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2013 Digital Marketing in Canada Research Report


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In 2013 Vireo Research conducted a survey in partnership with Digital Giants, among 340 Canadian professionals, from both B2B and B2C companies.

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2013 Digital Marketing in Canada Research Report

  1. 1. Digital Marketing in Canada Survey 2 0 1 3 Only Only one-third one-fifth Only one-third of Canadian companies are using social media to reach connected consumers. of Canadian companies have a robust digital marketing strategy in place. of Canadian companies have embraced social media wholeheartedly. Social media usage is fairly predictable Canadian businesses lack understanding of who they are talking to Barriers are getting in the way Social Channels Used Over 37% Only 1 Channel agree they have a good sense of the people they are targeting via social media. Only 34% 42% Multiple Channels 21% 60% 54% How can we be relevant and authentic to the people that matter most to us? Who are they? ? What’s important to them? How do we engage them? 48% 33% 25% experienced at least one barrier while attempting to embrace digital. marketing Top barriers Finding the budget None Top Platforms Employed 80% Additionally 19% agree they have completed research to understand their social media audiences. 0.46 Dedicating internal human resources Customers aren't typically online Getting senior management on board 0.39 Don't know how to get started 0.15 0.20 0.18 34% of Canadian companies’ total marketing budget is dedicated to digital But they want to "keep up" 54% believe they need it to stay relevant. Want to learn more? Click here for the full report.