Business 5 #DigitalCanada2013 Business) B2C (Business Consumer)
  6. 6. Financial Services Retail Non-Profit/NGO Education We gathered people from a diverse set of industries Advertising/Marketing Media and Technology 6 #DigitalCanada2013 Health Manufacturing
  7. 7. And from a range of business sizes: 60% 1-100 employees 7 #DigitalCanada2013 40% 100+ employees
  8. 8. Here’s what we 8 #DigitalCanada2013 found…
  9. 9. of Canadian companies’ total marketing budget is dedicated to DIGITAL EFFORTS 9 #DigitalCanada2013
  10. 10. 36% reported an increased digital marketing budget, compared to 2012 10 #DigitalCanada2013 59% said the percentage allocated to digital marketing will remain the same
  11. 11. The belief is that digital is for driving leads and maintaining relevancy 58% Bringing in new business/leads 54% Staying relevant It is another form of advertising The digital space allows for a strong brand development Creating engaging content 11 #DigitalCanada2013 43% 34% 33%
  12. 12. OVER 80% experienced at least one barrier while attempting to embrace digital marketing TOP BARRIERS 46% Finding the budget 39% Dedicating internal human resources 20% Customers aren’t typically online Getting senior management on board Don’t know how to get started 12 #DigitalCanada2013 19% 15%
  13. 13. 4 out of 10 feel they are all over social media, email marketing, & search marketing (selected 4/5 on 5 point scale) 3 out of 10 feel they are all over content marketing (selected 4/5 on 5 point scale) 13 #DigitalCanada2013
  14. 14. social channels used: 25% social communication 33% 48% 54% believe they have wholeheartedly embraced 60% top platforms employed: 42% only 1 channel 21% none 14 #DigitalCanada2013 more likely B2B 37% more likely B2B multiple channels
  15. 15. 48% use a mix of in-house and outsourcing 15 #DigitalCanada2013 43% create all of their content in-house
  16. 16. Compared to 2012, resources dedicated to social media efforts have remained the same for over of Canadian companies 16 #DigitalCanada2013
  17. 17. Whenever present, increases in resources were largely internal ventures 17 #DigitalCanada2013
  18. 18. Canadian businesses want to know the results of their social media endeavours – finding and demonstrating the ROI is a common query. Why be social at all? What is the best balance of resources? 18 #DigitalCanada2013 Can we SELL through social media? How can we maximize what we are doing efficiently and with the best reach? Is it reaching the desired audience?
  19. 19. Only 34% agree (selected 4/5 on 5 point scale) they have a good sense of the people they are targeting via social media And only 19% agree (selected 4/5 on 5 point scale) they have completed research to understand their social media audiences 19 #DigitalCanada2013
  20. 20. Only 20% of companies have a robust digital strategy & Only 30% have the skills in-house to build a digital strategy 20 #DigitalCanada2013
  21. 21. However, Canadian businesses don’t feel they need an overhaul… only FOURTEEN PERCENT agree with the statement: “We’re there, but we’re in need of a refreshed approach” (selected 4/5 on 5 point scale) 21 #DigitalCanada2013
  22. 22. So… where does this leave us? 22 #DigitalCanada2013
  23. 23. Most Canadian companies are lacking in HIGH-LEVEL GOALS. Many have started the digital marketing journey, but are lacking a clear strategy to guide them. 23 #DigitalCanada2013
  24. 24. Relevancy and brand building requires a keen understanding of your audience. Knowing where to be and how to use new technologies has been the focus; but few businesses know exactly WHO their audience is and HOW to engage them. 24 #DigitalCanada2013
  25. 25. Despite the pace and need for a honed digital approach, there has yet to be a priority set on budget or human resources. Core resources needed to embrace digital are the biggest barriers to increased digital marketing activation. 25 #DigitalCanada2013
  26. 26. What can YOU do about it? 26 #DigitalCanada2013
  27. 27. 1 2 3 4 5 27 #DigitalCanada2013 Digital requires a strategy, but you’re not starting from scratch. Know the people that matter most to you. Build a team, leveraging internal and external expertise. Implement and remain committed by empowering your team. Measuring for success allows you to listen, act, and experiment.
  28. 28. Digital requires a strategy, but you’re not starting from scratch. • hen designing a digital strategy, align it with your overarching W marketing strategy, all of which should be directly aligned with core business objectives. • onsider how each channel is responsible for achieving goals and C objectives, and the overall ROI. • esign KPIs that suit the channel and the tactics, consider the tangible D and the intangible outcomes. • se your digital strategy as a tool to onboard new partners and U employees working in the space, and on all levels, from senior leadership to interns. 28 #DigitalCanada2013
  29. 29. people Know the that matter most to you. • Do your homework, get to know your audience. • nderstand what it means to be authentic and relevant U to your audience. • etermine why they want to engage with you. What part D of your story is most compelling? • etermine the expectations your audience has placed on you D with regards to the dynamic they have with you. • uild a program that allows for ideation, community growth, B innovation and advocacy. This means giving customers a platform to contribute to new ideas built within the company. 29 #DigitalCanada2013
  30. 30. Build a team, leveraging internal and external expertise. • onsider looking at resources across departments and with varying C levels of experience to develop a team. • onsider how external partners can ignite and inspire the team with C information and strategic direction. • onsider how external partners could work as a support system to aid C the internal team in their goals and objectives — what can be done in-house? What can be out-sourced? How do they work together to get the job done? 30 #DigitalCanada2013
  31. 31. Implement and remain committed by empowering your team. • nvest in your website as your best performing sales tool. I • Build a web presence plan, focused on search, content and social. • e a thought leader by educating your prospects and sharing your story. B • rive leads through well written content, share, and then repeat! D • Empower your employees by encouraging them to connect and share. 31 #DigitalCanada2013
  32. 32. Measuring for success allows you to listen, act, and experiment. • onsider how a social media, web presence and content monitoring C platform can aid in assessing success. • hen you know what you want to measure, use a KPI (key performance W indicators) dashboard for ease of reporting and quick glances at progress. • each out to your community, either through a structured out-reach R program or via your social platforms, and give them an opportunity to provide feedback on what’s working, and what’s not. • e open minded and ready to adapt. That’s the beauty of digital … adjust as B needed. Everything is measurable with solid analytics. 32 #DigitalCanada2013
  33. 33. You need digital marketing experts to guide you through unknown territory. 33 #DigitalCanada2013
  34. 34. You need social communication research that informs your digital strategy. 34 #DigitalCanada2013
  35. 35. Because if you’re going to DO IT, you might as well DO IT WELL… 35 #DigitalCanada2013
  36. 36. Marc Hill Founder and CEO www.bedigitalgiants.com marc@bedigitalgiants.com @bedigitalgiants Caroline Wilson Managing Director www.vireoresearch.com caroline@vireoresearch.com @carolinevireo 36 #DigitalCanada2013
  37. 37. Today is a good day to GET STARTED! 37 #DigitalCanada2013
  38. 38. DIGITAL MARKETING in Canada brought to you by… www.vireoresearch.com www.bedigitalgiants.com design by… www.designcabin.ca #DigitalCanada2013