Temkin Group, May 2010 Customer Experience Survey


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Results from a survey of customer experience activities at more than 400 companies

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Temkin Group, May 2010 Customer Experience Survey

  1. 1. Temkin  Group  Insight  Report   May  2010  Customer   Experience  Survey   Summary  Of  Overall  Responses   By  Bruce  Temkin   Customer  Experience  Transformist   &  Managing  Partner   Temkin  Group   May  2010   Temkin  Group   info@temkingroup.com   617-­‐916-­‐2075   www.temkingroup.com  
  2. 2. Overview  of  this  report   This  report  was  compiled  from  a  survey  that  was  conducted  by  the   Temkin  Group  during  May  2010.  The  purpose  of  the  research  was   to  idenQfy  the  “current  state”  of  customer  experience  within   companies.     The  results  of  this  research  highlight  that  companies  have  a  strong   desire  to  improve  their  customer  experience.  Respondents  also   recognize  that  they  have  a  long  ay  to  go.  But  there’s  a  lot  of   acQvity  underway,  which  bodes  well  for  future  improvements.   Please  keep  the  following  in  mind  as  you  read  this  report:     •  These  results  are  based  on  the  “unscrubbed”  data  from  more   than  400  respondents.  The  respondents  came  from  a  wide   variety  of  companies;  in  terms  of  size,  locaQon,  and  industries.   So  the  results  may  not  be  indicaQve  of  any  individual  segment.       •  In  future  Insight  Reports,  Temkin  Group  will  “cleanse”  the  data   and  analyze  Qghter  segments.  Look  for  insights  from  an  analysis   of  the  150+  large  North  American  firms  in  the  survey  in   upcoming  posts  in  the  blog,  Customer  Experience  Ma^ers   (experiencema^ers.wordpress.com)   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   2   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  3. 3. Demographics  of  respondents   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   3   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  4. 4. Demographics  (conQnued)   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   4   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  5. 5. Demographics  (conQnued)   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   5   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  6. 6. Many  respondents  lead  their  company’s   customer  experience  efforts   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   6   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  7. 7. There’s  significant  ambiQon  to  lead  in   customer  experience   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   7   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  8. 8. Companies  don’t  DELIGHT  customers;   especially  online   How  o%en  does  your  company  DELIGHT   customers  in  these  interac:ons?   Researching   a  product   Purchasing   or  applying   for  a   product   GeFng   customer   service  help   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   8   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  9. 9. There’s  a  lot  of  centralized  customer   experience  acQviQes  underway   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   9   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  10. 10. Customer  experience  groups  are  ofen   leading  the  effort   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   10   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  11. 11. More  than  6  out  of  10  have  a  customer   experience  execuQve  in  place   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   11   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  12. 12. Half  of  companies  have  a  VoC  program;   and  80%  of  those  see  posiQve  value     Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   12   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  13. 13. Companies  with  VoC  efforts  have  a  lot  of   acQviQes  underway   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   13   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  14. 14. Companies  with  VoC  efforts  have  a  lot  of   acQviQes  underway  (cont.)   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   14   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  15. 15. 43%  of  companies  use  NPS;  and  two-­‐ thirds  of  those  see  posiQve  value     Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   15   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  16. 16. CompeQng  prioriQes  and  the  lack  of  a   clear  strategy  inhibit  customer  experience   Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   16   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  17. 17. About  the  author,  Bruce  Temkin   Bruce Temkin, Customer Experience Transformist & Managing Partner of Temkin Group, is widely viewed as a leading expert in how organizations build differentiation with customer experience. He has worked with hundreds of large organizations on the business strategies, operational processes, organizational structures, leadership, and culture required to create and sustain superior customer relationships. Bruce is the author of the blog Customer Experience Matters (experiencematters.wordpress.com) which is one of the most popular blogs on customer experience. He regularly posts insights on topics such as customer experience, branding, and leadership. During his 12 years with Forrester Research, Bruce led the company's business-to-business, financial services, and customer experience practices. As a Vice President & Principal Analyst, he was the most-read analyst in the company for 13 consecutive quarters and was one of the most highly demanded consultants and speakers in the industry. Bruce authored several Forrester’s most popular research reports on customer experience and created Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, which rates more than 100 firms on their overall customer experience. Bruce has been widely quoted in the press, including such media outlets as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Business Week. An accomplished public speaker, Bruce has delivered keynote speeches at many company and industry events. Bruce holds a master’s degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he concentrated in business strategy and operations. He also holds an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Union College. Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   17   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com  
  18. 18. About  the  Temkin  Group   Temkin Group is a customer experience consulting firm. We have one simple goal for our clients: increase customer loyalty by becoming more customer- centric. Any company can improve portions of its customer experience. But it takes more than a few superficial changes to create lasting differentiation. The Temkin Group combines customer experience thought leadership with a deep understanding of the dynamics of large organizations to help senior executives accelerate their customer experience efforts. We work with our clients to build four critical competencies: Purposeful Leadership, Engaged Employees, Compelling Brand Values, and Customer-connectedness. Temkin Group was founded based on four core beliefs: 1.  Customer experience drives loyalty. Our research and work with clients has shown that interactions with customers influences how much business they’ll do with you in the future and how often they recommend you to friends and colleagues. 2.  Improvement requires systemic change. Companies can improve customer interactions in isolated areas, but they can’t develop competitive advantage until customer experience is embedded in their operating fabric. 3.  It’s a journey, not a project. Building the capabilities to consistently delight customers doesn’t happen overnight. Companies need to plan for a multi-year corporate change initiative. 4.  We can help you make a difference. Transformation efforts aren’t easy, but leading your company to be more customer-centric is worth the effort. Temkin Group can help organizations accelerate their results and avoid many of the bumps along the way. Source:  Temkin  Group  May  2010  Customer  Experience  Survey   Page   18   Copyright  ©  2010  Temkin  Group.  All  rights  reserved.   www.temkingroup.com