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Tips to Avoid Toner Pirates [Infographic] (portfolio)


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Yep, toner pirates are a real thing, not a Monty Python skit. This was created as a handout for a client to give to their customers, a few of them had been contacted by these scurvy yellow dogs.

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Tips to Avoid Toner Pirates [Infographic] (portfolio)

  1. 1. TONER PIRATES–How to Spot and Avoid Their Scam “Toner pirates” sounds like a joke. It’s not. These telemarketing scam artists rake in hundreds of millions each year from poorly prepared businesses. Don’t be a target. Send these scalawags to Davey Jones’ locker with these tips. IN BRIEF: THE TONER PIRATE SCAM They call your office with an “unbelievable” offer for toner (get ahead of a rate increase is one common line), but you have to act today. The pretend to be your office supply partner or a new one. Unsuspecting employees, trying to save the company money, often give in. You then receive shoddy, over-priced toner and an invoice. Your legitimate equipment supplier (like us!) won’t ask ANY of these questions. WELL-INFORMED EMPLOYEES MAKE TONER PIRATES WALK THE PLANK 10 WAYS TO SPOT TONER PIRATES 1. Act now! No delays! You have to act immediately or the same day. 2. They won’t give you references. 3. They won’t give you prices in writing 4. The caller pretends they’re doing business with your office now or have in the past 5. They ask for the model number of your copier, fax, or printer. 6. They ask for your copier, fax, or printer serial number 7. Free gift! If, of course, you order now. 8. No actual dollar amount given. 9. They won’t share an address and are located out of state. 10. The company name they use sounds close to your supplier’s name or sounds like a government agency. Confusion is the toner pirate’s friend. Share these common sense tips with everyone in your office and you’ll leave the scurvy dogs in your wake. 1. Use your providers portal or contact them directly to order toner. All customer-facing staff should know to never order toner, paper, etc. from an unsolicited phone call. 2. Never answer a question about an incomplete order. 3. If it feels weird or if you feel pressured, hang up and call your supplier directly. 4. Ask them for your account number. When they hang up, pat yourself on the back for a well-placed cannon shot to their hull. 5. Don’t answer questions asking for details about your copiers and printers from an unsolicited phone call. 6. If merchandise arrives at your office without an invoice: a. Simply refuse it or return to sender b. If it makes it into your office, don’t open it 7. Contact the authorities – or call us and we’ll do it. These scams costs businesses an estimated $200 million each year. Contacting these agencies will help wipe these pirates from the seven seas. a. U.S. Postal Service - b. Better Business Bureau - c. Federal Trade Commission - 1.800.274.2047