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Introduction to the Blessing of Unification Church.

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  • v 2.2 Sep 2016 Haverdal Sweden
    DP=Divine Principle, the New Revelation by korean Sun Myung Moonhttp://www.unification.net/dp73/
  • 22maj 1960: The same year as 1960 True Parents' Blessing, was the world's largest earthquake in modern times in Valdivia Chile.A value of 9.5 on the Richter scale.
  • The worlds lergest earthquake happened 1960, in Chile S. America.
    The 60’s was the time of Beatles… Love era all over the world.
  • DP & the Blessing Part 2 of 4

    1. 1. Divine Principle & The Blessing Part II The History of the Blessing v. 2.2
    2. 2. 2010 Blessing
    3. 3. In 1952 (1946-52), we lost the original worldwide Blessing era, in which we would have been able to hold the Blessing on a worldwide scale centering on True Parents. Forty years later (=Indemnity), in 1992, we were finally able to enter the world-wide Blessing era, and so the 30,000 Couples Blessing was held. This is the formation stage of the worldwide era. / 1996.1.1
    4. 4. 1992
    5. 5. The year 1960 was a very dangerous period, just as dangerous as at the time of Jesus, when the Jews, the nation of Israel, and Rome united in opposing him, and he was finally crucified. Nonetheless, I performed the Blessing Ceremony under such circumstances. That is how I pulled the 36 Couples away from the clutches of Satan. /SMM 1987
    6. 6. The Blessed Families that are united with my family make up a new tribe. As time progresses, they will grow in number and form a new race.
    7. 7. Further expansion will bring forth a new nation, and finally a new world. /SMM 1969 The Blessed Families must eliminate everything that is in conflict with heaven, and which has been inherited from the numerous ancestors, races and nations of past history. /SMM 1978
    8. 8. In other words, a new race, the people of the third Israel, will be formed. It is the Unification Church that also has enabled the Japanese people, to become those who will inherit the new realm of the lineage of God, instead of merely remaining as those who inherit the lineage of their Japanese ancestors who lived in the past. / SMM1969.2.2
    9. 9. The realm of the third Israel must be established on earth by connecting the spiritual foundations of the first (Judaism) and second Israels (Christians). In order to do so, the returning Lord must find and set up a family (Adam’s family) that represents the first Israel, a second family (Noah’s family) that represents the second Israel, and a third family (Jacob’s family) that represents the third Israel. (3 Couple Blessing) Therefore, the 36 Blessed Couples must become the ancestors of humanity. /SMM 1968.3.29
    10. 10. If you want to become citizens of the third Israel (Korea) connected to the Unification Church, you must receive the Blessing. In the past, at the time of Abraham, one had to be circumcised to become a citizen of Israel; and in the time of Jesus, one had to be baptized.
    11. 11. It is the same today. In the Unification Church, one cannot become a citizen of the third Israel without receiving the Blessing. However, in receiving the Blessing one must fulfill certain conditions that are neither simple nor easy. I continuously exerted myself and devoted forty years of my life. I have spent my life giving the Blessing. /SMM 1968.1.1
    12. 12. Original conditions to qualify to receive the Blessing (required up until 777 Couples): • 3 to 4 years of active work in any public ministry in our movement • at least three spiritual children • water fasting for 7 days • give an offering of money.
    13. 13. When we say that the territory of the Blessed Families will be expanded, it means that the realm of the mainstream God- centered families will be expanded, thereby forming the tribe of God. The fact that families inheriting kinship with True Parents and inheriting the internal, heavenly heart are emerging and spreading out horizontally signifies that a God-centered tribe, people and nation will be created. Moreover, it will not end there; ultimately, a world centered on God will be established. /SMM 1978.10.22
    14. 14. Tromsö Norge
    15. 15. SEOUL, South Korea — Thousands of couples from more than 100 countries traveled here to tie the knot Wednesday in what was seen as the last mass wedding officiated by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the enigmatic founder of the Unification Church. NewYorkTimes 15Oct 2009 Aging Reverend Moon Celebrates Mass Wedding
    16. 16. The world has attained its present form through the motivation of one heart; and history has continued up until the present day through the investment of the heart of God and through the flesh and blood of Jesus. You must know that you are the substantial beings who, today, can bring all this to fruition.
    17. 17. You must understand that you can remain as the third Israel only when you have become Jesus’ counterparts who possess the desperate, throbbing heart of Christ. By having such a heart, Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice to create the second Israel.
    18. 18. Therefore, only when you are prepared to do the same, can you become the ancestors of the third Israel. Only then can you become the original children of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the Garden of Eden. /SMM 1958.1.26
    19. 19. The Blessed Families of the Unification Church are not in the position of the original Israel, waiting and yearning for the Messiah in the tradition of Judaism. Instead, they are one step ahead, because they have already received the Messiah and have formed a new tribe. / SMM 1970.10.30
    20. 20. When we consider Korea, we can say that the people who do not believe in God correspond to the first Israel, the members of existing churches correspond to the second Israel, and the Unification Church corresponds to the third Israel. That is why Satan is attacking the center of this providence (=Unification Church). / SMM 1968.2.20
    21. 21. The Blessing is the key for entering the Third Israel Abraham established Israel through the offering of sacrifices, but the Unification Church is creating Israel through the Blessing. Therefore, entering the third Israel is possible only through the Blessing. /SMM 1967.12.29
    22. 22. The Unification Church is setting up the absolute standard that Adam and Jesus (2nd Adam) failed to establish due to the interference of Satan. (creating a True Family) The Holy Wedding Ceremony was initiated in 1960 with my family as the center. Thereafter, we had to form the realm of the tribe, going beyond the realm of the family.
    23. 23. In order to create the realm of the tribe, we should stand in the position of the apostles who were united into one with Jesus. If Jesus had formed a family after he had established a relationship with his apostles as the subject, then the apostles would in turn have been able to create families of their own. In this way, a new realm of tribe would have been formed within Judaism. / SMM 1972.5.7
    24. 24. If Jesus had performed the holy wedding ceremony, the twelve apostles would then have had to completely unite with Jesus’ family before they could participate in their own holy wedding ceremony. They would have received the Blessing centering on Jesus’ family, and established the victorious realm that Satan could not invade either spiritually or physically.
    25. 25. Remember St Pauls expressions:    For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth  in pain together until now.   And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the  firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within  ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of  our body. (Romans 8:18-23)                                                                     "Pray unceasingly" 
    26. 26. Today, the new tribe created through the Blessing is completely different from the realm of the adopted sons (christians), who were restored from the fallen state. This signifies that the tribe that begins from the Son of God has appeared for the first time. /SMM 1972.5.7
    27. 27. 1. 1960 True Parents Blessing! 3 Jesus 3 main disciples: Peter, James, John Noas 3 sons, saving spirits from adam to Noah estasblish the family of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob Restore archangels supporting LSA. 2. 1961 36 perfect protective fence that can block Satan! Jesus 70 followers history of Judaism Old, New and Completed Test. Married, Unmarried, Virgins 3. 1962 72 Jesus 70 followers 4. 1963 124 choosen after Jesus ascended to heaven 5. 1968,69 430,43 (+777) successfully laid Jesus’ foundation 6. 1970 777 until here 3 spir children needed fortune for Korean reunification will emerge on this worldwide foundation. It will gradually appear as time goes by. This is how the Principle works. 7. 1975 1800 world level 1800 Couples will be the last. Number 18=3x6 comes from satanic number 1978 118 Providential Blessings
    28. 28. 8. 1982 2100,6000 represents all humankind. 9. 1988 6700 liberated realm in the satanic world, even in the spirit world 1989 1275 1992 1267 Providential Blessings
    29. 29. 10. 1993 30 000 Formation stage of the Internat. Blessing Total sínce 1960 = 50742 Bl Couples 360,000 Growth (Total over Biblical 144 000) 3.6 Million Completion stage 36 Million 360 Million After the 30 000 Blessing, the 3.6 mill Blessing and the 360 mill Blessing, the Blessing becomes possible without indemnity condition. All Mankind final count was 24.57 million couples! /1997 The Blessing of 360 million couples will act as a divide, and once we pass over this peak, humanity will become one big family. /1997 Providential Blessings
    30. 30. Before everything else, I emphasized the importance of the restoration of the archangel. This is achieved through the restoration of three spiritual sons and daughters. I placed emphasis on this until the time of the 777 couples. The 30,000 Couples were blessed on the horizontal level. (1993) On the horizontal, water finds its level; it is like the tide coming in and out. Do you understand? / SMM 1997.11.28
    31. 31. 2010 Blessing
    32. 32. 2010 Korea
    33. 33. 2010 Korea2010 Korea
    34. 34. Brazil Korea Korea 2016 Korea2016 Korea
    35. 35. What is the Blessing : 1st Gen. • Forgiveness of original sin • 5 Pledges • Start of new Family, children (2nd gen) born without original sin 2nd ,3rd…Gen. • Start of Blessed Family, children without original sin 5 Pledges • Start of new Family, children born without original sin • All building a new world of sinless Mankind
    36. 36. Here is some Blessing inspiration Rev Moon Interview 1974 www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiCYKJc_VwI from London way back in 1978: www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/SunMyungMoon78/SM780520.htm www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/SunMyungMoon78/SM780520b.htm Blessing film (external) 2012: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfpZf2_rVr0 Belgium TV 2016: https://vimeo.com/153953233? German TV 2016: https://vimeopro.com/europeanoffice/german-tv-channel-prosieben- featured-within-the-galileo-programme-the-blessing-2016-english-subtitles
    37. 37. Ref: Cheon Seong Gyeong 2006 Book 9 Chapt 1 Cheon Seong Gyeong 2014 Book 5 Chapt 2:2 Book 11 Chapt 3:1 True Parents and the Blessing The Meaning and Value of the Blessing http://www.euro-tongil.org/swedish/csg/
    38. 38. End Part 2of4