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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Chinese taipei ct005 1366637182

  1. 1. Health Cloud: Challenges and Business Opportunities Jenn-Hwan Tarng & Chi-Hung Lin* General Director, Service Systems Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) *Commissioner, Department of Health, Taipei City Government Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院
  2. 2. Outline  Aging Population  Health ICT Global Market  Example of View From Government  Ubiquitous Health Services and Solution  Challenges and Policy  Proposed Topics to be discussed Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 2
  3. 3. Aging Population Europe Latin America and the carib bean Northern America oceania Source: United Nations (2011) The percentage of aged 65 and above population (%) Asia year Source: Public Health of Taipei City: 2010 Annual Report Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 3
  4. 4. Healthcare: A Global Socio-Economic Challenge  Population aging: a global demographic phenomena — US: 19.6% (2030); EU: 40% (2050); Japan: 36% (2050) — Healthcare cost per person aged 65+ years is 3-5 X greater than that for person aged < 65 years — US: 17% of GDP (2008); 20% of GDP (2015)  Excessive costs of administering the health system are one of major factors for high healthcare costs* – Unnecessary diagnosis/treatments, inefficient healthcare management system, and expensive doctors’ practices  Insufficient number of medical doctors and nurses.  An automated health caring system is needed at hospital, communities, home and mobile space. * Source: Annuals of Internal Medicine 2005 & U.S. Census Bureau. An Aging World: 2001 Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 4
  5. 5. Healthcare Service Evolution Treatment-centric  Prevention-oriented home-based personalized healthcare Treatments (Institute Care) Sub Acute (Intermediate Care) Prevention Wellness Personalized Healthcare  Home/ Mobile  Community Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 5
  6. 6. ICT Market in Healthcare Market Scale in USA and China US ICT market in Healthcare USD billion preventive care field Medical field 2009 Health management 1.35 HIS Home care field 15.69 Home care, Disease Management 0.58 CAGR 17 (2014) 8 EMR、EHR Future Market estimation 2011 16% about 40 1.43 (2016) (Information Week ,2011) 21.46 (2012) 1.1 (2014) 6% 15% China ICT market in Healthcare preventive care field Medical field Home care field Health management 2009 Future Market estimation CAG R 0.5 1.2 (2014) 20% 0.334 USD billion 0.856 (2016) 15% 0.26 1.1(2014) 33% EMR、EHR HIS Home care, Disease Management Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院  Three Market Demands • Preventive care field • Medical field • Home care field  2.2 million people adapted Telehomecare Monitoring service in US and Europe (2011) . (myocardial infarction, Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome, diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)  In 2011 healthcare ICT is about 2% of the total Healthcare output in US (2.4 trillion USD). (only 1% in 2009)  US Healthcare ICT grow at a CAGR 24% between 20112014(InformationWeek,2011) Source of the materials : Frost & Sullivan(2008, 2009, 2010); ITRI IEK(2010) 6
  7. 7. Health Cloud Market Market Scale in Global Health Cloud Market in Global Billion USD Year Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 • In 2011, cloud had only four percent share of e-healthcare market. Cloud market share will grow to 20.5 percent a year by 2017 • Cloud computing market in the health care sector is expected to grow to $5.4 billion by 2017, according to research firm Markets and Markets. • The healthcare cloud computing market is a fragmented in nature and no provider occupies more than five percent share. (2012) Source: IBM/Bizcloud 7
  8. 8. View From Government Formation of an aged society Low birth rate Increased life span Ageing/Aged society Child development Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 Development in the prime of life Active aging Source: Department of Health, Taipei City Government 8
  9. 9. View From Government Public Health Health Care Health for All To reduce health inequality To increase healthy life expectancy  To promote quality of healthy life  To prevent disease  To decrease co-morbidity and premature death  Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 To narrow health disparities due to life cycle  To narrow health disparities due to socioeconomic background  To narrow health disparities due to physical& mental status Social Welfare and Safety Net Source: Department of Health, Taipei City Government 9
  10. 10. Ubiquitous Health Services for All  Ubiquitous Health Services: Users can access services when needed at anytime, from anywhere with any devices  Mobile Phone, Pad, Health ATM,  Wareable Health MaaS/ coaching devices: iShoes, Google Glasses, i-bracelet band  Service providers can provide needed healthcare resources and services when needed  E-Hospital, Community Healthcare ICT, Home Healthcare ICT, M-Healthcare  Cloud Computing is an emerging enabling solution to address costeffective, personal, and on-demand service requirements of ubiquitous health for all Health Cloud Definition A cloud computing solution used by health care providers for health information management: storing, maintaining and backing up; and information mining / feedback, etc. Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 10
  11. 11. End-to-End Tele-healthcare Solution Architecture (ITRI) and Cloud Service Models Community caregiver Customer/Patient physician Value-added services Cloud Service Models :  MaaS  PaaS  CaaS  IaaS  SaaS  Call Center Services Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 11
  12. 12. Health Cloud Planning in Taiwan Hospital service efficiency improvement Personal knowledge/ habits improvement Health Preventive Care Cloud Preventive At Risk sub-acute diseases care PHR Patient Instructions Medicare Cloud chronic diseases Personal Health Data Cloud acute diseases PMR EMR Long-term care Home care Institutional care Care services propagation Community care Healthcare Cloud Health data valueadded services PCR Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 Source: Ministry of Health, Taiwan (ROC) 12
  13. 13. Taipei Health Card / National Health Insurance IC Card Triggering Health Cloud Services preventive care Social Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 Source: Department of Health, Taipei City Government 13
  14. 14. Challenges of Health Cloud Adoption • Medical liability  Monitoring data accuracy, false alarm, signal integrity • Privacy-preserve security protection of patient record • Information exchange among different organization and customers • Practical clinical use? • System interoperability/scalability  Standard, Specification, Certification & Validation  User compliance and interface • Integration of com. gateway and sensors • Who’s going to pay  The payment system for preventive medical care in general is not in place yet in Taiwan Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 14
  15. 15. Taipei Policy Design of Health Cloud 1. The issue of privacy protection • The role played by the governmental domain • The use of pseudo-ID (as privacy shield) • The core value of doctor-patient relationship 2. Technology for humanity • Cloud computing • Wireless sensing • Ultra wideband (UWB) sensing • Computer/human interface technologies 3. The hub-based network approaches • Delivery, delivery, delivery • Focus on service availability/accessibility in the community • The hub’s cluster effect for industry development Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 Source: Department of Health, Taipei City Government 15
  16. 16. Proposed Topics to be discussed • The adoption of information and communication technologies with regard to tele-care or tele-medicine. • The development and function of the professional telecare human resource. • The value-chain and the business model of the cloudbased application service. • The performance criteria of the cloud-based application platform. • Multidisciplinary complex system: domain knowledge, Information flow, service process, and cash flow. Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 16
  17. 17. Thanks for your attention ! Copyright 2013 ITRI 工業技術研究院 17