Penny Drop


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Pecha Kucha by Lorna Parsons for be2campbrum

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Penny Drop

  1. 1. “ The milkman doesn’t have a key for the office, neither can he take empty milk bottles from the kitchen with the power of his mind…”
  2. 2. “ If you can ’t find what you need in the stationery cupboard, go and find a girl and ask her to look properly for you.”
  3. 6. “ I know I keep banging on about this blog thing but…”
  4. 8. “ Is this twitter?”
  5. 13. Too tired to tweet? Too busy to blog?
  6. 15. Psychology Media SOCIAL online content created by INDIVIDUALS social science concerned with INDIVIDUALS
  7. 18. 8.5% agreed with minority when they said green Group 1 Consistent (Answers only green) Group 2 Inconsistent (answering blue AND occassionally green)