Unpacking Assessment Indicators


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EDEL 335:
Scaffolding for the Assessment Indicator assignment

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Unpacking Assessment Indicators

  1. 1. How will I recognize what students havelearned?How will students show what they know?What tool will you use to assess studentunderstanding? EDEL 335: ASSESSMENT INDICATORS Bringing SS Curriculum Outcomes to Life
  2. 2. How Will We Know That Learning HasOccurred?The Critical Role of CriteriaLearner Outcome (from the POS)1.1.5. Distinguish geographic features in their own community from other communities by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry:• What are some familiar landmarks and places in my community?
  3. 3. Unpacking OutcomesWhat will the students do to show they understand?Students will:• identify a landmarkWhat would a high quality piece of work look like?Students will:• represents an appropriate landmark in the community
  4. 4. Let’s try again… Learner Outcome ( are these landmarks and places significant features of the community?What will the students do to show they understand?Students will:• explain the importance to the communityWhat would a high quality piece of work look like?Students will:• creates a caption that specifically explains why the landmark is important
  5. 5. You Try… 2.2.7 Students will examine how the community being studied has changed, by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions for inquiry: • In what ways has our community changed over time (e.g., changes in transportation, land use)?How would you unpack this outcome?What will the students do to show they understand
  6. 6. Observable? Measurable? Students will:+ identify a change that has occurred in their life+ identify changes in the community over timeWhat would a high quality piece of student work ‘look like’?
  7. 7. Assessment Indicator AssignmentFor Part OneFor this two part assignment you willtake your groups Curriculum Clusteroutcomes and using the Grade 5.3example (previous slide) as a guide,create assessment indicators for yourunit cluster. You will:+ develop clear indicators of studentlearning (What will students do to showthey understand the outcome?),+ possible tasks that the students willperform (How will students show whatthey know?) and+ the assessment tool you will use toevaluate their understanding (How willyou evaluate what they know (formativeand summative)?) Ex: checklist, rubric,rating scale, anecdotal records, exitcards etc).
  8. 8. + The rough draft of this assignment is an individualassignment+ You do not need to create the assessment tools identified inthe third column of the assignment template.+ You do not need to include Skills/Processes in thisassignmentRemember: the indicators must be observable and measureable(ex: "The student will understand" is not observable ormeasurable).You will upload the rough draft of thisassignment to the Moodle by February 28(Section 200) or February 29 (Section 201).
  9. 9. PART TWOI will provide informal feedback on your rough draftand hand it back for Part 2.You and your partner will take the feedback andcreate a final draft (a group submission) to beuploaded to the Moodle on March 13 (Section 200)and March 14 (Section 201).