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Transformation from Print to Digital


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This is a presentation about the transition from print with a website as an afterthought to a modern media company.

WebMedley helped the Lane Report by explaining what readers, advertisers, and publishers expect and then built a system to support it.

Learn about these expectations and how the two companies work together to achieve business goals.

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Transformation from Print to Digital

  1. 1. Digital News Transformation:The Story of a Print Magazine Going Digital WebMedley 1
  2. 2. Rather watch this presentation?You can watch this video on YouTube.It’s 22 minutes long and describes thejourney one magazine took to convert –culturally and technically. WebMedley 2
  3. 3. Agenda• What we know about most print publications• What readers, advertisers, and publishers want• Story of change• How you can meet the needs while making more money• Resources required WebMedley 3
  4. 4. WebMedley
  5. 5. News from Digital DevicesGrowing and Growing •2nd only to local TV and set to eclipse it •17% growth last year WebMedley 5
  6. 6. Reader Expectations• Content available on any device• Ability to share content quickly and easily• Content is time stamped but not time-bound• Ability to comment• Easy to find what I want WebMedley 6
  7. 7. Advertiser Expectations• Reports on views, clicks, and more• IAB ad sizes & types• Ads across properties• Contracts and spot buys• Social interaction WebMedley 7
  8. 8. Publisher Needs• Easy and fast to update content• Same with ads• Help selling digital – from pitch to close• No technical lock in to the partner provider WebMedley 8
  9. 9. Unstated Needs from all Three• Hold my hand with this stuff, I don’t want to be embarrassed• I want it all for a low price• You better be trustworthy WebMedley 9
  10. 10. Simplify and Choose•The Web can be a confusing place. •Don’t know which tool to use? •How do you know if your provider is honest? •The lack of results using in-house teams and/or solo contractors. •The digital marketing learning curve is too steep to climb alone.Who are these guys? WebMedley helps clients build a digital plan, determine how progress is measured, and grow revenue & traffic. Referrals are our #1 source of new business. WebMedley 10
  11. 11. Our footprintClients are coast-to-coast…and then some! WebMedley 11
  12. 12. WebMedley
  13. 13. They told us• They want to have a mobile presence• Need improvements in:1. Site optimization2. Search on the site3. Ads appearing in mobile4. Develop related sites/assets• Consulting:1. Review the products2. Monthly meetings3. Quarterly Training sessions4. Revenue generating ideas-methods5. Digital marketing materials6. Presentations to key clients WebMedley 13
  14. 14. Hurdles?We Can Jump These•Culture and History•Investing in disruption and risking capital•Journalist relations•Confusing metrics and constant changes in digital•Paywall trend?•Aggregation? Everyone „s Change WebMedley 14
  15. 15. What‟s the right model? Solo Contractor •Pro • Low Cost • Either beginner or expert •Cons • Reliability • Limited skill set • Risk • Lack of results Digital Partner: In House:•Middle Cost • High cost- 3 min. Staff –•Must adhere to the deal Graphics, Webmaster,•Required to stay up to and Sales manager-speed on the trends. Do $145K Salaries•Has dedicated accountplanner Nothing? • • Politics/ HR Stagnation of skills•Possible revenue share WebMedley 15
  16. 16. Partnership ViewTLR DIGITAL WebMedley 16
  17. 17. Ad Rates &Analytics • Based upon your current traffic trends, we …... • We suggest you remain at a “niche pub” flat rate for now. There’s a great screenshot Of site traffic, but we can’t • Review a new rate structure in 6 months Show it in a public after…... presentation!!! • Experiment with CPA payments WebMedley 17
  18. 18. Example: Video Ads• Forecasted 47% increase in video ad expenditure in 2012• 84% who didn‟t use video ads in 2011 will in 2012• And more…
  19. 19. Website Conversion • Converting your site to a new CMS will improve your foundation, traffic potential and allows for a better mobile experience and publishing platform moving forward. • It could also give you more capability for video, blogs, & to increase social engagement. This will lead to more articles being indexed in search and shared through social media. WebMedley
  20. 20. WebMedley
  21. 21. Flipboard + Able to syndicate across the web and devices WebMedley
  22. 22. Email marketing • Email is still a very strong way to promote a brand and have people engage with it on a consistent basis. • We can help increase your database through quarterly promotions that make sense for your publication and subscribers. • Design and implement templates, campaign strategies that will create more efficiency & analytics for you and the advertisers. WebMedley
  23. 23. Social media WebMedley
  24. 24. WebMedley
  25. 25. Next Steps for Them• Foundation is set• Mobile viewers• Ad presentations and special offers• Measure and tweak WebMedley 25
  26. 26. Mobile Options • You may choose to have a “plug in” view of your content on a mobile device. • Or you may choose to have a design that is more like the home page of your sites. WebMedley
  27. 27. Digital Flowchart Hosting WebMedley
  28. 28. Our Services & Pricing structure Digital Partnership- Long term contract. True consulting ongoing Non Contract work- service task lists; basis, monthly Smaller budget contract work. Editing sites, basic graphic design maintenance, meetings, Training, p Larger Tasks: Converting sites, turn work, hosting. Hourly fees. No agency resenting ideas on top of all key training, hourly or retainer interaction with production team. necessary design work for all digital contracts for social media, online mkt, & designs. Minimal agency platforms. Full access to agency interaction with production team. team on your account.$0 $500/ mo. < $2,500/ mo. > $2,500+/ mo. Retainer Averages WebMedley 28
  29. 29. Want to know more?To learn more about thebenefits of migrating to amodern platform with apartner who understandspublishing:Call Bill Dotson 859 361 WebMedley 29